Jacob Gottlieb and Altium Capital Invest in Healthcare Stocks

Jacob Gottlieb was recently featured in the Affiliate Dork article written by Brandon Ferguson titled “Jacob Gottlieb’s Altium Capital: Disrupting the Healthcare Investment Sector One Venture at a Time.” The article reveals how investing in the healthcare industry is about to change.

Jacob Gottlieb is one of the most successful financial entrepreneurs who focuses on healthcare investing. He has recently added another company to his investment fund. Altium Capital is based in New York City and works to invest in companies that will grow in the healthcare industry. He particularly hopes to invest in companies that want to provide medical advances in treatment.

Altium recently chose Oramed Pharmaceuticals to invest in as well as Amarin Corporations and Oragenics. The first investment for the company was a bit more than a 5% stake in Oramed Pharmaceuticals. Oramed creates oral treatment alternatives for those who are receiving injectable drugs. They have released and tested a successful ingestible capsule that releases insulin. They are proud of their management team that has experience in both pharmaceuticals and business. They are also continuously supported by scientific experts.

Amarin is a growing pharmaceutical company that is based in Dublin, Ireland. However, they also have offices stateside in Bedminster, New Jersey. The company is hoping to create better drugs to improve cardiovascular and heart health. The company focuses on the scientific expertise of lipids and possible benefits of polyunsaturated acids. They had their first FDA-approved drug released in 2012. The prescription grade omega-3 fatty acid is called Vascepa.

Oragenics was created by two doctors who wanted to understand the benefits of Replacement Therapy. The company has become a leader in the use of different antibiotics to prevent or treat infectious diseases. They also work on replacing harmful bacteria with healthy bacteria to balance out the body. They have also developed biotherapeutics for a variety of conditions of the oral cavity.

Meet Talos Energy

Sarah Palin, former Republican vice presidential candidate and governor of Alaska once famously said, “Drill baby drill!” The candidate gave this response when a reporter asked how she would solve the high gas prices faced by U.S. residents at the time. Talos Energy helped achieve that goal and helped lower the $4 plus gas prices that affected everyone in the country. The company specifically focuses on offshore oil exploration and drilling, and it recently earned the honor of being named one of the Top 50 companies to work for in the United States.

The company earned this honor because of survey response’s from the company’s employees. The best places to work survey is conducted by a third party on a regular basis. Statisticians then collect the stats and calculate weighted averages to figure out which companies come out on top. The last time the company came out as highly regarded in survey.

Talos Energy focuses on the area off of the Gulf of Mexico. It recently reached an agreement with Pemex, a Mexican governmental organization, to expand its resources in areas controlled by the Mexican government. The deal allows Talos Energy, along with Mexican companies, to further explore and develop resources in the region.

The company also recently merged with Pemex, which makes it the second largest offshore oil assess company in the world and the largest one operating in the Gulf. Unlike rigs owned and operated by British Petroleum, Talos Energy has maintained a steady safety record. BP’s safety record has also improved since the disaster on the Deep Water Horizon drill rig. Anyone who wants to work for one of the Top 50 companies in the United Sates can check out the careers section of the company’s web page. There are hundreds of jobs available in STEM fields.

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What Sujit Choudhry and other international scholars have to say about the Catalonia and Spain unrest

A year after the secession vote, Spain and Catalonia are yet to come up with the ideal resolution to put the political turmoil that has been rocking the two regions at rest. This has resulted in significant economic and social setbacks, not only to the two areas but to the entire European Union block. As a result, the conflict between the two nations has turned into a matter of international interest, forcing expert law scholars like Sujit Choudhry to jump into action.

With the help of a few other seasoned constitutional scholars like himself, Sujit Choudhry recently penned down a letter to Catalonia and Spain. In the letter, the scholars highlight why the issue has been worsening with each wake and also go on to give a few solutions that will help solve the problem, refer to (Linkedin.com).


What caused the conflict in the first place?

Historically, Catalonia is a wealthy semi-autonomous region, situated in the north-east of Spain. It boasts its police force and even controls some of its public reserves. The conflict between Spain and Catalonia arose after Catalonians expressed their desire to secede from Spain, look on (Patch.com).

While breaking away from Spain might be easy on Catalonia, it will cause a constitutional crisis in Spain. The conflict has been further worsened by the prime minister’s violation of international law. The minister issued the arrest and prosecution of secession proponents during the referendum causing even more unrest.


