George Soros Rises Again

George Soros is one of the greatest billionaire investors based in the United States. George Soros also committed more than $25 million to back up Hillary Clinton for elections as the next president of America as well as other democratic candidates. According to the records stored in the Electoral commission of the United States, this funding went a long way to facilitate various presidential and other Democratic campaigns all over the country during the election period. Some of the political associates in the democratic movement show that they expect George Soros to continue with his funding as he works hard to facilitate better business deals.

The 85-year-old New Yorker is one of the leading financial entities in the democratic arena. These are the people who seek a new government where democracy and the people’s rights are respected. As the Election Day nears, people expect that George Soros will bankroll the elections with more funds. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Alliance presidential candidate, has known George Soros for over two decades. She accepted the funds as she agreed to the nomination for the next president of the United States through the democratic ticket.

For the people that have stayed closer to George Soros, they say that he has been more involved in politics these past days. This is how he feels the world should change his ambitions towards electing those who are not fit for office. George Soros has also accused presidential candidate Donald Trump from doing the work of ISIS, which is stocking fear in the hearts of the citizens. Michael Vachon, George Soros’ political advisor, said that George Soros has consistently donated large amounts of money towards backing up the presidential elections in 2017. He also has a history of supporting the democratic alliance through all aspects of elections. However, he is more involved in politics this year than any other election in the past.

The reason why he is more involved in the policy is that he cares about the rights of the people. He also cares about the development of a democratic government whose information is not a monopoly. People should be aware of what is happening in a transparent government. In this case, he continues to fund elections for those he believes bear what it takes to develop a transparent government. Trump has been against most issues George Soros cares about in his speeches to the people ahead of the presidential election.To be sure about this, other liberal donors also bankrolled big checks to fund the democratic alliance this means he has the support of other liberal billionaires with like minds. The cumulative effect of the mobilization ahead of funding the general elections helped Hillary Clinton campaign in most parts of the country to gather the votes.

Equities First Holdings is Still the World’s Leading Shareholder Finance

Equities First Holdings is a leading advisory and investment firm that is reputed for excellent provision of a wide range of financial solutions and possibilities to its clients since 2012. Formerly referred to as Meridian Equity partners Limited, the company has made historic strategic partnerships with a number of popular investment banks, law firms, and custodian banks and more information click here.

Based in London, UK, Equities First Holdings has completed over 700 transactions, and has recently expanded its offices to China, Australia, and US to serve its growing client population. Most of these branches have begun to thrive, grow, and are slowly becoming independent. The company boasts of delivering over one billion dollars to its clients in the past 4 years that it has been in operation. The rapid expansion of the company is attributed to its investment model which seems to understand better the natural cycles in various business markets and learn more about Equities First Holdings.


Equities First Holdings’ Specialization

The company offers securities-based lending services to both individual and corporate investors in a bid to help them meet their respective financial goals. The company provides the loans based on its meticulous evaluation of the various risk and future performances of bonds, stocks, and treasuries. All Equities First Holdings’ transcations are non-recourse. This implies that the borrower keeps the entire upside market. This is what sets them apart from other commercial banks and big financial institutions that also provide securities-based lending and

Eli Gershkovitch: Master Of Craft Beer

Highly regarded to be among the most popular and widely consumed beverages in the world, beer is a product of brewing, which mainly derives its components from cereals, mostly starchy foods. Most common of these cereals include maize, wheat, and barley. The bitterness in the beer is then added to an ingredient known as hops, which primarily acts as a natural preservative. Over the years, fruits such as oats and farm produce like potatoes have been used in some countries to produce beer. Beer is usually packaged in bottles and cans, and its alcohol percentage usually ranges from 3-7 %, which is lower than other types of alcohol. Again, this depends on where the beer was brewed.

Eli Gershkovitch pic

There are various types of beers worldwide, all of which use almost similar criteria and basics across all borders. Stout is a type of beer which is dark in color. This type of beer is usually made with very slow fermenting yeast and roasted barley or malts. Real Ale is another type of beer which is brewed using traditional additives and the secondary form of fermentation. This type of beer is usually served in casks.


Pale ale, on the other hand, is a beer which is the most common worldwide, uses pale malt and top-fermenting yeast to acquire its rich taste and flavor. On which is mild is the Mild ale which is malty but has an alcohol percentage of between 3-4 %. There is Lager, which is fermented beer. It is also among the most consumed worldwide, its pale version. Then there is Lambic, a Belgian beer derived from fermented wild yeasts.


Canada has become of age in the world of beers. The country has been recognized as a producer of high-quality craft beer with one name being on the front line. Steamworks Brewing Company is Canadian brewing company led by Eli Gershkovitch (WingsJournal). Eli discovered that people were used to the traditional methods of producing and consuming beer thus forming his company in 1995 as a pub. He thought that the change of the notion would impact the sale of beer across Canada. Eli Gershkovitch has succeeded and was recognized as one of the producers of top craft beers in his country.


Right now, Eli Gershkovitch who doubles up as a lawyer says that his company has reached up to 50% of revenues, thanks to his forty thousand liter capacity brewery which has since overpowered his “small pub.” Now, he says, he has customers from as far as Germany, Italy, Austria and over fifteen states in the US.

