Athleisure – Not Just a Trend, but a Movement

Anyone who exercises, whether moderate or intense, wants to look good while doing so. If the sweat is pouring down your face, or your hair is matted to your head, wouldn’t it be nice to know that at least your body could look fabulous? Fabletics on facebook, an online sportswear retailer, offers this goal to its customer. The clothing is fashionable, but more importantly, provides the necessary protection needed while exercising.

Advancing a revolutionary approach to meet the needs of their consumers, Fabletics gets to know you on a personal level. After a quick assessment, this company will recommend clothing based on your likes and what specific workouts you perform. This sportswear is not just available for woman, but also for children, and just recently in 2015, the market was expanded to include a men’s line.

For those who are not yet familiar with this movement, athleisure fashion is a clothing line that fuses the feel of comfort that we get from wearing sweats with fashion for a broad range of occasions. This new genre of clothing includes yoga pants, stretch pants, sweaters, men’s blazers, jackets and much more. Athleisure eliminates any preconceived notion of the oversized tee, and frumpy sweatpants that formerly defined what an exercise wardrobe would consist of, with its form-fitting and classy alternatives.

Nowadays, we are all so busy – working, exercising, cleaning, cooking, etc. – wouldn’t it be nice if we had clothing that was perfect to encompass doing anyone of these activities? So, if you’re leaving work to hit the gym, rather than wasting time changing and lugging a separate outfit, you could simply just get there.

Saving time is an invaluable tool we need with our hectic schedules. I think investing in athleisure fashion is certainly a smart move for people living and thriving in today’s society.

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  1. In keeping up with the demands of the modern person, Fabletics now carries a popular form of clothing, athleisure fashion. That is the pinnacle of what athleisure provides for its wearers. There are ways in which could have a really long way to go.

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