Alex Hern About The Early Beginnings Of Tsunami XR And The Future Of VR

Alex Hern is the co-Chief Executive Officer of Tsunami XR, having been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years. The San Diego-based Tsunami XR was founded in 2011 and is a leader in content solutions and immersive software. The company is responsible for designing and delivering 3D, virtual and augmented reality solutions in order to improve workplace productivity, collaboration as well as knowledge transfer. The company’s portfolio of clients includes a number of top global companies within nearly every industry sector.

Alex Hern focused during his career on early stage companies as well as on the incubation technology companies. He co-founded and also served as a director of Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO, which powered and was also the search technology for AOL, MSN, and Yahoo. Additionally, he co-founded Yesmail, an e-mail marketing and web directory company that went public and was acquired by CMGI for $650 million within 10 months. He is also responsible for co-founding Military Commercial Technologies, Arcsight, and

Tsunami XR was initially named Tsunami VR, Alex Hern noting that the name change came as a result of the fact that XR or cross-reality is what he wants to explore be a the forefront in the future. He believes that advancement in machine learning in general and AI are paving the way for things to come within the next decade. According to the co-CEO, the next big leap forward is cloud-computing for applications and graphic intensive software. The advantages of using the cloud for XR include money saving, by circumventing investments in upgrading devices. XR application will require more high engine speed than what is available currently, which is where cloud can help. Additionally, using cloud for VR can increase access to fast developing software and upgrades.

Alex Hern also talked about in recent interview about the early beginnings of Tsunami XR, noting that the company came about as he began considering the shift from CPU to GPU computing, and how it could revolutionize the spatial computing era. He notes that he has always focused on strong beginnings, and considers them to be crucial to the sustained success of a business.

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