ClassDojo is Helping more Parents to Attend School with their Children

Ask any educator and they will tell you that one of the hardest things about their profession is making sure that parents stay involved with their child’s education. The fact is that parents often do not have the time to call off of work to visit school. They often have other responsibilities and things-to-do that prevent them from conferences or attending special school events.

Since many parents have a hard time staying involved with their children’s education; an app called ClassDojo was created in 2011 to help alleviate this problem. This app has created to help teachers to keep in touch with parents through the use of video visitations, pics and notes. This app allows parents to see what is happening inside of the classroom as events develop.

Keep in mind that this app is not the only one of its kind. There are other apps on the market that does the same thing. What separates ClassDojo form the competition is its ease of use among clients and the practical services that it provides to clients.

When a student is doing their work or joining in a group project; parents can see their progress as it unfolds. A classroom teacher can use ClassDojo to give out homework assignments, to show parents student progress and to help them see the good things that their child does every day school.

The good news about ClassDojo is that the developers of the app is planning on producing more services for educators, parents and students. To make these new features possible, the company had received a $21 million increase through venture funding. This source of money will allow ClassDojo to make new features such as a yearbook, discussion guides and materials that help to enhance the learning the process.

ClassDojo has close to 100,000 users and the app’s popularity still continues to grow. The clients that use ClassDojo are general satisfied with its service. ClassDojo is has also been well received by parents who have discovered the app. Still, more people are unaware that it even exists. People can find out more about ClassDojo by downloading the app from Google Play or the iStore.


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Skout is the Only App that Most Smartphone Users Will Ever Need

So many people have become fans of Skout. This, after all, is the app that is designed to meet the needs of millions of people that have a variety of needs. Granted, you cannot order pizza or coffee through the app, but you can certainly find someone that you can have coffee or pizza with. That is what makes me take interest in the Skout environment.

I have flirted with online apps before, but right now I am just taking things slow. I know that I will eventually fall in love again, but now is not the time. I do have a desire to hang out and make friends though. I would love to have coffee with someone, and the Skout app has become the vehicle for that. I have started using the random chat feature, and I have had some interesting messages sent my way. That is why Skout has become one of the apps on my phone that I check out a lot.

Skout is also a cool website for networking. I have a job, but I am also interested in something better. I know that Skout will be the app that will help me connect with the right people. I am making friends that have the same marketing background that I have. I am able to get feedback through my Skout connections on the job market in certain cities. I have considered moving from the west coast to the east, and I have made it my duty to connect with people on Skout that may help facilitate this move.

I can honestly say that Skout is the app that is slowly changing my life. I have had a few flirty messages, but right now I have been focused on nothing more than friendships. The great thing is that Skout makes this possible. I know that there would be expectations for a date and an instant love connection on the premium sites like eHarmony. I have been there, tried that and I hated it. Technically, Skout is not a dating website. That is why I like what the site represents. It is a social media platform that has the ability to connect people without pressuring users to date.

Skout is a wonderful place to meet friends and learn about different cultures. There is even a virtual travel feature that gives people access to take virtual tours of cities.

News About Skout’s Network For Finding Friends And Dating

Fun New Platform For Social Media

Skout is a fun, exciting way to communicate with new people that could potentially lead to real relationships. People are using Skout all the time to find new friends and engage in meaningful relationships with new people in their home town or in new cities around the world. Skout helps people locate new friends in their area to chat with on Skout’s messenger. It is up to the users to make their own connections, and users can always choose to connect offline. People are using Skout to exchange phone numbers, and people are meeting in real life by using Skout’s reliable and value packed platform.

There was recently an article that was written by Adweek about Skout’s platform, its features and its functionality. Skout is really easy to use, and setting up a profile on Skout is quick and free. It is free to download the application, and it is free to use the majority of features on Skout. Some of the more elaborate features that assist people in getting positive attention in the Skout community cost Points. The user can also receive Points as a gift from another user, which is a tremendous act of kindness in the Skout community.

The article from Adweek covers more of the uses for Points in the Skout network. One of the best uses of Points on Skout’s network is by accumulating them over time and using them to buy a featured spot on Skout’s network. The featured spot that a user can buy with Points on Skout enables other users in the community to see this user when they first log on to their profile if the user fits their interests in finding friends on Skout. The article from Adweek about Skout’s platform and its many exciting features can be found here.