Julie Zuckerberg Is One Of The Biggest Female Corporate Leaders

Julie Zuckerberg is a fine example of a female executive that worked her way to the top without the need for affirmative action. Throughout her career, she had obtained and education, jobs skills and made connects that employed her in some of the best international companies. Since 2014, Julie has been a talent recruiter for Deutche Bank. She is in charge of acquiring employees for certain industries including technology, US asset management and infrastructure. She is training the heads of other business on how to shift their recruitment strategies to meet new demands. Negotiating contract terms, assessing department performance and maintaining strategic relationships are all a part of her job.


Going back to the beginning of her career, she was hired in 2002 by Hudson. She worked as a candidate placement director and was actively involved with diversifying the workplace. She consulted with other hiring managers on how to modify the recruitment process and advertising job descriptions. She had also learned to utilize the internet when it comes to propagating wanted advertisements. She then acquired the Executive Recruiter position for Citi in 2007. She was in charge of recruiting high level employee for the legal and compliance departments of Citi. She also aided in coaching and resolving employee conflicts. New York Life Insurance Company recruited her in 2013 for another lead recruiting role. Julie had to deal with all interaction with client recruitment for every department of the company. She had also lead the outsourced recruitment from other countries. She had to provide full-cycle recruitment plans for the company to strictly follow.


Julie Zuckerberg is not just business. If you take a peak at her social media accounts, you will see that she leads a wholesome lifestyle. She is seen holding her pets on her Instagram profile. She enjoys cooking meals, as you can see from her latest Google Plus image. Julie is also found hanging out with friends and colleagues at a local bar. During one of her most adventurous posts, she snapped a quick photo from the alpaca farm. Her pet cat is always found with her cute lease and close by her owner’s feet. Taking her puppy for a walk at the local salon is no problem according to this picture. Julie had recently taken a dive in a group bungee jumping course. Julie always has times for pastries and coffee from her local shop. Julie also holds an interest for furniture design, gardening, running, traveling and home decorating.


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