Newswatch TV Reviews A Pain-Free Keyboard Mouse Product from Contour Designs

Contour’s goal is to give 3 billion people a pain-free more productive work environment by disrupting the traditional keyboard and mouse setup that everyone is accustomed. Their signature RollerMouse Pad and balance keyboard help minimize the impact on the fingers with a digital left click. The design of this product helps a worker stay focus on their task without being distracted from reaching for a mouse on the side of a keyboard. The RollerMouse Pad is designed to adapt to a person’s work pace, helping them work more efficiently, enabling them to do more in a single day than a traditional keyboard/mouse setup. Workers wanting to be more productive and work in a pain-free environment need to invest on a keyboard from Contour Design.

Many technology companies are finding ways to promote their product and services to grow their business. One way they are accomplishing this is by reaching out to Newswatch, who has been in the business for twenty years to promote breaking news on technology, travel, health, and entertainment. The goal of Newswatch is to provide consumers an in-depth review of technology products to help them reach their everyday goals in life and the workplace.

Newswatch provides informative 30-minute programming to their audience base, because of this they have won many awards the past couple of years. In 2017, Newswatch TV won Gold and Platinum Marcom Award, also in 2017, they won a Videographer Award. In 2016 they won a Silver Telly Award for their programming. The success of Newswatch will continue to help other companies be successful and grow their business.

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