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Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Seek New Approach to Cancer Treatment

Tempus has been one of the top topics in the conversations about the need to successfully merge technology innovation outside the cancer research world with actual cancer research and treatment. The company was founded by Eric Lefkofsky and has already done incredibly things to move the process of data-driven cancer treatment forward.

The goal of Tempus is to create the world’s largest library of molecular and clinical data housed within a system that is readily accessible to physicians and is able to be used in an effective way to treat cancer patients. Tempus will collect data from physicians on individual patients and pair that with molecular data gathered from a process called human genome sequencing to help move this data driven approach forward in the world of cancer treatment and other diseases and more information click here.

If you are not familiar with Eric Lefkofsky, he is a well-known tech entrepreneur that has made many successful ventures, the most popular being when he co-founded Groupon. Lefkofsky was born in Michigan and earned a law degree from the University of Michigan before realizing his passion for teach and foregoing law to pursue ventures in the dot-com world.

When his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he noticed something that struck him as very odd in the treatment process. At every point of a patient’s care and treatment, data is collected. Yet, he asked himself ‘where does that data go?’ ‘how is it being utilized?’ The answer was that it wasn’t being utilized to the full capacity. There was a mountain of data, much collected simply through physician notes, and it was being stored with patient files within that one hospital or facility.

Lefkofsky founded Tempus to rectify that issue. Tempus harnessed the power of technology and digital platforms to read physician data and then to translate it into useable data that can be accessed in an efficient way. On top of physician data, Tempus is seeking to add molecular data unearthed from human genome process to create a deeper layer of understanding behind an individual patient’s experience with cancer. It is the hope that these two layers combined will paint a better picture of the best treatment for patients in the future.

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Martavis Bryant Hopes For High Fantasy Football


Martavis Bryant proved to be a weapon on the Pittsburgh Steelers after joining the high-powered offense in 2014 which certainly helped his fantasy football rankings. Bryant took to the field in game 6 of his rookie year. He started in three games and had a pivotal role in the later half of his rookie season where he racked up 548 yards, 32 receptions and 8 TDs.

After a 4 game suspension in 2015 for a failed drug test, Bryant had a stellar season where he helped the Steelers to the playoffs. It boosted his fantasy football rankings, but with his fantasy football rankings expectations high, he failed his second drug test in 2016 costing him the season.

Fantasy football rankings are depended on fantasy points which are depended on yards, tds, etc. With that being said, I don’t think Martavis Bryant will get enough targets to reach WR1 in fantasy.


How Jason Hope and the Internet of Things will Change Public Services

The Internet of Things is a way to embrace technology that is unlike anything that we’ve ever seen before. Well, more truthfully it is a way to utilize technology that most people haven’t even fully given thought to. The Internet of Things puts technology on a pedestal as it shows us how the internet can interact with everything during our day to day lives. The IoT, a shorthand version for the Internet of Things, has been popularized by the work of renowned futurist Jason Hope. Hope believes that the Internet of Things is here to stay and, more importantly, ready to innovate the world we live in.

Jason Hope is a firm believer int he way that the Internet of Things is going to fundamentally change our lives. The Internet of Things, in his research, has showcased itself as something beyond just a new way to be entertained. We have seen firsthand that the IoT can go a long way toward reducing waste, improving daily lives, and even saving lives in the long run. Let’s dig into a few specific ways that the Internet of Things is going to accomplish these ambitious tasks.

To start with, imagine a public transit system that operates at peak efficiency because the buses are all routed to the most efficient routes due to connected technology. The Internet of Things would reduce inefficiency and help our environment while simultaneously improving the lives we live in at the present point in time. We can also look at how on call first responders could save lives by having constantly updated data sent right to their screens. This is a big deal and Jason Hope knows he needs to get the words out there for it to make a difference.

Jason Hope’s work touting the Internet of Things has made him a champion of the progressive technology. Hope has been focused on cementing the reality of the Internet of Things as more than just a way to be entertained. Hope believes that this is one of the biggest industries in the tech field and it is being woefully under-represented at the current point in time.

Creator, Innovator, Investor: Mark Baur

The Swiss entrepreneur and co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, Mark Baur, began his life’s journey in the Swiss town of Fribourg. It would be here that Baur would realize his love for banking and evolve that love into a career. Earning an MBA from the University of Rochester and an executive MBA from the University of Berne, his career would begin as a commercial apprentice at USB. Over the span of 20 years, Baur successfully managed to become one of the most respected individuals in the industry. Eventually, his hard work would be rewarded by becoming a top-level executive at a respected privately owned Swiss bank.


This, however, would not be enough to satisfy the hunger and desire for more that was within Baur. In 2014, he would leave behind his banking career in pursuit of financing the future of the tech field. At age 39, Mike Baur and his partners took on the challenge of building an enterprise from the ground up. From here, the Swiss Startup Factory would be formed; eventually becoming the No. 1 independent and privately financed startup accelerator in Switzerland. Baur’s passion for mentorship of young digital entrepreneurs is the driving force behind the very core foundation of the Swiss Startup Factory. Through his leadership and diligence, Mike Baur encourages innovation as a financier and fundraiser.


