Ara Chackerian Evaluates Healthcare Startups

Healthcare startups are continuously improving based on influential output and venture capital as a result of economic expansion. They are advancing their footprints in an already established economic sector of the economy. This rise of startups is not a surprise to healthcare innovators such as Ara Chackerian. This is because new persons in the medical industry are known to drive value and innovation. Nevertheless, investors are still anxious about the startups they support as some of the startups have neither produced public offerings nor mergers and acquisitions. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Years ago, Ara Chackerian identified that various healthcare inventions such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and digital imaging would enhance the medical industry. This would create a higher chance of treating a wide range of diseases and conditions affecting patients. Mr. Chackerian has continuously informed investors that innovation raises the overall sustainability and success of the healthcare industry. Digital recordkeeping and enhanced diagnostics are some of the technologies that have already been adopted by healthcare organizations that have grown as a result of the innovative approach of startups. Therefore, it is correct to say that great ideas require excellent investment strategies for them to become successful. Chackerian clearly understands and believes that the success of a healthcare startup depends on whether an entrepreneur is talented enough to innovate, sell, and to deliver a certain amount of returns to investors. Check out to see more.



About Ara Chackerian


Entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, Ara Chackerian, serves at ASC Capital Holdings as the managing partner. This company focuses on facilitating early-stage investments in healthcare companies. He is also part of the TMS Health Solutions where he is a co-founder and member of the board. TMS Health Solutions provides magnetic stimulation treatment to individuals suffering from resistant depression from treatment.


Before joining TMS, Ara had only been involved in the investment and entrepreneurial industries. He possesses a great interest in the field of health technology which inspired him to build numerous healthcare companies such as Embion Links, TMS Health Solutions, PipelineRx, and BMC Diagnostics among others. Mr. Chackerian is also a board member in multiple beginner healthcare companies. Through his investment in Limonapa, he has been able to sustain reforestation in Nicaragua, as well as support a number of youth development non-profit organizations such as Nor Luyce and JUMA Ventures. Check out their website

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