The Positive Impact of Jeunesse Global Products on the Human Skin

Jeunesse had indicated an impressive growth since it was incepted in 2009 when Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis teamed up. Its remarkable improvement is recognized through being awarded more than thirty times in 2015. Its success is also due to the hard work and support by the employees and distributors towards the realization of its goals and mission. Randy served as the Chief Executive Officer while Wendy served as the COO of the Company. The firm’s exclusive skin cares, and nutritional products do form the comprehensive Youth Enhancement System, and it has also been able to market its product in more than 140 countries.


Jeunesse Global Products have been put comprehensively under their product lines. One of the product lines is the Luminesce Line that mainly consists of products that help an individual by erasing the Lines and wrinkles on his or her face. One of the products is the Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation serum that was developed by a dermatologist to keep one’s skin glowing and magically remove the Lines and wrinkles due to the high concentration of APT-200 in its formula. Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex is a well-designed lotion that one can apply on his face to provide the moisturizing condition which is needed. It also has a formula that is highly concentrated with the APT-200 and also requires sun protection.


Luminesce Advanced Night Repair is another kind of product under Luminesce Line. It has also been designed with a formula that has APT-200. Therefore, it helps an individual to repair itself while he/she is sleeping. It also helps in deleting the fine lines and erasing the wrinkles on the skin thus making one in the morning to think that he/she has found the fountain of youth. Luminesce Essential Body Renewal is the fourth product under this line and its unique from other products which are only applied on the face. Luminesce youth restoring Cleanser and Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Masque being among Luminesce Line products they have power to remove dead cells and another item that should not be on the individual’s skin. They also enable one to look and feel of youth.

The Chainsmokers- Want to Catch a Drag?

Throughout the years, decades really, there have been some notable musicians, bands, even entire musical movements. Many have said that hasn’t happened in a while. Well, let’s get off the track of the boring and unoriginal and put on a new one. The Chainsmokers. They’ve tapped into the heartbeat of the world and it just keeps on going. For over a year matter of fact. Everyone knows and has heard of the Billboard’s ranking. You make it on that list, that’s a feat. You make it to # 1 in a genre and hang out there for a while, you’re , well, smoking.

So who are they anyway? The Chainsmokers are an American DJ and invention duo– Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Their big hit, Roses came out in October 2015 and they’ve been hanging at the top ever since. So why are there some “not so nice” things being said about them? I mean, clearly they’re good, otherwise why would they hang out at the top for so long? Well, to quote Rolling Stone- “Review: Chainsmokers’ ‘Memories’ Is a Drab, Monotonous Whinge.” Ouch. But in this day and age, it’s fun to hate. To Quote Morgan Baila on rifinery29 “- I have a theory as to why the Internet is so psyched to hate The Chainsmokers: because it’s fun.” If they sucked, they wouldn’t be at the top. So sit down haters. Get off Twitter and feel the love. Better yet, Make some Memories. Just don’t open them… Yeah- I just did that.

The Chainsmokers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Their music has captured the world by storm and it’s one of those bands you an listen to all day. And why not? Catch a drag and listen in.

Philanthropic life of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello may be known for his role in the business, but there is a more prominent role that he is playing that will make him even more recognizable. The position of the CEO has earned him a good reputation in the oil and gas drilling sectors where he has been working with a company known as Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is the largest oil and gas drilling company from the United States. The company has been making headlines in recent years for its great accomplishments which have been facilitated by Tony Petrello. In the past two decades, he has facilitated development in the company by focusing on areas that the company needs to improve on so that it can become a top company in the world.

Philanthropic donations that he has been making to charitable causes is the other thing which has drawn attention to the CEO. He has been giving generously to various causes which he finds needy to support. The biggest cause that he is promoting is the development of a neurological research center at Texas Children’s Hospital. This facility is being used to research for the cause and treatment of neurological disorders in children. There is no other facility in the world which offers these services, and Tony Petrello is committed to seeing there be a facility that will offer world-class treatment.

Tony and the Nabors Industries fraternity have been giving back to the community through various initiatives. One of the recent gestures they showed is supporting the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Petrello sent his workers on a paid-leave to go and assist in the rescue mission.