Baur seeks to empower and impact the next generation of tech entrepreneurs with the hope of finding the next Swiss tech giant. A frequent guest speaker at universities and small businesses, he seeks to impart his wisdom to the youth by teaching them how to be successful in today’s economy. Baur does this by bridging the divide between the old economy and new one, he does so by financially supporting and mentoring other Swiss startups apart from the Swiss Startup Factory. Through his determination and grit, Baur continues to help and assist the creative and innovative Swiss minds as they navigate the new complex economy. Against the odds, the Swiss Startup Factory stands tall amongst the rest in the field with the help of Mike Baur.

Nothing Says

Nothing says Brazilian ad marketing and top campaigns like José Henrique Borghi: In fact, if you don’t know him, you don’t know the true heart of Brazil and its best in advertising all around. Did you know that his best ads not only claimed top recognitions in Brazil but also in other places of the world? Not all others can say the same, especially with all the current competition there is in the world of marketing and social media combined. This leader has proven that he has the metal for the job – time and time again. More than 20 years of experience can speak for itself here; he started back around 1996 and earned his education – and then got to work. He is now the top leader at Mullen Lowe Brasil and loves every minute of his time spent there.

Don’t get me wrong now: He works very hard every day, but he also loves what he does, and that – as he claims – is what makes his days go by far quicker. He also has plenty of fun in his leadership role while not forgetting the importance of the deadlines that must continually be met or the seriousness of the position. This man has proven that he can balance work and play while constantly learning the ropes and training others: Yes, I did say learning the ropes, for this highly experienced exec claims that he has never fully learned everything, but that his learning journey is a lifelong process – such humility indeed and learn more about Borghi.

Plus, he hopes to one day mentor more people to take on his responsibilities in turn. He has several other future endeavors that he wishes to implement very soon. Among these stand greater global impact and an increased audience base for more reach and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

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Lori Senecal: Social Media Advertisements Guru

As many social media platforms are seen to be growing day after day, many companies have now shifted focus to use the methods involved in these digital platforms. Almost all users in Facebook use portable devices and this give them an opportunity to advertise from different places of their comfort at the user’s choice. Lori Senecal advises that the best advertising plan currently is the use of mobile enabled sites. When every aspect is optimized to be mobile based such as a clothing chain, one should check if he advertises his products correctly. Visit Business profile for the details.

To advertise effectively on Facebook, any person should target their goals from their primary key performance indicator. With the increased inclusiveness of ads in the news feed sections, many advertisers often opt to use right positioning of their advertisements. For this method to work, Facebook users are supposed to have an end to end relationship with the buyer and ensure follow up immediately their site sells. It gives them an easy time in knowing what they are supposed to work for and what not to.

An advertiser should also focus on balancing the many customers it receives and their reactions towards their adverts. It will help advertisers come closer to their traders and ensure profitability is achieved. One should use captivating colors to capture the eyes of their target clients. By creating an experience of either a video or words relating to the day to day trends, the product on the advertisement will get to many people. Lastly, one should match the value of the brand with the regular people as people these days are attracted to realistic unfiltered content. Check out Salary to know more.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the Chief Executive Officer of CP&B. She has been key to ensuring the growth of this company in various places. Lori Senecal is known for being an expert in the digital market. Before CP&B initialization, Lori Senecal had been working in top performing marketing institutions. She has been able to create the TAG ideation which serves young adults in marketing.

Lori Senecal world class ideas and commitment in the digital industry has helped her get promotions over and over again in the companies she has served. It has also helped her mentor women by encouraging them to develop the self-drive and never give up. Follow Lori Senecal on Twitter


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Nabors Industries CEO Tony Petrello’s Rise

Tony Petrello is one of the best known and most well established men in the oil drilling equipment industry. He has been making a strong and noticable mark on the industry since he began with Nabors Industries in 1991. He joined Nabors as a member of the Board of Directors and since then has become the company’s top leader, holding the positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), President and Chairman of the Board simultaneously.

Petrello’s annual compensation last year weighed in at over $15 million, with 1.5 million of that as salary, 1.4 million as part of his bonus structure and the remaining millions attributed to stock options he received from the company.

During his early tenure with Nabors Industries, Petrello served as President and CEO from 1991 to 2011 and also as Deputy Chairman since 2003. As if those titles are not enough, he furthers his dedication to Nabors by diligently working to provide strategic planning initiatives which “guide the ship” of neighbors for the future.

Tony Petrello has always been an incredibly driven man. His college roommate recently spoke with an online publication where he noted Tony Petrello’s drive and persistence with everything he did, both with his studies and otherwise. During his time at Yale, Petrello worked hard to excel at Mathematics and graduated wtih a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and then a Masters degree in Mathematics. From there, he attended Harvard Law School where he earned his JD. He went on to practice a very successful law career practicing overseas arbitration and tax law, even being named managing partner of his firm’s New York office at a very young age. When the opportunity to be a part of Nabors Industries arose, he made the decision to leave the law field to take on multiple leadership roles in the oil equipment and machinery industry.

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