The role Sanjay Shah has played in autism awareness

The Brainchild family led by Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife plan to change the perception people have to those with autism. Autism is a condition that affects a person communication with the rest. The condition is not curable thus assisting those who suffer from it is recommended. Supporting the affected individuals and their families will curb the adverse effects it has on their personalities.

The number of people suffering from autism has been rising all over the world. In the UK, at least one out of a hundred people suffers from autism. Creating awareness through educating and interacting with such families is a possible way to spread the message. Various concerts and festivals have been held in different parts of the world by famous artists like Snoop Dogg to raise research funds to this condition. The festival organized in 2014 was successful raising over £600,000.

Sanjay Shah is the founder and C.E.O SOLO CAPITAL LTD and Solo Group Holdings. SOLO CAPTIAL LIMITED located in London, the UK having been incorporated in. He also owns other three companies that are affiliated with SOLO CAPITAL LTD. Sanjay was born in the UK but later relocated to Dubai after loving the city. He has an autistic son, Nikhil. He wants to support this program by raising funds to assist in their treatment. At first, when the son appeared ill, they did not think the condition was that serious.

For Sanjay, donating funds towards this program was easy. He understands the situations which the patients with the condition. Choosing Dubai as the place to host the festival was easier as well since many artists transit there while touring the world. The festival brought friends and families to one big occasion that was well organized to have fun. The raised funds go directly to Autism Research Centre (ARC).

The desire to help in the research of possible treatment of autism encouraged Sanjay Shah to organize more events. Even without the much expertise needed, he managed to set up a concert in a Western London cafe. With only 700 people attending, the show raised Dh12 million. Another show that was hosted in Koko nightclub attracted 1500 people and managed to raise Dh3 millions. Things are going well so far. There is hope that the charities will bring in more funds to the research center. Sanjay is determined to [play more Autism rocks to increase the awareness and raise more money.


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Duda Melzer Continues to Spearhead the Operations of his Family Business, RPS Group

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also widely known as Duda Melzer is the current chief executive officer of RBS Group, which is a premier multimedia corporation in Brazil. Duba is an alumnus of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul where he earned his Business Administration degree in 1998. Later, he attained an MBA from Harvard University.

Before becoming the CEO of RPS Group, he was the chief executive officer of Box-Top Media, which is a non-traditional media entity based in New York. Being a descendant of Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, RBS founder, he joined the family business in 2004 in the capacity of Director of the National Marketing. During his time in RBS, he went through various promotions such as the Executive Vice-President of Business Development in 2010 and then the Executive Chairman of the Group in 2012.

Duda’s Position as President of RBS Group

In 2016, he succeeded his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky to become President and Chairman of the Board of Directors. The new holder of the presidential position was unveiled in a ceremony that was aired live to all the employees of the company (over 6000). Colleagues and family members were also present in the event, which took place in Porto Alegre.

The event included 10 cameras and more than 50 members of productions crews. Their role was to capture the activities of the event while projecting them on giant 180-degree screens. Further, Joao Roberto Marinho, the VP of Global Organizations.

Duda acknowledged the company for being strongly driven by challenges and passionate individuals in all its operations. In his new capacity as President of RBS, Group, Duda was expected to oversee numerous business ventures, which include radio, television and newspaper stations. E-Bricks Digital, which is a digital business situated in Sao Paolo, is also part of the multitude of ventures.

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Norka Luque Is Following Her Dream And The Music World Loves Her For It

Shakira is the most recognized Venezuelan recording artist in the world today. But that title may not be hers for much longer. There’s another Venezuelan singer that is turning heads and creating a buzz in the record world. Her name is Norka Luque. Shakira has always been Norka’s idol. Norka dreamed of becoming a singer like Shakira, and she has accomplished that mission. Norka was nominated for the female vocalist of the year award in 2011, for her single, “Can I Do It Tu.” Her 2012 single, “Milagro” hit number 11 on the Billboard Magazine’s top recordings list, and her 2016 release is already creating talk about another nomination.

