The Changing Face of Coriant under Shaygan Kheradpir

Change in technology has led to the emergence of many technology multinationals. There are those that specializes in communication and networking. Communication technology involves creating gadgets that make it easy for people connect ad socialize May it be through mobile phones or the internet. The internet has made communication even more comfortable nowadays which make it a very lucrative business to engage in. Many organizations are on the run to be the leaders in this field, and this completion is only better for the consumers as they have a broad range of products to choose from. One such organization offering such services is none other than Coriant.


The agency’s primary role is the creation of technology products like networking cables, switches, and even phones. It is currently under the leadership of its new CEO called Shaygan Kheradpir. He is a very hardworking person and from the look of the things, he is bound to transform Coriant. The level of competition in the technology world requires good leadership and management skills to ensure the survival of the organization. Many see Mr. Kheradpir as the savior sent to transform how Coriant operates.

However, his parents relocated to Iran when he was raised. He left Iran for the USA where he got his bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorates degree from Cornell University. Before his appointment as the CEO of Coriant, Shaygan Kheradpir had served in other prestigious organization like GTE, Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper. He served diligently in these agencies in a managerial capacity. Born on December 19th, 1960, the fifty-five-year-old has managed what few people have management in his very illustrious career. He attributes his success to hard work and determination.

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Give Freely So Animals Will Not Suffer

What would happen if Drones were able to roam freely above the large buildings and skyscrapers in New York? According to the recent news, this legal question is on the table. Big businesses and people that are looking to produce movies are hoping that Drone flight will be made legal soon. If the law goes through, Drones will fly over the tallest buildings in New York. They will be taking pictures and they will be making deliveries. Drones can help movies become reality. A drone can make a companies life easier because the drone can reach places that usual movie producers and helicopters can not reach. A drone will make the world of difference to big business and it will bring big bucks to New York City.

The question is how is the drone flight becoming legal affect New York? Will people use drones to commit crimes? Will the terrorist use these drones to do things they should not be able to do? Drones can be as much good as they can harm. Lawyers such as the ones listed on the Lawyer lighthouse list are making headlines debating what is right and wrong with the drone theory. This new news will be old news before it is settled. Ross Abelow is one of the lawyers that is helping the city and waiting for the final verdict.

Ross Abelow is one of the New York attorneys that is waiting to hear the final decision on the use of drones in New York. He is also working hard to help the local animal shelters to raise money for food. Animal shelters receive some money from the city budget but it is usually not enough to run the business for the whole year. Animals tend to add up more and more. The budget is set on a specific number but the number goes up and animals suffer. Animals are left on the street when unwanted pregnancies occur. The animals coming into the shelters are in need of medical attention, vaccinations, and love. Most of them are gun shy and scared of human touch. They will require training to be ready for adoptions. Ross is helping with these processes and expenses by collecting donations on the go fund me campaign. He hopes to raise at least $5000 dollars for the shelters. Every dollar goes to help the shelter and these animals so please give freely.

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News About Skout’s Network For Finding Friends And Dating

Fun New Platform For Social Media

Skout is a fun, exciting way to communicate with new people that could potentially lead to real relationships. People are using Skout all the time to find new friends and engage in meaningful relationships with new people in their home town or in new cities around the world. Skout helps people locate new friends in their area to chat with on Skout’s messenger. It is up to the users to make their own connections, and users can always choose to connect offline. People are using Skout to exchange phone numbers, and people are meeting in real life by using Skout’s reliable and value packed platform.

There was recently an article that was written by Adweek about Skout’s platform, its features and its functionality. Skout is really easy to use, and setting up a profile on Skout is quick and free. It is free to download the application, and it is free to use the majority of features on Skout. Some of the more elaborate features that assist people in getting positive attention in the Skout community cost Points. The user can also receive Points as a gift from another user, which is a tremendous act of kindness in the Skout community.

The article from Adweek covers more of the uses for Points in the Skout network. One of the best uses of Points on Skout’s network is by accumulating them over time and using them to buy a featured spot on Skout’s network. The featured spot that a user can buy with Points on Skout enables other users in the community to see this user when they first log on to their profile if the user fits their interests in finding friends on Skout. The article from Adweek about Skout’s platform and its many exciting features can be found here.

