Stock options have had problems which make them unattractive to many corporate organizations. They are no longer recommended as an effective way of workers compensation. It has negative effects on both the worker and the company. On the side of the worker, stock options are unreliable since they can lose their value at any time. We are living at a time when the global economic changes are happening unexpectedly. It is very easy to lose something that you thought you owned. To avoid such life surprises, workers are opting to stay away from them. It is better to settle for a higher salary than to settle for something which you cannot tell its future.


On the part of the company, stock options have been a nightmare at times. When they lose value and workers cannot execute them, the burden falls on the side of the employer to account for all the stock options. At times they have resulted in option overhang which is a scenario that affects the shareholders in a company. This is usually not good news for the company since it can tarnish the good name of the company. Many companies have already started offloading the stock options methods from the list of workers compensation that they offer.




Earnings per Share (EPS) is an incentives method that is also applied to by companies as a means of business payments. It is one of the most effective methods if it is implemented in the right way. According to lawyer Jeremy Goldstein, the challenge with this method is that some businesses do not have a management that can implement it successfully.


EPS can create business growth in a very simple way. If the earnings per share go up, the stock value will also good up. Investors will be attracted to the company. However, this method is liable to misuse by rogue business executives. It is simple to fake the stock value using the EPS method.


EPS can also cause favoritism in an organization. The management sets the metrics for performance and they can use this power to favor some employees. With EPS, CEOs and other senior executives are said to wield too much power.


About Jeremy Goldstein


prominent lawyer in New York called Jeremy Goldstein has given companies a leeway on an option they could apply, that will eradicate the problems that they face with the stock options. The alternative is called knockout stock options. This method will protect the company from a stock overhang.


Jeremey Goldstein is an experienced lawyer dealing with issues of corporate governance and workers compensation. Jeremy Goldstein has a reputation for guiding large corporation such as Verizon and AT&T in making corporate decisions by the advising the top management on the steps to take. Learn more:

Dr. J. Rohrick and the Upcoming Symposium on Plastic Surgery

Dr. J. Rohrich MD is a plastic surgeon in Dallas that serves as the Professor of Plastic Surgery at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. His internationally known expert in the field is so expert in fact, that he was recognized as such at the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium.

There, the latest developments in plastic surgery will be shared at the symposium for those in attendance. The symposium began back in the sixties. Thomas Baker was the speaker back then. That symposium covered greats like Salvador Castanares and other greats in the field at the time. It has been used since to not only train physicians in the new methods, but to also show things that are recent discoveries in medicine for plastic surgery.

Dr. J. Rohrick will participate in the body contouring surgery panel. His lectures on the subject are the subject of many a discussion recently. It will be exciting stuff to see what will be covered there. He will be moderating too. Held in Dallas, this will have a Rhinoplasty discussion for the February meeting.

Also in the discussion at this year’s symposium will be several other areas of interest.

– Vaginal rejuvenation

– Ono-invasive removal of fat

– Laser surgery techniques


– Dermal Fillers

– Skin tightening

– Advances in skin techniques

– Patient safety

– Social marketing

– Breast contouring methods

The hot topics of the symposium beyond the subjects presented are about some exciting new ways to help improve procedures in facial rejuvenation. DVD’s will be available on these procedures at the Symposium. The material goes into varied races and how those specialized face structures need.

Dr. J. Rohrich is a surgeon on the cutting edge of plastic surgery techniques between the years of 1993 and 2014. He served as the Betty Warren Woodward Chair from 1999 to 2014. He attended University at the University of North Dakota and received his medical degree at Baylor’s College of Medicine. His training then followed at the University of Michigan Medical Center.

As a philanthropist, his service has given help to those that need guidance in the field. He served on the Board of Directors for the Save the Children Foundation, March of Dimes and Evergreen Gala Advisory Board. He created the Children’s Foundation in Dallas. He has served as a teacher in third world countries to help them gain insight into the methods that are sorely needed there. All of this is free and done out of the compassion of his own heart. Follow Rohrich

How Whitney Wolfe Changed the Dating Game

Texas native Whitney Wolfe Herd is the unlikely game changer for the dating app world. She started as part of Tinder, but this would only be the beginning of her creative spark. It was not until she branched out on her own with Bumble that people would start to talk about Whitney Wolfe as the playmaker and game changer to the dating app industry.

Her net worth has greatly increased, and there is a great amount of interest in what Whitney Wolfe is bringing to singles that were tired of the monotonous apps that seem to mirror everything else that was out there. Whitney Wolfe knew that she had a chance of being remotely successful if she created a dating app. After all, she had already done this before as a co-founder of Tinder and it was obvious that she knew the ins-and-outs of dating app technology. It is very possible that she would have been at least remotely popular with an app that looked like all of the other apps that were out there. This is what she could have done with Bumble, but she decided to go in a different direction.