Norka was born in Caracas, and her full name is Norka Dubrazka Soraya Martínez Luque, but just like her idol, her fans just call her Norka. Norka began her musical career at eight. She was cast in a musical that honored the music of Shakira, and from that performance came a love for Shakira and her music. Norka studied piano and took voice lessons, but she also wanted to learn about business. Her parents supported her singing career, but they also wanted her to complete her education. Norka went to France after completing high school and took business administration courses. She liked school, but her singing was still priority number one. Norka joined a small group that played in the dance clubs on the weekends, and that experience gave her the confidence to continue to follow her dream.

In 2007, she made another life changing decision. She went to a Ricky Martin concert and decided she wanted to move to Miami after reading Ricky’s bio. Norka followed her instincts. She moved to Miami and got a singing job in one of the Latino dance clubs. Norka Luque developed a loyal following, and before she knew it, the club was packed with dancers seven days a week. Norka’s name was being dropped by people in the industry, and when Emilio Estefan heard a recording of one of her performances from a friend, he knew he had to offer her a record deal before someone else did. The rest of the story is music history. Norka’s style and energy have turned the Latino community upside down. Thanks to Estefan and Latino composer Archie Pena, Norka is known throughout Latin America, and her name and music are topics of conversation in the mainstream music scene.

Twitter: @norkaluque

Great Vegan Products From Doe Deere

Being a vegan is part of who I am and what works for me. Veganism is one of the foundations of my life. I love being able to buy products that I know are all about making sure that I am not doing any harm to any living creature. This is why I find it wonderful to be able to buy makeup that is also about living my own personal vision. I have been buying products from a fabulous company known as Lime Crime. Founded by the unique and fascinating Doe Deere. Lime Crime has products that are entirely vegan.

Vegan Makeup

Makeup is something that I really personally enjoy. I love how it feels on my face. But, I have heard such horror stories about how using makeup can lead to animal cruelty. The last thing I want to do in my life is ever hurt anything just so I can have makeup on my face. This is why when a friend told me about this totally new company I knew I had to check it out. And check it out I did. I was soon hooked. Lime Crime is where I know I can find products that are always made in accordance with my own personal vegan standards. The founder of the company, Doe Deere, is truly committed to making sure that all of her clients have the kind of products they need on hand for the total vegan experience. She knows that people like me depend on her for help for our makeup. She shares our ethics and wants to provide us with products that are gentle on all living creatures.

Totally Ours

When I buy items from the site, I know that I’m going to get products that are also made from quality ingredients. Thanks to her and her devoted staffers, I know that all of the items that are put on the site are carefully vetted to make sure that they will not irritate the skin. This is why I rely on the company to help me find what I want from my makeup. I want items that I can buy that will always be all about making sure no poor ingredients are used in lipsticks. Quality is the most important thing I look for. Veganism is often the best way to make sure you have such quality. Lime Crime is perfect for me.

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White Shark Media Making Changes for their Clients

What is one way for a company to achieve success in the business world? One simple answer suggests that understanding your customer base and providing them with the products and services they need will garner repeat customers and business.

Companies who have positive online reputations or branding tend to succeed more than those who have poor customer reviews. Those companies who listen to their customers and strive to make the necessary changes may earn more success, and most likely will continue to operate. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

White Shark Media is one company that has taken those measures and listened to their customers to provide a better product. White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency designed to provide online marketing for small and medium businesses. Not only does White Shark Media strive to provide superior online marketing, but they also do it as a Google AdWords Premier SMB partner. This distinction helps set them apart from their competitors.

In an effort to improve their efficiencies, White Shark Media considered some of the biggest concerns their clients had. The approach to making changes not only improves client relationships, but also improves the quality of service Whit Shark Media provides.

Some of the top concerns that White Shark has addressed start with clients losing touch with their AdWords campaign, which is huge since White Shark is a AdWords Premier SMB partner with Google. To combat this problem White Shark provides better training and reporting so clients can see and understand all AdWords reports.

Another area of concern came in the form of clients feeling like there was a lack of communication between themselves and their business partner at White Shark.

