Neurocore Helps Patients With ADHD and Depression

Jackson Poejeski suffered from ADHD. Only eight year old he had problems sleeping, finishing his homework, and putting socks away. He often became frustrated and cried. He went to Neurocore and was diagnosed with ADHD.

After 40 sessions of therapy his behavior changed. He is now happy and functions well. A clinical specialist, Rochelle Finteleman, says they focus on attention, sleep disorders, and migraines. They have a brain training program that uses biofeedback and neurofeedback to help patients. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

ADHD is a common disorder found in children and adults. Most children just take medications but do not get behavioral therapy. Neurofeedback therapy is used to treat ADHD and depression. In many cases children and adults stop taking medications.

Patients are put into a room where they are connected to electrodes. They watch a movies and their breathing, heart, and brain waves are monitored. This therapy teaches the brain to recognize distress and corrects their brain wave activity.


Neuorocore helps children, teens and adults. They start with an ADHD test that uses brain wave mapping to measures what is happening in the brain. A cap is placed on the person’s head that measures brain wave frequencies. The data is analyzed to see how effectively the brain is functioning.

Other tests measures ability to complete tasks, attention, forgetfulness, how easily a person is distracted, and other factors. They perform a series of tests that help them shape the behavioral therapy. These tests are EEG, HRV for heart rate, IVA visual and auditory, and a behavioral checklist.

Brain training takes place in 45 minute sessions. It uses neurofeedback and biofeedback. Neuerofeedback helps patients to change their brain speed and waves. Biofeedback helps them to learn to relax and breathe deeply leading to the body functioning more effectively. Overall it is effective therapy for ADHD, depression, autism, and stress.

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