Norka Luque Is Following Her Dream And The Music World Loves Her For It

Shakira is the most recognized Venezuelan recording artist in the world today. But that title may not be hers for much longer. There’s another Venezuelan singer that is turning heads and creating a buzz in the record world. Her name is Norka Luque. Shakira has always been Norka’s idol. Norka dreamed of becoming a singer like Shakira, and she has accomplished that mission. Norka was nominated for the female vocalist of the year award in 2011, for her single, “Can I Do It Tu.” Her 2012 single, “Milagro” hit number 11 on the Billboard Magazine’s top recordings list, and her 2016 release is already creating talk about another nomination.

Norka was born in Caracas, and her full name is Norka Dubrazka Soraya Martínez Luque, but just like her idol, her fans just call her Norka. Norka began her musical career at eight. She was cast in a musical that honored the music of Shakira, and from that performance came a love for Shakira and her music. Norka studied piano and took voice lessons, but she also wanted to learn about business. Her parents supported her singing career, but they also wanted her to complete her education. Norka went to France after completing high school and took business administration courses. She liked school, but her singing was still priority number one. Norka joined a small group that played in the dance clubs on the weekends, and that experience gave her the confidence to continue to follow her dream.

In 2007, she made another life changing decision. She went to a Ricky Martin concert and decided she wanted to move to Miami after reading Ricky’s bio. Norka followed her instincts. She moved to Miami and got a singing job in one of the Latino dance clubs. Norka Luque developed a loyal following, and before she knew it, the club was packed with dancers seven days a week. Norka’s name was being dropped by people in the industry, and when Emilio Estefan heard a recording of one of her performances from a friend, he knew he had to offer her a record deal before someone else did. The rest of the story is music history. Norka’s style and energy have turned the Latino community upside down. Thanks to Estefan and Latino composer Archie Pena, Norka is known throughout Latin America, and her name and music are topics of conversation in the mainstream music scene.

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