What is the solution?

According to Sujit and his fellow scholars, the only way to come up with a resolution is to carry out a referendum that will allow Catalonians to vote for what they want. The scholars urge Catalonia’s president to draft a referendum as it will not only allow Catalonians to express their desires but will also prove his commitment. They also encouraged Spain’s leaders not to engage in any activities that might violate or subdue voter turnout, find out more on statuslabs.com.


Who is Sujit Choudhry?

Sujit Choudhry is a seasoned expert in law matters. Mr. Choudhry has been practicing for over three decades now and holds academic accreditations from facilities such as Harvard and Oxford. He is the founder and director of the center for constitutional transitions and has been part of numerous constitution building and peacemaking processes.

The Breakthrough And Success Of Sheldon Lavin

How other investors rose to be successful in business is a big deal. It is through their processes that we learn how to navigate through the journey. It gives you hope and a brief idea of how it is like to face challenges and fear and still emerge a winner. Sheldon Lavin, Chief Executive Officer and greatest shareholder of OSI Group has a story like any other investor.

The beauty of his story is that he is living his dream. He has what he dreamt of having when he was starting his business. His objective was to start a business that provided goods that consumers use on a daily basis. This was in line with his studies because he graduated with a finance degree at the University. The first thing he did to accomplish his dream was to start  consultancy business.

His breakthrough came when the Otto & Sons approached him to finance them for expansion. They boosted his confidence in business, and his assumptions on their success turned out to be right. When asked about how he makes money, he says that for you to make money, you must be willing to spend money as well. He says he was only able to make money after his ventures became profitable. Through financial markets, he is able to multiply his income from OSI Group. He also has a series of ETFs and mutual funds.

Sheldon Lavin became profitable after a year. He says that many young businesses take time before they become profitable because they do not invest in large scale. He says that by transforming his businesses into multinational companies, he saved and reduced costs. As a result, the firm attracted multiple shareholders and made profits early. He says that planning helped a lot with the success of the business.

The other way through which Sheldon Lavin has been able to acquire success is through cultivating culture of teamwork. This is by sharing meals with his employees and getting to know each other at a personal level.Sheldon Lavin says that by so doing when the members have a new idea, it is easier for them to approach him without fear.

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Guilherme Paulus: From Humble Beginnings To Global Entrepreneurial Success

Co-founder of CVC Brasil Operadora Agencia de Viagens S.A. (known as CVC), entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus has become a global investor and Brazilian hotelier.

In a recent interview Paulus discusses his journey as a business owner, strategies, motivators, and his own business successes and failure. His candor and the story of how he and his partner, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, were able to build huge success from humble beginnings.

While working in Caso Faro in Sao Paulo, Paulus took a boating trip that would change his life. He met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, a former state deputy, who had a business concept that included opening a travel agency in Santo Andre and interested Paulus deeply. Despite the fact that Guilherme Paulus was young and had no liquid capital to invest in the business, the two men developed a business plan that delegated the groundwork and initial efforts while Cerchiari supplied the funding.

The business began as a travel agency that Paulus strategically set up in a high traffic location. He felt passionate about the business from the very beginning and always had a vision of expanding into multiple markets. Paulus and Cerchiari were partners for four years until Cerchiari branched out on his own.

In discussing strategies that helped to grow his business ventures, Guilherme Paulus cites the manner in which he helped encourage Brazilian travelers to transition from road travel to air travel. Paulus invested in chartering flights and his company, CVC, is considered the pioneer of domestic air travel within Brazil. Prior to this there was a strong international travel business, but until CVC promoted travel by air within the country it was not very common.

With a humble nature and clear candor Paulus discusses one of his business failings as an entrepreneur. In an attempt to capitalize on the agreement that Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso made with France to facilitate visas in the early 2000s, Guilherme Paulus opened a location in France. Unfortunately, the name CVC was not well known in France as a travel agency and were not very receptive to the Brazilians that Paulus hired to staff the agency, which in retrospect Paulus considers a mistake.

Guilherme Paulus has experienced great worldwide success in travel and as chairman and investor of GJP Hotel & Resorts. GJP employs over 5,000 individuals in 20 hotels and resorts in locations such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Recife, and many more.