Tony Petrello has shown that he is ready to support the community during times of need. He is ready to walk with them and show them the way on how they can build a community that will be supportive of each other. The lessons which Tony Petrello is teaching are the ones he was taught while he was growing up in Newark, New Jersey. He saw how the community in this area used to rally together and support any one of them who needed support. He hopes to send the same signal to Texas.

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Wes Edens and the Handling of Assets

Wesley R. Edens is a man who has a career background that’s beyond impressive. He’s Fortress Investment Group’s Founder and Principal, first of all. He’s on its Board of Directors as the Co-Chairman as well. He created Fortress Investment Group, LLC in the late nineties alongside several other professionals. This firm is one that concentrates on the handling of alternative assets. Its main office is in New York, New York. It runs offices in all areas of the planet, too. Wes Edens takes control of the firm’s private equity division. This division predominantly handles investments that involve real estate infrastructure, transportation, media, finances and medical care services.

Wes Edens was a college student at Oregon State University located in Oregon. He majored in finance at the school and has a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in the relevant subject. Wes Edens achieved a lot before setting up Fortress Investment Group, LLC. He was BlackRock Financial Management’s devoted managing director and partner for some time. He was the main man at BlackRock Asset Investors there. This was a fund in the private equity realm. He used to function as a Lehman Brothers managing director and partner.

Edens is part of a loving and committed marriage. He is married to a lady called Lynn Edens. They’re the parents to four kids right now. These children all have their own specific pastimes and interests as well. Their smallest child is a girl by the name of Mallory. Wes Edens is undoubtedly busy at work. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t make enjoyment a priority, though. He has a couple of major pastimes. He adores climbing maintains of all kinds. He even adores horse jumping. Wes Edens was born at the end of October back in 1961.

He has many terrific colleagues at Fortress Investment Group. A couple of these individuals are Randal Nardone and Peter Briger. These professionals all have a lot to say about matters that pertain to liquid markets, credit, basic asset management and more. Edens does anything he can to broaden his knowledge base. He backs the concept of constant betterment.

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Financial Analyst, Investor, Editor Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. Since the start of his Profits Unlimited newsletter over ninety thousand people have become regular subscribers of the eight page newsletter. The newsletter covers a new investing deal monthly. The newsletter has a portfolio that Paul Mampilly lists with several stocks and investment opportunities for readers to buy. Profit Unlimited is just one of the newsletters he pens for Banyan Hill Publishing. Additionally, he is also the writer of a weekly column for investors called the Winning Investor Daily. True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes are the two trading platforms he manages. Follow Paul on Facebook.

Before, Paul Mampilly was an editor for this respected finance publication, he worked with the bigwigs of Wall Street. He helped the ultra rich grow their portfolios to billions of dollars. He quickly got into this world right after he finished up his MBA from Fordham University. In the early 1990s, he worked for Bankers Trust. He as an assistant manager to the bank’s extensive portfolios. He learned a lot from this position. The knowledge he attained from Bankers Trust allowed him to move up to another position for another company. His excellent skills in investing caught the eye of Deutsche Bank and ING. These companies are legal firms where he was able to increase their assets. Then, billion dollar wealth management company Kinetics Asset Management recruited him for his astounding work history. For this company, he worked to put $25 billion dollar of assets in their portfolios due to investments. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Ideamensch.

Though this career was thrilling and very rewarding, Paul Mampilly’s heart was no longer with the billion dollar corporations lining Wall Street anymore. Being a family man was tugging at his heart. So, he shifted careers and found something that would allow for him to be able to focus on his family. Thus, he ended up at Banyan Hill Publishing. For the online publication, he was able to work as a research analyst and editor of investment and financial news. His goal for working for this company was to help average people who wanted to become investors.

Today, Paul Mampilly speaks to tens of thousands of readers weekly through his newsletters. He is equipping readers with investment knowledge only a Wall Street insider would know. That knowledge has made all the difference in his career for the publication, the company itself and the thousands of readers growing their investment portfolios.