After making some big changes in this area, White Shark Media Complaints team now provides one-on-one face time meetings with all of their clients through the online format of GotoMeeting so they can address their clients biggest concerns and go over reports. Add to that, White Shark Media revamped their telephone structure with direct extensuons so that clients can reach the right person quicker.

Some of the other issues that have surfaced include complaints that after signing on with White Shark that the clients are given a business partner that is inadequate for their business needs.

Also concerns of clients unsure of how to track their ads have arisen. White Shark has made every attempt to improve the concerns raised by having a better transition partner through the initial stages after sign-up and in assisting AdWords tracking.

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Typical Complaints From White Shark Media Clients and How We Have Improved Because of Them

Bustle Hair Blogger Gives Wen A Try

Fashion Blogger Emily Mcclure has always been known to push the limits. She has always been willing to try new products that everyone else have openly spoke out against simply because she is not your average beauty blogger. She believes in finding things out for herself and in the case of WEN By Chaz trying this product out was a huge risk that she was willing to take for her readers.

Wen By Chaz is a 5 in 1 product which means you can get 5 different products in one bottle all while on your journey to amazing hair. It was created by Chaz Dean an iconic stylist who got tired of hearing women complain about not having just one main go to product for their hair care needs. He heard the cries of women and thus Wen By Chaz was created. He sells his products on Guthy-Renker and other online stores.

Wen By Chaz often broadcasts on their facebook page that is a product that is not tested on animals which is very good for those animal lovers out there who hate using animal tested products on their hair.

It was created of course by Chaz Dean and Emily’s results were awesome. Her hair was softer and shinier by the end of the test phase.

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Avi Weisfogel Partners with GoFundMe

It’s hard to imagine a child in medical need an unable to get what they need. Despite that horrible thought, each year thousands of children go without the medical attention they need. Avi Weisfogel is working to change that. Currently he is giving his support to Operation Smile, a GoFundMe campaign providing for free surgical procedures for children. Together FoFundMe and Operation Smile are helping children across the world who otherwise would be hopeless.

Avi Weisfogel is giving $2000 to this project. He recently spoke about the decisions stating at every child deserves exceptional surgical care and that all children deserve to be treated as if they were our own. Weisfogel’s passion for helping children drew him to work with Operation Smile. Avi Weisfogel has been dedicated to philanthropy so this move comes as no surprise.

Operation Smile’s mission is to work with medical professionals and other organizations to create a variety of medical models. Ultimately their mission is to help as many children as possible. Founded in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee, Operation Smile completes missions around the world. The organization has built a network with thousands of volunteers from over 80 nations. Currently they have provided more that 200,000 free surgical procedures for children across the world.

Avi Weisfogel is no stranger to helping others. A New Jersey-based dentist, he was awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Rutgers University. He has acquired a solid understanding of medical care as a result of his work. With a family of six children, he has gained an incredible desire to help young people who have dental problems. The knowledge and experience he has gained over the years make him an excellent choice for a partner. Furthermore it enables him to offer appropriate treatment and solutions for this important problem.

Skout is the Only App that Most Smartphone Users Will Ever Need

So many people have become fans of Skout. This, after all, is the app that is designed to meet the needs of millions of people that have a variety of needs. Granted, you cannot order pizza or coffee through the app, but you can certainly find someone that you can have coffee or pizza with. That is what makes me take interest in the Skout environment.

I have flirted with online apps before, but right now I am just taking things slow. I know that I will eventually fall in love again, but now is not the time. I do have a desire to hang out and make friends though. I would love to have coffee with someone, and the Skout app has become the vehicle for that. I have started using the random chat feature, and I have had some interesting messages sent my way. That is why Skout has become one of the apps on my phone that I check out a lot.

Skout is also a cool website for networking. I have a job, but I am also interested in something better. I know that Skout will be the app that will help me connect with the right people. I am making friends that have the same marketing background that I have. I am able to get feedback through my Skout connections on the job market in certain cities. I have considered moving from the west coast to the east, and I have made it my duty to connect with people on Skout that may help facilitate this move.

