Omar Boraie pledges 1.5 million to cancer research

In a recent article, it was announced that the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was established at Rutgers to promote research at Rutgers University in New Jersey.Endowed chairs, like this one, show how committed a University is to an academic discipline. This chair was named after the New Jersey real estate developer who has made a 1.5 million pledge to support this academic discipline. This recent chair is just one part of the “18 chair challenge.” The “chair challenge” asks that an anonymous donor pledges 1.5 million to match the 18 new chairs, which will equal 3 million for each one.

The field of genomic and precision medicine helps to promote the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Tumors are analyzed and treated on a genetic level, so patients are given more individualized treatments. Obama even referenced this field of medicine in a previous State of the Union address, showing how important it is. Rutgers is one of the first, and the only one in New Jersey, to supply genetic sequencing as a treatment for cancers. It has been particularly effective for rare cancers and those with poor prognoses. Physicians at Rutgers are trying to help patients whose treatments are just no longer effective.

Director Dr. Robert S. DiPaola said that Omar Boraie‘s commitment to precision medicine will have a lasting impact on cancer research and treatment. Shridar Ganesan, MD, PhD has been given this chair. Dr. Ganesan is a highly regarded oncologist and comes to this field with innovative and cutting edge ideas. Genomic sequencing helps to understand the biology behind cancer and how it originates to help better treat it. This chair shows Omar Boraie’s support of cancer research and treatment at a top university.


Boraie Genomic Science Chair Rutgers


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