Sheldon Lavin: Saving The World Through Production Sustainability

Sheldon Lavin is a very well known, recognizable, distinguished and extremely respected individual in the meat and food processing industry, along with his high profile company: OSI Group, which he is the Chief Executive Officer of.

Sheldon Lavin, besides being an executive giant of entrepreneurship, this does not get in the way of being compassionate, aware and informed of the wellness and health of the Earth. That is why Sheldon Lavin with its company, OSI has stepped into the world of sustainability and applying it to its food production Industry, manufacturing and distribution. With Sheldon’s leadership and sustenance, the OSI Group has committed into sustainability in its business. They have built on the company’s existing history of embracing change in coordination with the evolving world – and the company has stepped up to the challenge of adjusting for the wellness of the world and they are working on having the most recent and most innovative cutting edge technology to be able to be at par with the technology available.

In the brightest spots of Sheldon Lavin’s career with OSI – they have innovated and embraced modern strategies and most advanced technologies to improve effectivity and efficiency in production chain, but most importantly they are dedicated and most focused on reducing the environmental tracks and carbon footprint left by their company to the world in the after effects of their company’s operations and production. And now sustainability in production is one of OSI’s main thrusts.

The OSI Group, under his leadership, is one of the running giants of the food production industry and is the main and primary supplier of the superpower fastfood chain: Mcdonald’s. Mcdonald’s and OSI has been a powerful food conglomerate that has been one of the most interesting, most successful business collaboration stories in the history of food businesses in the last centuries. And from then on, OSI Group under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin has managed to manifest such marvelous and magnificent growth.

Sheldon Lavin, even with his more matured age, is still serving as the President of OSI International Food Limited and is still very active and still has word in the company’s strategy making and operations and execution.

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