Video visitation is the easy way to get connected from anywhere for families of relatives who are incarcerated in prison. With only 6 months Securus Technologies have recorded more than 65000 downloads of its new application called video visitation. The application applies to all androids and Apple devices, from the androids it is free to download in the play store and iPhones and iPod it is downloadable in the App store. One has the choice to select the type of visit they will like to schedule and synchronize the application with their calendar after which they receive notifications on the nearing visits.

Roberts, the vice president of marketing and strategy in Securus Technologies, says that the application is a tool that brings mobility to consumers especially because of the tough rules in jail when it comes to communication. That family travel miles to visit their incarcerated loved but at times the visiting time could run out in the long ques. This rigidity is what makes the application convenient especially because of its remote connections. Friends and relatives can now share important moments of life like birthday parties, sporting activities and family union parties with their incarcerated. Securus has considered top most the welfare of prisoners in the prison because face to face visits was a route to destructive substances in jail.

Located in Dallas Texas, Securus Technologies connects inmates with their relatives, with technology and has for more than 30 years been connecting correction agencies with important information about the safety of the incarcerated. Securus has been offering solutions to promote the safety of people all over the world. It has managed to come up with more than 800 technological applications for this noble cause. Other services include criminal investigation, biometric analysis, monitoring of products and services in safety promotion and information management. More than 3,400 public and law enforcement facilities have been under the service of Securus Technologies.

Securus services are through technology and intellectual experts they have in the company. The company has experienced patents, engineers, software developers and experts in the criminal investigation who have greatly contributed to the success. For all the correction agencies Securus Technologies places a field expert who will be in numerous contacts with the near correction agencies to promote its activities. However it is not the role of Securus to ensure one has a remote connection with their devices, according to their terms and conditions video visitation application works very well, but one has to get connected to a Wi-Fi network to communicate well just like any other communication device. Download the Google Play app here or find the iOS version in the App Store.

Disclaimer: Securus Technologies is in no way affiliated with Securus the health supplement or the Securus America website.


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