Securus Technologies: Creating Invaluable Law Enforcement Tools for An Improved Incarceration Life

Securus Technologies Inc. has an account with CrunchBase from where lots of information about the company can be found. To begin with, the account does not give the actual number of Securus’ employees but instead estimates them to be somewhere between 500 and 1000 employees. CrunchBase also correctly captures that Securus Technologies operates in 45 States within the USA, and also beyond the borders of U.S. countries, such as Mexico and Canada. Cumulatively, the number of correctional facilities to whom Securus supplies with technological products are in excess of 2600. From the data found in the CrunchBase account, Securus serves millions of inmates, and that makes it the leading tech solutions provider in Mexico, USA, and Canada.


More about Securus


The Wikipedia also has detailed information about Securus Technology. It captures that the company has four offices strategically located in Dallas, one of which serves as its headquarters. Other Securus offices can be found in Atalanta, Georgia. Investing in acquisitions and technology is highlighted as the top priority for Securus under the leadership of CEO Richard A. Smith, with more than $600 million spent for the same over a period not exceeding three years. Syscon Justice Systems is among the companies that Securus has acquired in the recent past. The leading tech solutions provider in the corrections market is also described as a top innovator in terms of creating products that meet not only the security standards of such facilities but also their ever evolving needs.


Customer Reviews


Customer reviews stream in on a daily basis with clients expressing their satisfaction and others pledging their loyalty to the company. captured some of the comments Richard Smith receive on behalf of the company, most of which came from sheriffs and other senior officials. Most of them singled out the LBS software as the invaluable law enforcement resource that has revolutionized operations at their work stations.


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