Edwin Miranda: The Perfect Choice For VP At Cytovance Biologics

Once again, Cytovance Biologics has demonstrated its consummate dedication towards its service to humanity through the appointment of Edwin Miranda as its Vice President of Quality. According to the giant biopharmaceutical company’s Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Dr. Jesse McCool, Edwin is without a doubt the perfect man for the job, that is, if his imposing credentials accrued over the years are anything to go by.

Prior to being shortlisted for the Vice President position at Cytovance Biologics, Mr. Edwin Miranda held the position of quality manager in various pharmaceutical institutions. For instance, he was once the Quality Director at Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging LLC. And needless to say, a lot of good was done during his tenure at Legacy Pharmaceuticals.

The same can also be said when Mr. Miranda held rank at Piramal Critical Care Ink and a few other related biopharmaceutical companies he has been associated with in the past. In total, the biopharmaceutical guru brings well over three decades worth of experience at Cytovance Biologics which, needless to say, will be good for all the parties involved.

Apart from being an astoundingly knowledgeable professional in the field of biomedicine, Edwin also comes off as an exemplary man with a plausible affinity for orthodox business practices. His incredibly impressive work experience aside, Edwin Miranda also holds a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry. This was after successfully attending the prestigious Angelo State University situated located in Angelo, Texas.

He is also an army veteran or a former “company man” as his friends fondly refer to him as. The latter goes a long way to show just how dedicated Edwin Miranda is especially when it comes to protecting human lives by providing nothing but the best quality medication to the public.

His very impressive resume and unmatched dedication also earned him an Establishment Inspection Report, or an EIR, which in itself isn’t a mean feat. And that being said, adding Mr. Miranda to an already skill team at Cytovance Biologics will only boost their efficiency and by extension, their success.

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