Financial Analyst, Investor, Editor Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. Since the start of his Profits Unlimited newsletter over ninety thousand people have become regular subscribers of the eight page newsletter. The newsletter covers a new investing deal monthly. The newsletter has a portfolio that Paul Mampilly lists with several stocks and investment opportunities for readers to buy. Profit Unlimited is just one of the newsletters he pens for Banyan Hill Publishing. Additionally, he is also the writer of a weekly column for investors called the Winning Investor Daily. True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes are the two trading platforms he manages. Follow Paul on Facebook.

Before, Paul Mampilly was an editor for this respected finance publication, he worked with the bigwigs of Wall Street. He helped the ultra rich grow their portfolios to billions of dollars. He quickly got into this world right after he finished up his MBA from Fordham University. In the early 1990s, he worked for Bankers Trust. He as an assistant manager to the bank’s extensive portfolios. He learned a lot from this position. The knowledge he attained from Bankers Trust allowed him to move up to another position for another company. His excellent skills in investing caught the eye of Deutsche Bank and ING. These companies are legal firms where he was able to increase their assets. Then, billion dollar wealth management company Kinetics Asset Management recruited him for his astounding work history. For this company, he worked to put $25 billion dollar of assets in their portfolios due to investments. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Ideamensch.

Though this career was thrilling and very rewarding, Paul Mampilly’s heart was no longer with the billion dollar corporations lining Wall Street anymore. Being a family man was tugging at his heart. So, he shifted careers and found something that would allow for him to be able to focus on his family. Thus, he ended up at Banyan Hill Publishing. For the online publication, he was able to work as a research analyst and editor of investment and financial news. His goal for working for this company was to help average people who wanted to become investors.

Today, Paul Mampilly speaks to tens of thousands of readers weekly through his newsletters. He is equipping readers with investment knowledge only a Wall Street insider would know. That knowledge has made all the difference in his career for the publication, the company itself and the thousands of readers growing their investment portfolios.


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