Nothing Says

Nothing says Brazilian ad marketing and top campaigns like José Henrique Borghi: In fact, if you don’t know him, you don’t know the true heart of Brazil and its best in advertising all around. Did you know that his best ads not only claimed top recognitions in Brazil but also in other places of the world? Not all others can say the same, especially with all the current competition there is in the world of marketing and social media combined. This leader has proven that he has the metal for the job – time and time again. More than 20 years of experience can speak for itself here; he started back around 1996 and earned his education – and then got to work. He is now the top leader at Mullen Lowe Brasil and loves every minute of his time spent there.

Don’t get me wrong now: He works very hard every day, but he also loves what he does, and that – as he claims – is what makes his days go by far quicker. He also has plenty of fun in his leadership role while not forgetting the importance of the deadlines that must continually be met or the seriousness of the position. This man has proven that he can balance work and play while constantly learning the ropes and training others: Yes, I did say learning the ropes, for this highly experienced exec claims that he has never fully learned everything, but that his learning journey is a lifelong process – such humility indeed and learn more about Borghi.

Plus, he hopes to one day mentor more people to take on his responsibilities in turn. He has several other future endeavors that he wishes to implement very soon. Among these stand greater global impact and an increased audience base for more reach and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

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