The Personal Growth Business of Vijay Eswaran

Personal Growth is one of the deepest passions of Vijay Eswaran. It is so deep that he ha formed a business based on it. He has developed The Qi Group, which focuses on health and success. People who have all kinds of challenges in life can gain something from Vijay’s company. The goal of Vijay is to help people achieve the highest state of being. Another thing that he wants people to do is share their success with others. Spreading positive aspects of life around is going to help people achieve their goals of fulfillment. The products and services are based on this goal.

Vijay Eswaran has experienced both sides of life. He has experienced the mundane life of a 9-5 worker. He has also experienced the frustration and disappointment of not living the life that fulfills him. For one thing, he was told that in order to succeed the only way is to work a regular job and save money. The only problem is that prices can rise a lot faster than wages. It is very common for people to barely keep up with their living expenses and then have prices rise. At that point, they start falling behind on their bills.

Vijay has learned that the one way to succeed involves stepping away from comfort. For one thing, comfort often evades people. Therefore, the best thing for people to do in order to reach a higher state of existence is to accept the risky way of living.

In starting his own successful business, Vijay has also learned how to be an effective leader. One type of leader he looked into is servant leadership. One of the reasons that this is effective is that the leader provides for the team. He also shows the team an example of what he expects. Teams under servant leaders tend to grow more. They also find themselves more connected to the team as a whole. Vijay wants his team to not just do the job but experience fulfillment and deeper relationships. This type of leadership and Vijay Eswaran’s philosophy is why he is an example to follow for business.

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