Wes Edens: Other Ventures Aside From The Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is known for his role in the transformation of the Fortress Investment Group from a local financial business to one of the country’s largest private equity companies. Aside from his stint with the financial sector, he also invests in other ventures, particularly with sports. He owns a basketball franchise, an e-games team, and a football team, and he is also managing their games and providing them with a chance to prove themselves in the sports they are good at.

Wes Edens studied at the Oregon State University, taking up a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Business Administration. He immediately looked for a job after he finished his studies, with the goal of becoming an experienced individual in handling financial transactions and eventually building his own business. He worked at Lehman Brothers from 1987 to 1993, and then transferred to BlackRock Asset Investors as a managing director. It was in 1998 when he had the idea to establish his own company, and along with his colleagues, they co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998. He is one of the key individuals working for the company, and using his skills and abilities in handling financial businesses, he was able to transform the Fortress Investment Group into a multi-billion business, managing assets that is worth over $70 billion.

He knew that putting all of the eggs in a single basket is not a good idea, so he decided to invest in other business ventures, and he chose sports because of its profitable nature. In 2014, he had the chance to purchasefranchise for the Milwaukee Bucks. The basketball team is a staple to the NBA games and had to pay $550 million to complete the transaction. Wes Edens had also pledged to build their home stadium in Wisconsin. In 2017, he formed a team of computer gamers who will be professionally competing for e-sports and called it FlyQuest. The members of the team are adept at playing League of Legends and other similar computer games. Recently, it was also reported that Wes Edens had paid a huge amount to purchase an entire football team.

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