Whitney Wolfe Making A Difference

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind Bumble. This dating app is changing society’s thoughts on dating in its own very way by giving women the power that they deserve through the online dating industry. In a world where women are always the one having to follow along, bumble let’s women decide who they want to associate with and speak to. Whitney Wolfe is great because of all the things she is doing because of having such a huge platform now that Bumble is practically worth $1 billion, has 33 million registered users, and people using the app in more than 144 countries.

Whitney Wolfe has created change from within her app already doing two things; fighting gun violence and empowering women. To start off, Bumble is here to help stop the world of gun empowerment and romanticizing guns. There are people who upload photos with weapons, guns, or bombs to make themselves appear sexier or a specific type of way. It is not only wrong to romanticize such photos, but it also gives the app a bad reputation. This is why photos being uploaded are now on full lock down. They are slowly trying to bring down any photos that have any such items in their profiles.

What’s interesting about Whitney Wolfe is her strong feminist attitude towards this app. Knowing that she herself has dealt with difficult issues regarding her business life as a woman and being mistreated, she wanted to build Bumble to stop allowing men to be so misogynistic. This app is meant to help empower women and stop men from being gross and rude online. Whitney Wolfe is here to prove that women are strong and capable of handling themselves. This app is here to give women that voice to choose their opinions and make wise choices.

Bumble is an app made for dating, but there is no stopping Wolfe on coming up with ways to help people connect. Bumble Bizz was made recently to give women and men a place to make friends online using the same swiping actions. However, this time you are swiping to make friends and not date, but who knows where friendship can lead. There is also a new version that allows for business minded people to find employees, business partners, and simply network in the area. Nothing beats meeting like-minded business people than on Bumble Bizz where it’s even easier to swipe and meet others.

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Highland Capital Is A Good Investment Firm

Are you in need of high quality financial planning guidance or investment advice? Want to choose one of the leading investment firms?

Highland Capital is a highly sought after investment firm with qualified professionals. Numerous people from all walks of life turn to Highland Capital for reliable advice and guidance. Perhaps you are already aware that this company has a great reputation in the industry. Read this article at Dallas News.

If you are planning to invest or start saving money, you need to consult professionals who are well known for rendering excellent guidance to clients. Investing is not something to handle without thorough knowledge of the field. There are many financial services firms and investment advisors out there but it is extremely important to find one that has a great reputation in the industry.

When it comes to choosing a company or team of professionals that provide outstanding service to clients, look no further than Highland Capital. With the investment solutions provided by this renowned firm, any ambitious individual can make the right decision regarding their financial future.

Highland Capital has the top quality resources and knowledgeable team that you need to achieve the success you desire. The professionals at Highland Capital are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of investing and money management. These professionals have been around for years and are well recognized due to their honesty and integrity. Learn more about Highland Capital at

Anyone who is serious about investing in a lucrative opportunity or growing their portfolio, ought to contact the team at Highland Capital.

These experts will help you get started quickly and diversify your portfolio. They come highly recommended and can help take your investment venture to the next level. Having an experienced and reliable team by your side, will give assurance that your investment will yield significant returns.

Investing requires great expertise, and attention to details. It is advisable to enlist the services of renowned professionals. Qualified investment and wealth building professionals can help you reach your goal. Highland Capital is committed to meeting the investment needs of clients who truly want to secure their future.


The Personal Growth Business of Vijay Eswaran

Personal Growth is one of the deepest passions of Vijay Eswaran. It is so deep that he ha formed a business based on it. He has developed The Qi Group, which focuses on health and success. People who have all kinds of challenges in life can gain something from Vijay’s company. The goal of Vijay is to help people achieve the highest state of being. Another thing that he wants people to do is share their success with others. Spreading positive aspects of life around is going to help people achieve their goals of fulfillment. The products and services are based on this goal.

Vijay Eswaran has experienced both sides of life. He has experienced the mundane life of a 9-5 worker. He has also experienced the frustration and disappointment of not living the life that fulfills him. For one thing, he was told that in order to succeed the only way is to work a regular job and save money. The only problem is that prices can rise a lot faster than wages. It is very common for people to barely keep up with their living expenses and then have prices rise. At that point, they start falling behind on their bills.