Search more about Guilherme Paulus: https://eventosemjoinville.com.br/2018/09/12/guilherme-paulus-participa-da-2a-edicao-do-cvb-talks/

How Dr. Jennifer Walden Takes a Different Approach to Marketing

Many plastic surgeons use traditional methods for advertising to their potential patients. Dr. Jennifer Walden knew this was a good idea but she also knew there were other things she could do that might make it easier to connect with everyone she wanted to connect with. It was her goal to keep trying different things so she could make the best connections and make marketing easier. As long as she knew how to help people and show them what she could do, she figured new approaches to marketing would make more sense for her business. It gave her a chance to reach more people and helped her show them that plastic surgery might be the best option for their needs. She uses social media to show potential patients how they can get help and what they can do to make more out of the situations they’re in.

After spending a lot of time learning the different approaches to marketing, Dr. Jennifer Walden felt she could make the most out of it by using Instagram. She posts on Instagram a lot and that helps her connect with people who might be interested in plastic surgery. Her dedication to posting on Instagram might make it easier for her to do things that could help her connect with people. It’s a way for her to normalize plastic surgery and make people realize there are things they can do that might make it easier for her to show them what they can do.

Even though there is a small stigma associated with plastic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden knows that’s not important. She wants people to feel good about themselves and that might mean they do different things that make them love their body more. For Dr. Jennifer Walden, this is something that can change the way people feel. It can also help people understand she’s doing everything the right way. Since she’s a plastic surgeon, she feels good about helping people. It’s her job to make them feel good about the body they’re in and how it works to help them love their lives more.

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Steve Ritchie: Although More Needs to be Done, Progress is Being Made

Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s International Inc. CEO, stated that more needs to be done to earn back the trust of the company’s customers. However, he added that the Papa John’s is on the right recovery track. In a conference call, Ritchie said that despite the declining sales, earnings per share and revenue, executives are confident the measures put in place are bearing fruits. The future holds many opportunities for them.

In the call, he was quoted saying that they took the right steps in the quarter and progress has been recorded. However, he acknowledged that they are still facing challenges. Steve Ritchie joined the company early in the year. He commended the company’s rebranding efforts. Specifically, the decision to focus on the company’s employees is changing the way customers perceives the company.

Ritchie also noted that a research showed that the “Voices” campaign they launched in September is shifting the way customers are perceiving Papa John’s to the better. They are proud of the efforts they have put and the progress they have made so far.

The company struggled to meet analyst’s third quarter expectations in vain. The revenue, earnings, and same-store sales did not meet the expectations of analysts. It recorded impressive revenue streams although they generally missed analysts’ expectations. Amidst the declining revenue, they posed increased international sales owing to the new stores that were established.

In the conference call, Steve Ritchie noted that the recent executive suite restructuring will help the pizza titan to start focusing on its customers again. At the helm of restructuring team, Mike Nettles is leading as Vice President, Chief Operating and Growth Officer. Still on restructuring, the company formed four other executive position roles. The restructuring will enable Papa John’s to focus on five key focuses Steve Ritchie Papa John’s had outlined earlier in the year.

There have been talks of acquisitions. According to bizjournals.com, the talks have caused big jumps in share prices. Late last year, an article had hinted that Papa John’s was considering acquisition options. It was also revealed that two activist investors showed interest in acquiring Papa John’s and more are still coming.

Ritchie is optimistic moving forward. He said that while they have not overcome all challenges, improvements have been realized. The company’s confidence is intact with some of its strongholds such as outspoken support, improved consumer sentiment in North America and strong cash flows supporting them all the way.

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Serge Belamant Seeks To Protect The Patent For The Blockchain Technology, Which He Created

Everyone agrees that the next frontier in the world of financial transactions is blockchain technology. The technology is still in its nascent stages and can be compared to the internet in the early ’80s. One of the most popular products of the blockchain technology, bitcoin has become commonplace in financial transactions. All that is known about the cryptocurrency is the mystery man behind its invention. There is so much mystery which surrounds the entire technology that not many people realize that it was first conceived in the late ’80s. The man behind the invention of Block Chain technology, Serge Belamant, has come out to protect his IP and has filed patents for more than six of his block-chain related inventions.

Elsewhere, the growth and development in things that can be achieved using blockchain technology continue to increase. The newest of the inventions is the first block chain debit card. The UEPS debit card is used by more than 3 million people already and is expanding rapidly due to its ability to reduce banking and transaction costs. Data encryption is another feature making the debit card to grow in popularity. Customers are now in a position to make safe transactions, and without compromising their information. The card is compatible with the Europay Master card Visa and can be used as a debit card in all the stores and establishments where Europay is accepted.

