Oren Frank: Initiator and CEO of an Excelling Online Therapy

Oren Frank is the builder of Talkspace, an online Therapy company. Oren was born in Israel and graduated in Leicester University. Oren believed in the potential of change and technology; he spent many years promoting and trading He has previously worked with the marketer, AdAge, HuffPo, MRM Worldwide, McCann Digital.

Talkspace is an online therapy company located in New York City. The company started after a change experience in couples therapy that rescued their marriage. Oren Frank shared his idea of psychotherapy to other people. Talkspace started as group therapy platform but later developed to an online psychotherapy business from authorized therapist. Talkspace presented extensive Messaging Therapy in 2014, that offered users with unlimited text messaging in the company’s website. Find out more about at Oren Frank at Huffpost.

In 2015, Talk space started Social Media Dependency Therapy agenda that deal with mental state issues depicted to social technology use. It allowed clients to use voice and video calls during therapy affair — the video plan powered by HIPAA video business, Agora.io. It was also broadened to involve couples therapy. Talkspace provide services from an authorised therapist through phones, tablets and computers

In a day the therapist answers at least two times to the client. Talkspace uses banking rank code to conserve client trust and secure privacy. All therapist are qualified and examining involves history checks, specialised training and clinical evaluations — customers work with the therapist to entrench goals on changing mental health and life problems.

The platform acknowledged for offering services to people with flexibility issues and those who can’t talk. It gained recommendation for providing care to clients in rural areas and those with mental illness travelling in foreign parts. Oren Frank has made Talkspace available and standard for many people worldwide. He believes that when all people join and work together will make a change, expand more, decline costs and adjust peoples lives.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/oren-frank

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