What Whitney Wolfe would ultimately do is engage Bumble users in a different experience that would present them with the option to respond to a match within a 24-hour time frame. This would be the thing that cut down on harassment of women through dating apps. It would be the type of app that would definitely thrive during a time where a #me-too campaign against sexual harassment and entertainment has become headline news.

At a time where a girl power is monumental, Whitney Wolfe is leading the way for app technology where sexual harassment has been reduced greatly. This is something that people are impressed with when they look at the small amount of time that Whitney Wolfe has been in business with Bumble. She hasn’t been around for a very long time because she is still under the age of 30. Her app is fairly new, but it still gives people a whole new way to look at dating and this is what has made it immensely popular very quickly.

So many app users have said that Whitney Wolfe is a game changer. Others are making a boulder prediction and saying that Whitney Wolfe owns the game when it comes to dating app technology for singles.

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James Dondero Serves As An Inspiration

One of the most well-known businessmen in Dallas is James Dondero. He is the president of a Dallas based company. He serves as an inspiration to those who want to succeed in the industry. Below is information about the businessman’s career, education and his charitable work.


Dondero’s experience lies within the credit and equity markets industry. He has over three decades of experience in the industry. He is one of the founders of Highland Capital Management and he is currently the president of the company. Highland Management currently has around $15 billion worth of assets under management, and that number is expected to continue to grow throughout the next year or two. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Prior to becoming the president of Highland Capital, Dondero worked at American Express, as well as Protective Life. He also was an analyst at Morgan Guaranty. While at American Express, he was a corporate bond analysis before eventually becoming a portfolio manager. He stayed at American Express for a period of four years.


Mr. James Dondero excelled in college. While at the University of Virginia, he earned Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma, both very high honors. Accounting and finance are the subjects he majored in. Furthermore, he received certifications as both a CPA and a CMA. Not only that, but the businessman can use the CFA designation, as he earned the right to use it. Follow James on Linkedin.

Charitable Work

Dondero and his company believe in investing in the areas their employees work and live. He and Highland Capital make a difference in their communities via advisory board involvement, volunteering and donating funds to nonprofits, both local and national. Between Highland Capital and its partners, more than $8 million has been donated to organizations located around the globe. There are over a dozen organizations that Dondero and his company supports.

Dondero has worked hard to make Highland Capital a leading company in Dallas. He studied hard to get where he is, and he enjoys giving back to the community. He is expected to continue his charitable work and to lead his company on the path of success.


Omar Boarie Builds the Dream Team

Being of the generation of millennial’s and living here in the United States of America I hear from all of my friends and peers how the 1% have been oppressing us with a financial tyranny. While I certainly believe this is true for many who make their riches off the backs of poor people, I do not think Omar Boraie is one of those men. In fact, I think that New Brunswick, New Jersey has rightly labeled him as a father to their city.


According to NY Times, Omar Boraie has dedicated both his life and his real estate company to helping New Brunswick New Jersey become an economic hotbed. This dream came to him during his time traveling across Europe. He saw the majestic cities and how economically powerful they were, and he told himself that he could make New Brunswick become that influential.


When he returned to the area, he communicated and began working on a four-step plan to make the city thrive. The first part of his plan was to help New Brunswick become a place where families knew one another. He reached out to many nonprofits and churches and offered to bankroll their events if they would help families connect. All across the city, these organizations began reaching out to families to build the community that was needed to attract moms and dads.


The second part of his plan was to help stabilize the volatile job market in New Brunswick. The first way that he got this done was by keeping the current jobs in the area. In order for him to succeed, he needed Johnson and Johnson to agree to stay. This was because Johnson and Johnson was one of the big fish in the city. If they left, then New Brunswick would lose their largest employer. Once he got Johnson & Johnson to stay and open other factories, other businesses were more likely to commit.


The third part of his plan was to get a powerful team together that would keep New Brunswick from dying. That team was made up of himself, nonprofit leaders, the Mayor, editors of several newspapers, and of course, the President of Rutgers University. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.


The fourth and last part of his plan was to bring back the middle class. This was easily achieved by offering them commercial and residential real estate that beginning professions could afford but appealed to the upper-class business owner.



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Rocketship, the New Guideline for Educational Institutions

Rocketship Education is a charter school organization changing the way children in disadvantaged communities learn. There has long been an understanding that children in wealthy communities generally outperform students from poorer neighborhoods. Rocketship Education is working to correct that discrepancy. They are combining the concept of teaching children along with fully engaging the children’s parents and knowing the environment they live in.

