End Citizens United Aims To Change The Face Of American Governance

In light of the recent American presidential elections, there’s no hiding that a large number of people don’t exactly agree with the current presidential rulings and policies on LinkedIn. The numerous protests that have happened recently all over the country are a prime example of the fact that people all over America want to have their voice heard and wanted to change the direction which America is heading towards.

End Citizens United is an organization that aims to fight against the system and brings in reforms that are beneficial to society. The group was formed as a result of widespread dissatisfaction with the current government and owing to a need for general public improvements. Through End Citizens United, everyday citizens are trying to establish a better political system.

One of the primary objectives of the group is to bring back transparency in the political system on alternet.org. A large number of the American population is of the opinion that they don’t have a say in matters of their governance because they aren’t owners of large organizations, giving the government generous donations. Especially after the recent reveal of the members of Trump’s cabinet and with the controversial nomination of numerous Republican’s who weren’t fit for the job, but were substantial monetary contributions to the party, an increasing amount of citizens are becoming vary of the fact that nominations are secured solely based on how much money one has. Combating this is one of the primary objectives of End Citizen’s United. They believe that appointments should be entirely based on merit rather than giving priority to the highest donator. This helps keep the citizen’s best interest in mind at all times, rather than making policies that would benefit one’s company, as it is currently happening.

End Citizens United is a democratic one and aims to establish a re-election of relevant ministers and governing bodies to ensure the corruption within the government is taken care of. The organization is of the opinion that Democratic leaders ones who would appropriately lead the country to a more secure and better future. They are always making efforts to reform the system on Facebook so that in the future, large corporations with enormous amounts of money can’t take control of elections and the United States Government as well.

End Citizens United is funded by many grassroots funders who are of the same political opinions and who want to work towards a better America. The basis for which the organization was founded was after the Supreme Court’s rule of Citizen’s United v F.E.C which was a law establishing corporations as ‘people’ thus allowing large companies and individuals with a huge bank balance actually to take control of the American elections.

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