Omar Boraie Development Group

Omar Boraie is a prominent real estate developer in New Jersey. During his career, he has helped many companies develop their land into commercial properties.


Omar Boraie started off in the real estate industry working for his family. His family has a long history of developing properties. He quickly learned the basics of real estate development. Even though he enjoyed working with his family, he decided to start his own company many years ago. Attracting new clients was difficult. He had to invest in a marketing consultant to help him design an advertising plan that worked. For more details visit Crunchbase.



Early Issues


Starting any successful business is difficult. Few people understand how to run a profitable company. The real estate industry is volatile. Business leaders must appreciate all of the risks associated with running a company.


Omar Boraie decided to seek the advice of successful business owners. He quickly learned valuable tips on how to invest in his company. He is excited about all of the new projects that he is working on. Now is an excellent time for his company to grow. Omar Boraie believes that his company could drastically expand in the future. Check out State Theatre New Jersey to see more.



Hiring Help


Boraie Development is growing so fast that Omar Boraie is struggling to hire enough workers. The real estate market in New Jersey is booming, and he has more projects than he can handle. He recently decided to offer numerous positions to people in the local area.


Omar Boraie enjoys helping people reach their goals. He is part of a local mentoring program for young adults interested in becoming business owners. He also occasionally gives speeches at a local college. Omar Boraie enjoys building real estate properties to meet the needs of his clients. He is even planning to build a local school in 2019.



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