The Unknown Hair Salon Danger


Women are all over their appearances. They know the best spots to go for a hair cut, for shoes, for clothes, and even for purses. For example, to avoid going out on a busy day, they will go to JustFab – an online shop for purses, shoes, and all things denim. Their selection of shoes is almost unparalleled, with many styles, colors, and sizes available. The prices are wonderful for their entire inventory. Follow them on Twitter.

One thing JustFab cannot do is give people haircuts. For that, they have to go to a hair salon. A mother of two had a stroke in January 2014 after getting her hair washed and cut at a salon. She didn’t think anything of it to begin with. Her left arm felt a little numb, and she couldn’t stand up. After a couple of weeks, she went to the doctor, suspecting she had had a stroke.


During the shampoo and rinse she’d gotten at the salon, her neck had hyper-extended. She had no support on the back of her neck, nor was the chair adjustable so that she could keep her neck from hyper-extending.

In the medical world, this is termed a beauty parlor stroke. It’s an incredibly rare thing, and because of that, not much is known about how it happens or why it happens. However, the stroke is caused when the artery in the neck is cut. Signs include limpness in one side of the body and the face, speaking as if drunken, and possible difficulty standing up.

This woman now works to make sure that people understand the possibilities and the dangers of the current washing procedures used in beauty salons. She suggests making sure that there is a towel or two around the customer’s neck, and making sure the seats are adjustable.

Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere Bares It All

The truth is that some women are born with a certain style that defies traditional rules. They are able to create a style that is truly their own. It seems like these creative people see the world through different eyes. However, Doe Deere believes that every woman only needs the right tools to reveal her creative side. That creative tool is makeup. Doe Deere, Lime Crimes CEO, bares all her secrets in a revealing article that appeared recently online. She truly believes that the way to find a real style begins with veering off the traditional road, which might seem kind of scary to some women.

Doe Deere Bares It All
It didn’t take long for Doe Deere to reveal her personal truth to the world. The very successful Lime Crime executive owes her style to breaking traditional rules concerning fashion and makeup. Certainly, those that are familiar with the unicorn queen realize that Doe Deere is an inspiration to young women trying to find their own style. Deere believes in taking a look at the traditional rules. They are revealed in fashion magazines and even on the runways. This young woman believes that women are able to be equally stylish, even if they veer off the beaten path just a little bit. This non-traditional belief has guided Doe Deere to amazing success in the beauty industry and in life in general. Here is something to think about; it is fun to break traditional rules, according to Doe Deere. For example, one of her favorite rules to break is the one concerning dressing age appropriate. Doe Deere believes that if you can pull off the look, go for it. Her belief certainly hits home with a lot of women.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the type of woman that is very honest and straight forward. This approach has led her to amazing success with her makeup line, Lime Crime. Doe Deere was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was born in Russia and grew up in New York City. Doe Deere is not afraid of hard work. She worked hard to achieve her success. Doe Deere launched Lime Crime back in 2008 with a dream and a realization that her makeup line was something women had been searching for a very long time. Lime Crime was launched for the creative woman.

Doe Deere is also a firm believer in women entrepreneurs. She fully supports other women in business. Doe Deere is also excited about the new trend concerning shopping online. It appears that more and more women are shopping online for their beauty items and clothing. This has led to a great opportunity for smaller companies to compete with larger companies on an equal basis. The fact is that Lime Crime was one of the first pioneers in selling cosmetics online. The company proved that women were willing to purchase their cosmetics online.

The Realities of Living in North Korea: Yeonmi Park’s Story


“Kim Jong-un doesn’t like me much,” human rights activist Yeonmi Park said during an interview.

Kim Jong-un, the notoriously cruel leader of North Korea, has every reason not to like the 22-year-old. Yeonmi did what very few North Koreans dare to do. She had a dream and made it come true. Yeonmi defected from North Korea.

Life in North Korea, according to Yeonmi Park, is very bleak. The regime controlled all and wanted its citizens to believe that the life under the rule of Kim Jong-un is the best life to live. The North Korean government brainwashed its people at every given chance. Foreign movies and most electronics were banned.  The schools taught students to hate Americans. Even electricity to the major cities was limited by the government.

“We were not supposed to watch movies from outside countries,” Yeonmi Park said on an NY Times interview. “I watched Titanic, and it made me realize that North Korea is very oppressed. My friend’s mother watched a James Bond movie. She was executed as I watched.”

Mr. Park began smuggling precious metals to and from China but was apprehended by the North Korean government. Yeonmi’s mother decided, after her husband was imprisoned, to flee with her young daughter to China. Yeonmi Park and her mother fell victim to human trafficking upon arrival, but they were freed several years later.

Yeonmi and her mother were caught attempting to flee to South Korea. They were detained for two months before they were sent to Seoul where they became overwhelmed by the freedom granted by democracy.

Yeonmi wrote a memoir about her harrowing journey, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. She has studied philosophy and criminal justice, learning about the compassion that has prompted her to speak out against North Korea and other countries that continue to be plagued by human rights violations.




Video visitation is the easy way to get connected from anywhere for families of relatives who are incarcerated in prison. With only 6 months Securus Technologies have recorded more than 65000 downloads of its new application called video visitation. The application applies to all androids and Apple devices, from the androids it is free to download in the play store and iPhones and iPod it is downloadable in the App store. One has the choice to select the type of visit they will like to schedule and synchronize the application with their calendar after which they receive notifications on the nearing visits.

Roberts, the vice president of marketing and strategy in Securus Technologies, says that the application is a tool that brings mobility to consumers especially because of the tough rules in jail when it comes to communication. That family travel miles to visit their incarcerated loved but at times the visiting time could run out in the long ques. This rigidity is what makes the application convenient especially because of its remote connections. Friends and relatives can now share important moments of life like birthday parties, sporting activities and family union parties with their incarcerated. Securus has considered top most the welfare of prisoners in the prison because face to face visits was a route to destructive substances in jail.

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Disclaimer: Securus Technologies is in no way affiliated with Securus the health supplement or the Securus America website.