Vijay has learned that the one way to succeed involves stepping away from comfort. For one thing, comfort often evades people. Therefore, the best thing for people to do in order to reach a higher state of existence is to accept the risky way of living.

In starting his own successful business, Vijay has also learned how to be an effective leader. One type of leader he looked into is servant leadership. One of the reasons that this is effective is that the leader provides for the team. He also shows the team an example of what he expects. Teams under servant leaders tend to grow more. They also find themselves more connected to the team as a whole. Vijay wants his team to not just do the job but experience fulfillment and deeper relationships. This type of leadership and Vijay Eswaran’s philosophy is why he is an example to follow for business.

Barbara Stokes: Green Home Havens

Natural disasters our thing that we have always had to deal with as people. floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and many other disasters can be predicted but cannot be avoided completely. the government and many of the entities I’ve tried their best to help people in the fall out of these occurrences. the Federal Emergency Management agency half of years how to provide mobile homes for families displaced by disasters. These precautions however have had difficulties and application and stock. but Barbara Stokes has found a way to help solve this issue in a very big way. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes owns the company called GSH that is located in Huntsville Alabama. Stokes and her husband are proud owners of the of the company and are fully invested in their work. they create green homes that are highly sturdy especially made to face the element of nature. they produce their home in house, from the design to the building of the actual home. this company provides or affordable, or made from high-quality materials, that can be erected and only a matter of days. this is just what the community did as Barbara Stokes change your company from corporate to an independent contractor. they now can work for any entity when the time is needed, and FEMA has capitalized on this very well. Follow Barbara Stokes on

During Hurricane Harvey GHS was called in to work under a 28.5 million contract to create their homes and help save lives. Barbara Stokes in the company hey man working wholeheartedly to help in any way they could. Barbara Stokes throwing is a hard job looks at homeless people like they could be her own family. compassion is a name of the game when it comes to GSH and Barbara Stokes. they provide significant to the community and they are that this company builds have changed the way the government approaches natural disasters and has create a new ideas and Concepts in the industry which can benefit the people overall. great example of mankind take care of itself and its members. Barbara Stokes is a Mercer University graduate that has really dedicated her life to saving lives and that is a beautiful thing.


The awards and purchases made by OSI Food Solutions

The Globe of Honour Award for 2016 was given the OSI Food Solutions, the award usually is presented by the British Safety Council, and the reason why OSI was given the award is that of their management that is both amazing and outstanding. To be among the people that participate in the Globe of Honour, the first thing that the firm has to do is have the five stars, in the ranking of the British Safety Council that will run from August 2015 to July 2016. For OSI Food Solutions they did well in the management of the environment everything that involved the company from the floor of the shop to the boardroom.

In the British Safety Council, Mike Robinson is the Chief Executive is the one that awarded OSI Food Solutions. Since 1989, that’s the time the OSI Food Solutions was founded in Scunthorpe and from there it has been the supply of the pork products and beef in the restaurant industry. For their dedication, they have been able to win the Globe of Honour a couple of times in 2013 and 2015 too. Though getting the Globe of Honour for three years, there were mentioned in America’s top 100 food companies. The company that is located in Aurora Illinois, first it was supplying meat in the market, and the people well knew it for the high quality of meat.

Recently, they have been doing their best, and they have been purchasing other facilities and companies. The companies that OSI has acquired are the Baho food and Flagship Europe. The purchase will ensure that all the companies will have benefited from the acquisitions. One thing is that for the companies they all have a chance of getting the resources, contacts that are professional and market the services globally. At OSI the CEO is Sheldon Lavin. Before he joined CEO, he was involved in the finance department.

Making good use of the awareness that he had he was able to turn things around for the OSI Group from what it was a company that was only based nationally to a company that was found globally in 60 countries. For Flagship Europe and Baho Food, they both deal with the supply of food. For Baho Food there deal with the products of meat selling to the retails and food services. The Flagship they dealt with the meat products and was founded in 1991.

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