This Years Beauty Revolves Around Bold Lips And Glowing Skin

As dark reds and bold eyeliner rest until winter this season’s beauty trends seem to focus on bright colored lips and clear, radiant skin. These trends have created a niche of beauty addicts that branch out from traditional western lines in search of beauty trends hitting Asian countries like Japan and Korea who are known for their vigorous skincare routines. These long standing seven to ten step beauty routines may seem tiresome but the results speak for themselves. A popular item used consistently in Korea are their sheet masks. The fabric is drenched in nutrient rich vitamins that soak into the skint to create a natural healthy glow. Many women swear by these masks and use them once a week to cleanse their skin.

Australia’s number one Asian beauty channel, run by Wendy Huang aka Wengie, is one of the beauty bloggers who have helped integrate Asian beauty products to western countries. Her Youtube channel is filled with tutorials, make-up and skin care hauls, product reviews, and side-by-side comparisons of Asian make-up trends vs. western. Growing up in Australia Wengie was surrounded by many different types of cultures and as a woman of Chinese decent her interest in Asian beauty products started at a young age.

Wengie reviews several different products from CC creams to false eye lashes with astounding honesty and gives detailed descriptions of the products. She tests each product before telling her viewers the pros and cons and then provides links to where all the products can be purchased so her fans can try it themselves. Her beauty hauls include skin care, foundation, lip products, eye shadow, and even off the wall bubbling masks from Japan. Her dedication to her fans, whom she lovingly calls her family, creates an inviting atmosphere where women can seek advice and find a community in which a common interest is shared.

Athleisure – Not Just a Trend, but a Movement

Anyone who exercises, whether moderate or intense, wants to look good while doing so. If the sweat is pouring down your face, or your hair is matted to your head, wouldn’t it be nice to know that at least your body could look fabulous? Fabletics on facebook, an online sportswear retailer, offers this goal to its customer. The clothing is fashionable, but more importantly, provides the necessary protection needed while exercising.

Advancing a revolutionary approach to meet the needs of their consumers, Fabletics gets to know you on a personal level. After a quick assessment, this company will recommend clothing based on your likes and what specific workouts you perform. This sportswear is not just available for woman, but also for children, and just recently in 2015, the market was expanded to include a men’s line.

For those who are not yet familiar with this movement, athleisure fashion is a clothing line that fuses the feel of comfort that we get from wearing sweats with fashion for a broad range of occasions. This new genre of clothing includes yoga pants, stretch pants, sweaters, men’s blazers, jackets and much more. Athleisure eliminates any preconceived notion of the oversized tee, and frumpy sweatpants that formerly defined what an exercise wardrobe would consist of, with its form-fitting and classy alternatives.

Nowadays, we are all so busy – working, exercising, cleaning, cooking, etc. – wouldn’t it be nice if we had clothing that was perfect to encompass doing anyone of these activities? So, if you’re leaving work to hit the gym, rather than wasting time changing and lugging a separate outfit, you could simply just get there.

Saving time is an invaluable tool we need with our hectic schedules. I think investing in athleisure fashion is certainly a smart move for people living and thriving in today’s society.

Doe Deere Follows Her Passion

Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics, and also known as “The Unicorn Queen,” was profiled in an article for Guest of a Guest. Deere was asked about her personal path to success as the CEO of Lime Crime and how she was able to follow her passion and turn it into a major profit. Doe Deere had inspiring advice for all young women to follow and is extremely encouraging of women to follow their passions before pursuing pure profit as a means to success in the business world.

Deere is featured in a series of pictures in the article, which show readers just how much Deere loves to embrace her creative side and use fashion and makeup as forms of self-expression. Deere has never been shy about expressing herself through makeup and clothing and serves as a reminder to all women that they can embrace the same, no matter what types of traditional beauty rules they perceive that society has imposed.

After growing up in Russia and living in New York City, Deere moved with her husband to Los Angeles, where she currently resides. Deere has long roots in fashion design and even as a musician before she ever entered the cosmetics world. In fact, she met her husband while she was working as a musician. Before founding Lime Crime, Deere majored in fashion design at FIT in New York and even produced her own online clothing line for years. She has maintained her love of fashion and is frequently pictured in elaborate, cutting edge clothing, which she typically designs herself.

