Omar Boarie Builds the Dream Team

Being of the generation of millennial’s and living here in the United States of America I hear from all of my friends and peers how the 1% have been oppressing us with a financial tyranny. While I certainly believe this is true for many who make their riches off the backs of poor people, I do not think Omar Boraie is one of those men. In fact, I think that New Brunswick, New Jersey has rightly labeled him as a father to their city.


According to NY Times, Omar Boraie has dedicated both his life and his real estate company to helping New Brunswick New Jersey become an economic hotbed. This dream came to him during his time traveling across Europe. He saw the majestic cities and how economically powerful they were, and he told himself that he could make New Brunswick become that influential.


When he returned to the area, he communicated and began working on a four-step plan to make the city thrive. The first part of his plan was to help New Brunswick become a place where families knew one another. He reached out to many nonprofits and churches and offered to bankroll their events if they would help families connect. All across the city, these organizations began reaching out to families to build the community that was needed to attract moms and dads.


The second part of his plan was to help stabilize the volatile job market in New Brunswick. The first way that he got this done was by keeping the current jobs in the area. In order for him to succeed, he needed Johnson and Johnson to agree to stay. This was because Johnson and Johnson was one of the big fish in the city. If they left, then New Brunswick would lose their largest employer. Once he got Johnson & Johnson to stay and open other factories, other businesses were more likely to commit.


The third part of his plan was to get a powerful team together that would keep New Brunswick from dying. That team was made up of himself, nonprofit leaders, the Mayor, editors of several newspapers, and of course, the President of Rutgers University. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.


The fourth and last part of his plan was to bring back the middle class. This was easily achieved by offering them commercial and residential real estate that beginning professions could afford but appealed to the upper-class business owner.



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