Barbara Stokes: Green Home Havens

Natural disasters our thing that we have always had to deal with as people. floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and many other disasters can be predicted but cannot be avoided completely. the government and many of the entities I’ve tried their best to help people in the fall out of these occurrences. the Federal Emergency Management agency half of years how to provide mobile homes for families displaced by disasters. These precautions however have had difficulties and application and stock. but Barbara Stokes has found a way to help solve this issue in a very big way. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes owns the company called GSH that is located in Huntsville Alabama. Stokes and her husband are proud owners of the of the company and are fully invested in their work. they create green homes that are highly sturdy especially made to face the element of nature. they produce their home in house, from the design to the building of the actual home. this company provides or affordable, or made from high-quality materials, that can be erected and only a matter of days. this is just what the community did as Barbara Stokes change your company from corporate to an independent contractor. they now can work for any entity when the time is needed, and FEMA has capitalized on this very well. Follow Barbara Stokes on

During Hurricane Harvey GHS was called in to work under a 28.5 million contract to create their homes and help save lives. Barbara Stokes in the company hey man working wholeheartedly to help in any way they could. Barbara Stokes throwing is a hard job looks at homeless people like they could be her own family. compassion is a name of the game when it comes to GSH and Barbara Stokes. they provide significant to the community and they are that this company builds have changed the way the government approaches natural disasters and has create a new ideas and Concepts in the industry which can benefit the people overall. great example of mankind take care of itself and its members. Barbara Stokes is a Mercer University graduate that has really dedicated her life to saving lives and that is a beautiful thing.


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