Why USHEALTH is the Best Insurance Company in America

Are you looking for a reliable insurance company that can protect your family’s health now and in days to come? Look no further. USHEALTH Group is an American insurance company that offers health covers to clients. Some of its products include life protector, essential health benefit, secure dental, med guard and accident protector. Their mission is to provide quality services to the people and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

With USHEALTH Group, you are assured of help whenever you need it. Their services are available twenty hours a day. They also have enough personnel and you, therefore, do not require to wait for long hours to get attended to.

You can rely on their services since they are old hands in the insurance sector with over 50 years of experience. During these years, they have been able to come up with new products in the insurance sector.

They value their employees and will go out of their way to ensure that their employees are happy. In case you are working for them and you experience a liability in the course of duty, you are assured of compensation. They uphold teamwork and their clients are well endowed with the skills and equipment required to provide high-quality services to the customers.

You do not need to sell a kidney to afford their prices. This is because they are very pocket-friendly. When it comes to flexibility, you can bet on their products to satisfy all your needs since they have a wide variety of products for different needs.

Choose USHEALTH group today. They are only one call away.

Whitney Wolfe Swipes Right On A Better Dating App

New online dating apps allow singles to take back control of their dating lives as they bring the possibilities of connecting with another person.

Although still very much in its early beginnings, dating apps are set to change the way singles connect. In fact an estimated 15% of all US adults have tried online dating apps, with numbers only increasing.

With all the benefits dating apps provide interested singles, one particular drawback has persisted across all platforms, dealing with online misogyny and harassment. While dating apps can help you connect with a person you would otherwise might have never encountered and spark a relationship with, they also connect you with quite a few people you would be happy to never encountered.

Online harassment and vulgar one-liners have plagued online dating as each platform has its own set of horror stories of explicit messages and requests from complete strangers.

One dating app has set out to change the online dating landscape. Bumble, created by Whitney Wolfe, goes the way of a Sadie Hawkins Dance and gives complete control to the women who use it. No longer are barrages of creepy messages from strange men a normal occurrence as every conversation and connection must be initiated by the single women using the app.

From Tinder and on to Better Things

Whitney Wolfe created Bumble with the purpose of changing the way women feel about online dating by creating a safer and more appealing environment to connect with other singles. The experience she gained while working at Tinder only has lead her and her team to improve upon dating apps as a whole.

With 11 million users already connecting on Bumble and efforts to continue to improve online dating, swiping right on Bumble has become the hottest thing in dating.

Omar Boraie pledges 1.5 million to cancer research

In a recent Patch.com article, it was announced that the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was established at Rutgers to promote research at Rutgers University in New Jersey.Endowed chairs, like this one, show how committed a University is to an academic discipline. This chair was named after the New Jersey real estate developer who has made a 1.5 million pledge to support this academic discipline. This recent chair is just one part of the “18 chair challenge.” The “chair challenge” asks that an anonymous donor pledges 1.5 million to match the 18 new chairs, which will equal 3 million for each one.

The field of genomic and precision medicine helps to promote the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Tumors are analyzed and treated on a genetic level, so patients are given more individualized treatments. Obama even referenced this field of medicine in a previous State of the Union address, showing how important it is. Rutgers is one of the first, and the only one in New Jersey, to supply genetic sequencing as a treatment for cancers. It has been particularly effective for rare cancers and those with poor prognoses. Physicians at Rutgers are trying to help patients whose treatments are just no longer effective.

Director Dr. Robert S. DiPaola said that Omar Boraie‘s commitment to precision medicine will have a lasting impact on cancer research and treatment. Shridar Ganesan, MD, PhD has been given this chair. Dr. Ganesan is a highly regarded oncologist and comes to this field with innovative and cutting edge ideas. Genomic sequencing helps to understand the biology behind cancer and how it originates to help better treat it. This chair shows Omar Boraie’s support of cancer research and treatment at a top university.



Boraie Genomic Science Chair Rutgers