Yes You Can with Mark Sparks

Many people believe that being rich is a matter of luck. Mark Sparks believes otherwise. A good business ethic is one thing that will guarantee you success according to Mark Sparks. Mark Spark is known for his infectious good character and other good attributes.

He is very enthusiastic, has a never say never attitude and is also known for the unlimited urge to succeed in everything he does. Several years ago, he used his personal experience and path to success to write a book called they can’t eat you. This book explains how he managed to become a successful entrepreneur despite being a C student.

Mark Sparks is known for mentoring the young people about the tips of being successful. Some of his famous tips include: First, for you to succeed in business, you should have pride as well as faith in your services and products. Second, always ensure that you have a business strategy ready to be implemented at any given time. Third, Mark Sparks advises the need of offering a unique commodity that is different from the other commodities being sold. Finally, to be successful, there is the need to ensure you keep things on point and very simple.

Sparks has worked for various ventures since he finished schools. Some of these ventures include;

Timber Creek Capital. He has worked for this firm since the year 2000. Timber Creek Capital is an enterprise that specializes in offering assistance to entrepreneurs about basic things about a business such as accounting and legal procedures, customer service knowledge and other details such as sale, Banking, and marketing. At this firm, Marks Sparks assists clients in raising capital for their business, acquiring an office space for the business and even how to acquire the needed equipment.

GlobalTec Solutions. He worked for this company for five years. He had a spell from 2001-2005. While working for this company, he would counsel the clients about decision making and how to analyze products. Mark Spark has also worked for the Splash Media. He has worked for this company since 2004. Splash Media deals with video production programming services as well as SEM and SEO.

Other companies that Mark Sparks has worked for include Blue Jay Wireless, Uncle Marc Food Delivery, Bonn oil, Cobalt Real Estate Services and Agency Matrix. Sparks has also worked for Reliant Healthcare from 2006 to 2011. He is also known around Dallas for his generous donations. He is actively involved with the Samaritan Inn and American Can! Academy.


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