The Efforts Felipe Montoro Jens Has Put into Changing Rio De Janeiro Harbour

A majority of people love what they do; however, only a few people enjoy giving back to the community and assisting their government whenever they can with the talent and passion they have for their work. An example of a person who is able to not only lead his company appropriately but also help their government develop their country is Felipe Montoro Jens. He works at Energipar Captação S.A as the Chief Executive officer. Apart from his leadership expertise, he also has experience in financial strategy and finance for both corporations and people. The development of his leadership and financial knowledge came from him working as the director at Santo Antonio Energia. View Felipe Montoro Jens profile at Linkedin

Apart from Finance, Felipe Montoro Jens is also a skilled expert when it comes to infrastructure especially in areas like finding solutions for corporates and state governments that can help them eliminate waste and become responsible financially and more profitable. He also has experience in handling economic waste. Using his expertise in Infrastructure, he is able to help develop Brazil into a real estate titan. One of the areas he started to improve infrastructure is the Rio De Janeiro Harbour. This region is one of the attractive areas in Brazil.

However, the harbor suffers from a lack of exciting and attractive aspects and this is quite a turn off for a majority of visitors. For Felipe Montoro Jens to work hand in hand with a hotel chain located in the area, helps improve the region’s infrastructure. It also solidifies the position of the region as a key attraction center for anyone to visit. Felipe also notes the previous attempts for the Brazilian Government to revive the area have made it possible for people to see noticeable changes. With the help of Felipe, the area has the potential to become an attractive and key tourist site in Brazil.

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Serge Belamant’s Patents For Blockchain

Serge Belamant was born in France, spent his childhood and schooling in South Africa. He grew with his brilliant ideas in the Financial Industry. Reportedly, he is a Co-Founder of Net1 UEPS Technologies and Zilch Technology Limited.

He was stamped as South Africa’s Steve Jobs and Bill Gates by a financial expert Alec Hogg. Serge Belamant developed quite a few innovative technologies in the financial industry. Numerous cryptocurrencies were backed by Belamant’s technology. The smart cards with micro-controller generate a series of blocks with individual data. His technology shifted the pace of Fintech to a whole new level.

What is Block Chain Technology?

The blockchain is best explained as cryptography that links a series of individual data with each other. Security and accuracy in data maintenance and processing in the financial sector improved significantly with blockchain technology company. Belamant’s Smart cards with Micro-controller is the fundamental element that derived the blockchain technology.

Career Towards Technology:

He started his career in Matrix as a young chap. Later, he worked with IBM on finite element analysis. Further, he joined Cyber Computers and he continued working on the technology of analysis closely. Firstly, he created and developed applications on water level analysis in Dams.

Concurrently, he developed many computing solutions for projects in the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. His statistical technologies, graphic interfaces of the project drastically improved the speed and accuracy of road planning projects in Vereeniging, South Africa.

Serge Belamant worked with the Control data equipment on the Data Bank segment. He created VIB Network there, which was sold to Volkskas. Later on, he joined Bancorp as a consultant to handle analysis and risk management. Appreciably, he implemented his 10-step analysis to identify the risks and sustainability of a business. Followingly, he got himself into RSA’s Saswitch as a head of IT division.

Block Chain:

Serge Belamant successfully created the technology that offered the opportunity to carry out core banking. The technology got developed and improved substantially on subsequent days. Surprisingly, Serge Belamant’s technology made Saswitch as the second largest ATM switch in the world. He further developed the first ever POS system which determined the value proposition to the banks.

In the year 2012, his company got a project that intended to pay grants to about 10million beneficiaries on a monthly cycle. In turn, he invented a new technology called Morphing. Using the technology, all the cards were turned in to smart cards with a chip in it. These cards are enabled to be used world-wide using variable pins.

The inventions of Serge Belamant for financial sector simply connected the whole database of banks. Meaningfully, the technology is known as blockchain.

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Oil And Gas Companies Partner With CEO Matthew Fleeger And Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is President and Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. The firm focuses on the activities of exploration and development of potentially high return oil and gas reserves in the US. They seek to acquire reserves that are mainly located in the Gulf Coast section of the country. The company manages joint ventures and looks to acquire reserves that meet their criteria.

