Eli Gershkovitch: Master Of Craft Beer

Highly regarded to be among the most popular and widely consumed beverages in the world, beer is a product of brewing, which mainly derives its components from cereals, mostly starchy foods. Most common of these cereals include maize, wheat, and barley. The bitterness in the beer is then added to an ingredient known as hops, which primarily acts as a natural preservative. Over the years, fruits such as oats and farm produce like potatoes have been used in some countries to produce beer. Beer is usually packaged in bottles and cans, and its alcohol percentage usually ranges from 3-7 %, which is lower than other types of alcohol. Again, this depends on where the beer was brewed.

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There are various types of beers worldwide, all of which use almost similar criteria and basics across all borders. Stout is a type of beer which is dark in color. This type of beer is usually made with very slow fermenting yeast and roasted barley or malts. Real Ale is another type of beer which is brewed using traditional additives and the secondary form of fermentation. This type of beer is usually served in casks.


Pale ale, on the other hand, is a beer which is the most common worldwide, uses pale malt and top-fermenting yeast to acquire its rich taste and flavor. On which is mild is the Mild ale which is malty but has an alcohol percentage of between 3-4 %. There is Lager, which is fermented beer. It is also among the most consumed worldwide, its pale version. Then there is Lambic, a Belgian beer derived from fermented wild yeasts.


Canada has become of age in the world of beers. The country has been recognized as a producer of high-quality craft beer with one name being on the front line. Steamworks Brewing Company is Canadian brewing company led by Eli Gershkovitch (WingsJournal). Eli discovered that people were used to the traditional methods of producing and consuming beer thus forming his company in 1995 as a pub. He thought that the change of the notion would impact the sale of beer across Canada. Eli Gershkovitch has succeeded and was recognized as one of the producers of top craft beers in his country.


Right now, Eli Gershkovitch who doubles up as a lawyer says that his company has reached up to 50% of revenues, thanks to his forty thousand liter capacity brewery which has since overpowered his “small pub.” Now, he says, he has customers from as far as Germany, Italy, Austria and over fifteen states in the US.

More about Eli Gershkovtich on https://about.me/eligershkovitch

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