SKOUT and Its Appreciation for Real Life Heroes


Qualities of a Hero

What are qualities that are most desired in a hero? According to surveys done by SKOUT, masks are most certainly needed according to 57% of the people surveyed. After that, 19% said that a cape was number 1, 14% a ring, and 10% a useful and stylish belt that the hero can use. What makes a hero though, besides how they look? Their powers and their values. The most wanted power according to the survey was immortality, or the ability to live forever, and even outnumbered the wish for the ability to fly, have super speed and even strength.

Values, however, are also important in a hero. The ability to be selfless, or caring for others over oneself, and 44% agreed with this notion. After that, 37% stated that they want their hero to have no fear, and 11% the exposure to an immense amount of technology, and 8% money (such as DC Comic’s Batman, who was both money and technology.) But heroes are just make believe, right? Wrong. Although we don’t have warriors running around in colorful suits and tights, there are some heroes that are beginning to emerge in the world, and a lot of this is in thanks to SKOUT.

What is SKOUT?

SKOUT is a social networking mobile app and website founded by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom in 2007. It serves as both a dating site and a socializing site all in one that is based on a user’s location. With its success, it is no wonder why so many use it and rely on its services to get what they want said out on their profiles.

SKOUT and the Celebration of Real Life Heroes

SKOUT has spent this past year being heroes to many in the U.S. They have awarded virtual gifts to people who were heroes according to what they have done for the community, and helping those that are in need. They have awarded well over 400,000 different gifts have been given to different charity organizations as well as even some financial contributions from SKOUT itself have been given. SKOUT will also gain awareness for different organizations that are in need and have been quite successful in that endeavor.

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Soft Foods For Older Dogs

If you have an elderly dog, you may be concerned about feeding him the right diet. There are many reasons listed by Wikipedia why regular dog food might not be appropriate for an older dog, such as digestion concerns, high cholesterol or dental problems. Oral health can be a major problem for elderly dogs and one that many dog owners don’t give much thought to.
If your elderly dog seems to be off his food, or is not eating as much as he used to, he may have gum disease, cavities or gingivitis. If any of these oral health problems are making chewing difficult for your dog, a softer food formula might be the ideal solution.

Wet dog food blends from are a great solution for older dogs that need softer food. While they are developed for smaller dogs who can’t handle big pieces of food, they are equally nutritionally beneficial to dogs of all ages and sizes.

The Incredibites range of wet foods ( includes three meat varieties: beef, chicken and salmon. each of these varieties also incorporates tomatoes, carrots and wild rice for a perfect blend of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates.

The Chopped Blends range from Beneful is also a good choice for dogs that need soft food. Three meat varieties are also available in this range, including: beef, chicken and turkey.  Some of the vegetables in these recipes include: carrots, peas, sweet potatoes and spinach.

These treats ( are designed to prevent the build up of tartar and plaque on your dog’s teeth which may prevent more serious problems in the future. If your dog does not yet have tooth and gum problems, but you are concerned that he may develop these issues with age, you may want to consider feeding him dental twists to promote his oral hygiene.

These are a few ways in which you can help your elderly dog to enjoy his food more if he has dental concerns.