I can honestly say that Skout is the app that is slowly changing my life. I have had a few flirty messages, but right now I have been focused on nothing more than friendships. The great thing is that Skout makes this possible. I know that there would be expectations for a date and an instant love connection on the premium sites like eHarmony. I have been there, tried that and I hated it. Technically, Skout is not a dating website. That is why I like what the site represents. It is a social media platform that has the ability to connect people without pressuring users to date.

Skout is a wonderful place to meet friends and learn about different cultures. There is even a virtual travel feature that gives people access to take virtual tours of cities.

QNET and Sharp Technologies Partner to Promote a New Range of Air Purifiers

Sharp, a Japanese technology leader, has agreed to a strategic partnership with our company, QNET India. As agreed in the partnership deal signed, we will promote and distribute the Plasma Cluster Air Purifier that is co-branded between us and Sharp Technologies. Our main distribution network will be through our proprietary e-commerce platform.

Kishalay Ray, the president of Sharp’s consumer business in India (Sharp Business Systems India Private Limited), said that his company decided to choose QNET as its business partner because we have shown great success in our wellness and health product segment. This was the main reason why Sharp Technologies chose us as their distribution partner for their Air Purifier products.

Kishalay Ray added that by choosing QNET, his firm was able to reach a sophisticated and established consumer network that trusts QNET and is used to purchasing our products. Therefore, it was a good idea to partner with a company well-known for our quality beauty, health and wellness products.

Our spokesperson for India said that the Sharp-QNET India partnership was a lucrative, win-win partnership for the two companies. The Sharp-QNET Air Purifier sales will benefit from our well-established market niche that because it will fit well in our other healthy living products.


QNET Ltd was formerly known as GoldQuest, QuestNet and QI Limited. Our headquarters are based in Hong Kong. Qnet is a direct selling company wholly owned by QI Group. We sell a range of products that include nutrition, energy, weight management, fashion accessories, luxury goods, home care and personal care.

QNET was founded by Vijay Eswaran back in 1998 in Hong Kong. Eswaran also founded QN Europe and other companies. It was formed to promote products through its website. Today, we follow a direct selling strategy that focuses on multi-level marketing to push sales and promote our products.

We operate in several countries including Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda and Vietnam. We also have franchise companies in Turkey and India. We offer a range of different products including Personal care and Beauty; Health and wellness; Education; Watches and Jewelry; Holidays as well as Technology. Today, we are one of the leading direct selling firms in Asia. Qnet focus on enabling our customers to succeed using solutions that enhance their lifestyles and power entrepreneurship.

SKOUT and Its Appreciation for Real Life Heroes


Qualities of a Hero

What are qualities that are most desired in a hero? According to surveys done by SKOUT, masks are most certainly needed according to 57% of the people surveyed. After that, 19% said that a cape was number 1, 14% a ring, and 10% a useful and stylish belt that the hero can use. What makes a hero though, besides how they look? Their powers and their values. The most wanted power according to the survey was immortality, or the ability to live forever, and even outnumbered the wish for the ability to fly, have super speed and even strength.

Values, however, are also important in a hero. The ability to be selfless, or caring for others over oneself, and 44% agreed with this notion. After that, 37% stated that they want their hero to have no fear, and 11% the exposure to an immense amount of technology, and 8% money (such as DC Comic’s Batman, who was both money and technology.) But heroes are just make believe, right? Wrong. Although we don’t have warriors running around in colorful suits and tights, there are some heroes that are beginning to emerge in the world, and a lot of this is in thanks to SKOUT.

What is SKOUT?

SKOUT is a social networking mobile app and website founded by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom in 2007. It serves as both a dating site and a socializing site all in one that is based on a user’s location. With its success, it is no wonder why so many use it and rely on its services to get what they want said out on their profiles.

SKOUT and the Celebration of Real Life Heroes

SKOUT has spent this past year being heroes to many in the U.S. They have awarded virtual gifts to people who were heroes according to what they have done for the community, and helping those that are in need. They have awarded well over 400,000 different gifts have been given to different charity organizations as well as even some financial contributions from SKOUT itself have been given. SKOUT will also gain awareness for different organizations that are in need and have been quite successful in that endeavor.

Download the SKOUT app today!