Doe Deere Follows Her Passion

Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics, and also known as “The Unicorn Queen,” was profiled in an article for Guest of a Guest. Deere was asked about her personal path to success as the CEO of Lime Crime and how she was able to follow her passion and turn it into a major profit. Doe Deere had inspiring advice for all young women to follow and is extremely encouraging of women to follow their passions before pursuing pure profit as a means to success in the business world.

Deere is featured in a series of pictures in the article, which show readers just how much Deere loves to embrace her creative side and use fashion and makeup as forms of self-expression. Deere has never been shy about expressing herself through makeup and clothing and serves as a reminder to all women that they can embrace the same, no matter what types of traditional beauty rules they perceive that society has imposed.

After growing up in Russia and living in New York City, Deere moved with her husband to Los Angeles, where she currently resides. Deere has long roots in fashion design and even as a musician before she ever entered the cosmetics world. In fact, she met her husband while she was working as a musician. Before founding Lime Crime, Deere majored in fashion design at FIT in New York and even produced her own online clothing line for years. She has maintained her love of fashion and is frequently pictured in elaborate, cutting edge clothing, which she typically designs herself.

Back then, the standard trend in the cosmetics industry was more of a neutral, limiting pallet. Deere decided to take matters into her own hands and try making her own cosmetics to fit her creative needs. That is how Lime Crime was born. The fun, wild colors of Lime Crime cosmetics resonated quickly with other young women, and the company was almost an overnight success. Lime Crime maintains its steady business today and Deere continues to be a fashion and beauty inspiration for her followers. The brand is constantly launching new color options and pallets for its customers and is available for purchase online.

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