Back then, the standard trend in the cosmetics industry was more of a neutral, limiting pallet. Deere decided to take matters into her own hands and try making her own cosmetics to fit her creative needs. That is how Lime Crime was born. The fun, wild colors of Lime Crime cosmetics resonated quickly with other young women, and the company was almost an overnight success. Lime Crime maintains its steady business today and Deere continues to be a fashion and beauty inspiration for her followers. The brand is constantly launching new color options and pallets for its customers and is available for purchase online.

Your Body Can Tell You What it Needs with NutriMost

Through NRF technology, a client receives a personalized plan that gives more information as to the causes of their weight gain and obesity. This is done by assessing factors that regulate metabolism, detoxification, appetite, fat storage, hormonal balance and fat burning through communication from the body using galvanic skin response.

This technology also allows for specific message to be sent to the body and also monitors physiochemical response. NutriMost and its personalized NutrimostRecipe plans allows for clients to understand what is happening from the inside out, allowing for more weight loss. Although Nutrimost does not use prepackaged plans and does not encourage hunger, they do promote a healthier lifestyle based on the needs of the body.
The Nutrimost program is also doctor followed so that clients will be able to main their health and weight loss with the help of a professional. NutriMost’s goal is to help one’s body communicate its needs since the body is designed to work well, but needs help to get it back on track with it is not in balance.

Articles used:
NutriMost Weightloss Program Helps Shed Pounds

Rule breaker and Trail blazer: Makeup Guru Doe Deere

Blazing trails in the makeup industry, Doe Deere has made a name for herself and her company, Lime Crime, by being a trailblazer and breaking the rules. She started Lime Crime as an Ebay store in 2008 and has been a trailblazer making a name for herself. Her makeup line is colorful and magical but also, cruelty-free.

Imaginative and creative since a young age, Doe Deere is able to create color palettes that match her distinct and magical style. She enjoys her jobs so much that she has said it feels like “cheating.” Energetic and rare, it is no wonder she looks to such icons as Betsey Johnson, who is another distinctive individual. Deere’s magical and glittery cosmetics has caused her fans to be nicknamed unicorns, a mythical and magical creature.
Leading her fans, the Unicorns, she sets out to start new trends and be an innovator in the fashion industry. She doesn’t believe makeup should be just to conceal a person’s imperfections but a form of freedom and self-expression. Her top rule is to do what makes you happy and be yourself. Like any good leader, she does address the common fashion rules she believes sets people back from being individual.

Her rainbow like looks are not thrown together and require coordination. One rule she doesn’t agree with is wearing a bold eye with a bold lip. She thinks you should have fun and mix up the colors. If you have multiple shades in the same ensemble, make sure to color coordinate. Colors need to compliment each other and make a statement. Also, if you want to break the rule of mixing patterns, make sure to stay within the same color scheme and they work together. Beginners should always stick with the same color family.

Her brightly colored hair doesn’t stop her from wearing bright colors. She believes you should match your hair color with the palette you choose. For pastel hair, wear light and airy colors, like pale blues and pinks. For deeper colored hair, try for saturated hues, like deep yellow or red.

Her thoughts on what to wear match her philosophy on makeup and colors.

Town Real Estate Helps New York Buyers and Sellers

Real estate is a great industry to work in for a variety of reasons. However, there is often a lot of volatility in the real estate industry and it can be tough to meet the expectations of clients. Over the past couple of years, the NYC apartments for rent has been extremely volatile. There are a lot of people interested in investing in this area of the industry. Working with Town Real Estate is a great decision simply because they have many years of experience in the field. There are few companies with their experience willing to work with a variety of buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Investors

There are a lot of real estate investors interested in the luxury condo market in New York. According to this article, there has been a recent cooling in the condo market in New York. This is a great time for real estate investors to come in and find a deal. Anyone who wants to make an investment in the future can do so through working with Town Real Estate. They have the background knowledge needed to give buyers a leg up in negotiations and other parts of the buying process. When buying a home, it is vital to get a good deal. There are a lot of buyers who have purchased too soon in the process and later came to regret the purchase.

Buying Advice

There are many things for buyers to consider before jumping into the luxury condo market. Over the past couple of years, many people decided to jump in while the market was good. In recent months, this particular niche of the real estate market has cooled off. Anyone who wants to find a good deal needs to do a lot of research on the front end in order to find it. The good news is that Town Real Estate is there for buyers and sellers who are interested in working in the market.