By understanding these things and involving the parents so completely in the child’s learning Rocketship is building the environment needed for any child to successfully learn. Teachers go to the child’s home to meet the parents before the school year begins. By doing this the teacher learns more about the students learning environment, such as his home life and the support he may or may not receive from his parents. This visit alone helps bring the parent into the students learning experience and forges a bond for future interactions.

Rocketship Education is realizing the power of school and parent relationships. They know that parents that get involved in their child’s education leads to greater student learning success. Rocketship goes so far that they have the parents name the school, they help create an enrichment program for the school and they help make a mission statement for the school.

The educational performance of students who attend Rocketship’s charter schools is often two grade levels higher than their counterparts in traditional schools. Their students have very high scores in English language arts and mathematics. Rocketship also has a very high student retention rate of 90%. If students stay in school, they have the best chance of getting the education they need to graduate from secondary schools and go on to college.

Rocketship is showing other schools and communities how working with the family can benefit everyone, especially the child. Recently Rocketship was instrumental in helping families struck by disaster in the San Jose flooding. The students’ families were given funds to help them with rent deposits, repairs of their homes and to buy other important items for the home. This support helped families see the school as an important part of their lives, not just to teach the children, but to support the child’s family. When all schools accept that family is an important part of a child’s education potential, they like Rocketship Education will be including the family in any education goals.

Repair Your Roof, Siding or Gutters With Aloha Construction

There is a lot of work that goes into repairing the roof, siding or gutters on your home. If you are not experienced in this field, it is best to hire a professional to make the repairs. Aloha Construction offers quality service from insured and bonded contractors.

Aloha Construction is an Illinois company headquartered in Lake Zurich, and you can find their other office in Bloomington. The company has been in the construction business since 2008, and the contractors are certified and experienced to take on a variety of construction projects.

Are you hiring Aloha Construction to repair your roof? The process starts with an inspection to determine the extend of your damage. A contractor checks the flashing attic ventilation and damage to your shingles. The contractor also helps you choose a durable replacement for your damaged shingles, and the project includes a 10-year craftsmanship warranty.

The contractors also install, replace and repair the siding of your home. They recommend using a vinyl siding because it is easy to maintain, but they are open to installing aluminum, stucco, wood and face brick. A new siding requires little to no maintenance, lowers your heating and cooling bills and protects your home from extreme weather.

You can also hire the company to repair your gutters and downspout systems. The damage can cause water to settle around the base of your home, and this leads to mold, mildew, leaks and damage to your interior. Inspect your home for water sitting in one spot or moisture moving towards the foundation. If you are unsure of how to inspect your home, you can hire a contractor to inspect repair it for you.

You never know what extreme weather may bring, and the damage to your home can happen in the blink of an eye. It is not easy to plan a last minute repair when your insurance company is not cooperating. This is why Aloha Construction offers financing to ensure you get the best service for your money.

Protect your home by hiring Aloha Construction to inspect and repair your roof, siding or gutters.

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Entrepreneurs Are Turning To Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory For Great Opportunities

Mike Baur was born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland, where he grew up with an interest in finances. This interest turned into a career in banking for Mike. After earning his MBA from the University of Bern and other degrees from the University of Rochester, Mike went on to work in banking for more than 2 decades. Mike managed to work as an executive for Switzerland’s leading private bank for almost 10 years, where he was praised for his large contribution to the company’s growth.


As of late, Mike Baur has all his focus set on his company the Swiss Startup Factory. As the CEO for this company, Mike plans the fundraising projects and ensures finances are always in the green. Mike’s extensive knowledge in finances through his career in banking has given him the experience he needs to guide the Swiss Startup Factory successfully while also mentoring up and coming entrepreneurs to be successful themselves. Mike not only helps his clients through the Swiss Startup Factory, but he also spends time traveling to speak and give advice to young entrepreneurs around the world.


Switzerland’s Swiss Startup Factory is located in Zurich and the company’s main focus is helping new and old entrepreneurs lead successful businesses. The majority of businesses fail within the first couple of years because of a lack of management skills. Also, this is a crucial time for building and spreading a brand name before negative returns deplete the money pool. The Swiss Startup Factory’s success in creating new startups has named them one of the leading companies in Switzerland with many accomplishments since starting up in just 2014.


Since the company first launched, Mike has been continually building their network and relationships with companies all over the world to help advance the companies goals. This also enables the Swiss Startup Factory to match clients with opportunities all around the world. Mike Baur, Max Meister, and Oliver Walzer founded the Swiss Startup Factory together with the common goal of helping individuals use their ideas to create successful businesses and have done so with wide acclaim. The unique accelerator program offered by the Swiss Startup Factory helps mentor clients for months to properly teach business management and growth strategy.