Gulf Coast Western seeks to add properties that have minimal amounts of downside risk and the geological benefits that will reap the highest returns for the partners. Matthew Fleeger attributes the success of his company to the relationships of which they have built with the business partners. They have been transparent in their transactions and strive to maintain a high level of trustworthiness and integrity with their partners. These are relationships that are based upon a mutual respect for one another throughout nearly 50 years.

Matthew Fleeger leads the company from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is a family-owned business, and it was founded in 1970. In addition to the Texas office, they also operate out of Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. One of the partnerships in Louisiana was formed with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration. The company acquired the rights to an area of land consisting of several hundred square miles in the southwest portion of Louisiana. They also have the 3D seismic data for the land. The partnership is located in Lafayette.

Gulf Coast Western is known in the industry for its experience and talent. They have the knowledge to assess and select the domestic oil and gas reserves that offers the joint ventures the greatest potential for success. Matthew Fleeger and the whole team is committed to improving the industry. The company is also committed to the community in which it serves.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong and the Success of

The age of technology, the internet and the modern age of development has made our race better and faster. The age of technology has helped a lot of businesses to move forward and expand by exponential values. The internet and the platform of online shopping has helped businesses expand their market and reach more people – anywhere around the world and in any time of the day. Online shopping has been well loved and very frequently used by people who are very technologically savvy. The convenience and the comfort of shopping in the commiseration of your own home and having the products delivered right to your doorstep is well cherished by avid fans around the world.

One of the businesses that have thrived in the use of the internet and its capabilities is Led by Richard Liu Qiangdong, a genius entrepreneur and a well renowned business man, also started his business with physical stores around Beijing, and when disaster struck – his tenacity, resilience and adaptive skills were put to the test. Richard Liu Qiangdong rose up to the challenge and found his way into the online shopping world and there he relaunched his brand – and now the rest is history.

The excellence of the business of Richard Liu Qiangdong has been very present and punctuated in the business industry of China, and has also caught the eye of big businesses internationally. Recently, Tencent (the owner of WeChat) and Walmart have invested valuable assets and money to These investments have helped Richard and to expand and serve more people worldwide.’s excellent performance have produced great sales and numbers for the company and now the company is valued over 50 billion dollars and their owner Richard Liu Qiangdong is now valued at about 11 million dollars, and this was ranked by Forbes.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has also received recognition by certain governing bodies. Recently, he was recognized as one of the Business of Fashion’s Top 500, a recognition that is of prestigious value. Richard Liu Qiangdong’s leadership of is only sure to result into greater success for

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Ted Bauman: A Master Of Many Trades

Ted Bauman, business extraordinaire, specializes in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, and international migration issues. Most prominently known for his role as a financial counselor, Bauman spreads his notions via the Ted Bauman newsletter. As a distinguished writer, Bauman uses his eloquence to lead otherwise naive individuals in profitable directions. Before becoming a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing, Bauman was trotting the globe. He settled on South Africa, subsequently falling in love with the culture and attending college at the University of Cape Town. Bauman spent the next 25 years assuming roles in fund management, low-cost housing, and nonprofits.

Upon his arrival in the United States, Ted Bauman put his newfound knowledge to use. Above all else, Bauman was excited by the prospect of imparting his wisdom onto others. He does just that via the Ted Bauman newsletter. Bauman’s amassed a large portfolio of readers with an outpouring of success to boot. Bauman finds society’s increasing involvement in financial matters to be very reassuring. What’s more, Bauman claims that individuals are becoming more invested in global economies as well. According to Bauman, our eagerness to learn will undoubtedly bode well for our future.

When he’s not thinking about the future of his career, Ted Bauman is devising new methods for becoming a productive businessman. Bauman maintains that he’s most prolific in the morning, writing many articles while executing the arduous tasks. Bauman’s key to success is time management, and he encourages all aspiring entrepreneurs to develop this skill early on. Bauman’s version of time management includes “setting aside the most productive part of the day to work on what’s in front of you.” No doubt an entrepreneur who’s worth their salt, many opt to avail themselves of Bauman’s sound advice. As his career evolves, Ted Bauman will certainly grow with it.

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