Don Ressler: E-commerce King

What hasn’t Don Ressler done when it comes to business? This amazing entrepreneur is responsible for several successful start-up businesses including Intelligent Beauty and, as well as the incredibly successful e-commerce and performance advertising company, Alena Media, which Don Ressler co-founded with business partner Adam Goldenberg the company was so successful that it was later bought out by media giant, News Corp, in 2005.

One of the reasons Don Ressler has been so successful in multiple online business endeavors is due to his uncanny ability to spot trends and evolve them into leading brand names as is evident by the success of his Fabletics e-commerce platform (launched in 2015), and its activewear merchandise, specifically the best-selling Yoga Pants Line – a creation inspired by his wife Ginger.

Don, along with his young partner Adam Goldenberg have now set out to refashion (pardon the pun), the e-commerce fashion world with their recent company and website, JustFab.

If you have not heard about it yet, it is an online success as usual for these e-commerce kings. The question all entrepreneurs, especially online entrepreneurs, want to know is how does Don and his partner continue to create brand names out of what seems to be thin air? They attribute it to their passion for creative thinking and ability to have fun, even in an industry like the fashion world that is known for taking itself way too seriously. See:

After their earlier success with Intelligent Beauty and, they decided to take online fashion to a whole new level. They came up with the idea of creating a personalized online shopping experience for women by combining social interaction with fashion experts. They felt that in order to truly create this new shopping experience, the e-commerce platform would have to be fun, engaging and extremely social. The result was JustFab.

JustFab uses a personalized e-commerce platform that is run by fashion consultants. This double whammy provides customers with clothing and merchandise that is almost completely tailor-made for them. For the low monthly price of $39.95, members are given a selection of shoes, clothes, accessories and handbags customized to their particular tastes and temperaments.

The funny thing is that Don Ressler and his partner are the last people that one would ever think of to come up with such a brilliant idea that seems to be renovating and upgrading how the fashion industry works. When they started their online fashion empire they knew nothing, and I mean nothing, about fashion. What they did know, however, was business models, online business models, as well as how to employ those who were experts in their field. In the case of JustFab, they were able to employ women’s fashion consultants who were leaders in their respective fields.

JustFab now has millions of customers around the world and is generating millions of dollars in annual revenue. The lessons to be gained from Don Ressler and his own personal success are these: be flexible in your thinking, creativity comes through observation, team up with like-minded individuals, do not be scared to hire those who know more than you, have fun, and last but not least, share that fun with your customers. Success is truly contagious!

Darius Fisher Winner Of Prestigious Award

Darius Fisher, co-founder and president of awarding winning online reputation company Status Labs, has been honored this summer. Fisher has used his strategic vision to build Status Labs into a well respected company that has built a solid base of over 1,500 clients located in 35 separate countries. These clients range from Fortune 500 brands to CEOs, politicians, public figures, and athletes.
Before he helped create Status Labs, Fisher worked as both a political consultant and a copywriter. He received his degree from Vanderbilt University where he graduated with honors. This stellar career has led Fisher to being named the winner of PR World Awards “Business Development Individual of the Year” award. This award is the gold medal in the business world, and he was chosen due to his achievements in online reputation management and public relations.
One of the stand out achievements that PR World Awards wanted to recognize was the fact that under Fisher’s leadership, Status Labs has experienced a revenue growth of 939% between the years of 2012-2015. He has also built a world-class client base and an amazing reputation via long-term strategic planning and goal setting.
The winners of the PR World Awards were honored at the 2016 SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner on June 27 in San Francisco. Fisher stated that he felt honored to be named a Gold winner in such an esteemed category. He went on to discuss how Status Labs takes brand partnerships and relationship building seriously and this recognition reflects that attitude and hard work preformed by not only him, but his entire team at Status Labs.

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