American Institute of Architects Advice On Importance Of Embracing Energy Efficiency

In recent times, the call for the sustainable use of natural resources has been getting louder. The architectural sector has not been left behind. Colleges and universities have become new areas where architects are in high demand to develop energy-efficient infrastructure. The aim of most of these schools has been to improve efficiency. American Institute of Architects (AIA) has played a significant role in encouraging this new practice.

Architect and Sustainable Education

Challenges such as climate change, increasing populations, prolonged drought, depleting resources, and rising sea levels among others are playing an important in encouraging sustainable education. The high demand for energy has forced architectures to come up with structures that are highly energy efficient. Most of these are not constructed to not only conserve energy consumption but also generate power from renewable sources. Architects have come up with programs such as LEED (Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design) aimed at encouraging environment preservation.

AIA Recognizes Environment-Friendly Project

One of the universities in American that has taken the issue of sustainability is the Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. The school constructed another Central Energy Facility and replaced the gas-driven plant with several energy production methods that are environmentally friendly. The facility won this year’s AIA Institute Honor Award for Architecture.


Robert Ivy and His Role at AIA

AIA is an organization that has over 250 chapters and a membership of over 90,000. The members of this society those involved in the construction industries like architects and other design professionals. The main aim of these members is to improve the building environment.

Robert Ivy is a member of this organization and is the CEO and Executive Vice President of the group. The award-winning architect has a Masters in Architecture from Tulane University. From the 1980s to 1996, he worked at in different positions at Dean & Ivy and Dean/Dale. He then joined Architectural Record as the Editor in Chief where he played a critical role in making the journal the most widely read in the architecture sector.

At AIA, Ivy has been critical in making the organization strong. To achieve this goal, he has used tactics such as education, public participation, and advocacy. He is determined to ensure that AIA and its members become critical player in the changes taking place in the architectural world.

Awards He Has Received

Robert Ivy has received various rewards because of his contribution to the architectural industry. As an editor, he won the General Excellence award from the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award. He was awarded for the Website of the Year by the MPA Digital Award.

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