It is projected that by 2023, more than 80 percent of the banking transactions will be somehow dependent on blockchain technology. It is an indication that the work which has been done by inventors like Serge Belamant is revolutionizing the manner in which payments are made. His move to patent his inventions comes at the perfect time because with time and increased popularity; the systems are going to become extremely hard to trace back to the origin.

About Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant attended the North High School for Boy’s, which is located in Tulle France. He learned how to speak and write English later in life. He attended the University of Witwatersrand and studied computer engineering, which has formed the backdrop for his programming life.

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Jose Auriemo Neto, The Illustrious JHSF CEO

Brazilian Jose Auriemo Neto is the current chairman and CEO of leading real estate company JHSF Participações. JHSF Participações, located in Brazil, is one of the main real estate holding companies in the country. It deals in commercial and residential and properties. It also focuses on the management and development of upscale hotels, airports and shopping centres.

Jose attended the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University after which he started his career at JHSF in the year 1993. The company was started by his father and uncle in 1972 as a construction company. It grew tremendously and by the year 2001, it had established itself as a leader in the real estate sector.

When Jose Auriemo Neto took over the company, he came in with new strategies that helped the company grow and diversify. Under the guidance of Jose, the JHSF founded Parkbem company in 1997. This was a parking lot management unit which eventually became the service department of JHSF Participações.

In 1998, Jose oversaw the construction of the renowned Metrô Santa Cruz mall situated in São Paulo. This was the first ever mall to be incorporated with a local subway station in Brazil. It triggered a substantial growth in the mall business in Brazil at the time. Jose was also responsible for the management of the Metrô Santa Cruz mall.

During his tenure as one of the executives at JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto has steered the company into having a wide-ranging retail portfolio. These include Bela Vista situated in Salvador, Metro Tucuruv and the Ponta Negra among others. Jose has ensured these assets have been managed properly.

In 2006, JHSF Participações ventured into the high-end luxury market under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto. The company unveiled one of the finest shopping destinations in the country, the Cidade Jardim complex. This high-end establishment was home to huge international brands. JHSF also announced partnerships with various luxury brands in 2009 like Jimmy Cho and Hermes.

Jose Auriemo Neto continues to demonstrate is capacity to steer JHSF in the right direction with his work ethic expertise. JHSF has grown beyond the borders of Brazil by establishing a construction project in New York.

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Wes Edens Is Moving On To Infrastructure Focused Investments

About Wesley Edens

Wes Edens studied finance and business administration at Oregon State University. He finished school in 1984 and started working at a small bank when one of his peers working at Merrill Lynch convinced him to try Wall Street. Wes Edens Packed up and moved to New York where he started working at Lehman Brothers. He moved on to BlackRock in 1993. At BlackRock he was a managing director and partner. He got together with a few colleagues and they decided to start Fortress. See more information about Wes Edens at wealthx.com

Going Public

In 2007 Fortress went public, but the following year’s financial crisis made the company suffer. Wes Edens says after the major losses in 2008, he worked every single day except for four Sundays. The company had several financial assets that took a hit when the global markets went down. The stock price dropped to less than $1 per share. A couple years later Wes Edens took a risk on Springleaf Holdings, Inc. He purchased a large stake in the subprime lender for $124 million. Within five years, the lender’s value had reached $3.5 billion. Lately, Edens has been focused more on creating companies and infrastructure instead of just investments. He felt they made a great decision by focusing on lower priced investment opportunities, but he needed more out of his career.

New Business

In 2014 Wes Edens started a separate company called Fortress Energy. This energy company services developing counties and the U.S. with clean energy infrastructure. One of the key influencers of Wes Edens’ career shift was Henry Flagler. He was a founder of an oil company who began creating hotels and railways in Florida. Edens’ idea of a railroad project was partially inspired by Henry Flagler. Wes Edens’ new railway is called Brightline and it started servicing Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach in January. It later started servicing Miami in May. The train’s route includes 12 trips per stop on a daily basis and plans to increase the stops to 16. Ticket prices are starting at $10. There are already plans for the train’s operations to extend to Orlando later in the year. The next station to be added to the list will be Tampa. Know more: https://www.fortress.com/about