The Positive Impact of Jeunesse Global Products on the Human Skin

Jeunesse had indicated an impressive growth since it was incepted in 2009 when Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis teamed up. Its remarkable improvement is recognized through being awarded more than thirty times in 2015. Its success is also due to the hard work and support by the employees and distributors towards the realization of its goals and mission. Randy served as the Chief Executive Officer while Wendy served as the COO of the Company. The firm’s exclusive skin cares, and nutritional products do form the comprehensive Youth Enhancement System, and it has also been able to market its product in more than 140 countries.


Jeunesse Global Products have been put comprehensively under their product lines. One of the product lines is the Luminesce Line that mainly consists of products that help an individual by erasing the Lines and wrinkles on his or her face. One of the products is the Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation serum that was developed by a dermatologist to keep one’s skin glowing and magically remove the Lines and wrinkles due to the high concentration of APT-200 in its formula. Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex is a well-designed lotion that one can apply on his face to provide the moisturizing condition which is needed. It also has a formula that is highly concentrated with the APT-200 and also requires sun protection.


Luminesce Advanced Night Repair is another kind of product under Luminesce Line. It has also been designed with a formula that has APT-200. Therefore, it helps an individual to repair itself while he/she is sleeping. It also helps in deleting the fine lines and erasing the wrinkles on the skin thus making one in the morning to think that he/she has found the fountain of youth. Luminesce Essential Body Renewal is the fourth product under this line and its unique from other products which are only applied on the face. Luminesce youth restoring Cleanser and Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Masque being among Luminesce Line products they have power to remove dead cells and another item that should not be on the individual’s skin. They also enable one to look and feel of youth.

Great Vegan Products From Doe Deere

Being a vegan is part of who I am and what works for me. Veganism is one of the foundations of my life. I love being able to buy products that I know are all about making sure that I am not doing any harm to any living creature. This is why I find it wonderful to be able to buy makeup that is also about living my own personal vision. I have been buying products from a fabulous company known as Lime Crime. Founded by the unique and fascinating Doe Deere. Lime Crime has products that are entirely vegan.

Vegan Makeup

Makeup is something that I really personally enjoy. I love how it feels on my face. But, I have heard such horror stories about how using makeup can lead to animal cruelty. The last thing I want to do in my life is ever hurt anything just so I can have makeup on my face. This is why when a friend told me about this totally new company I knew I had to check it out. And check it out I did. I was soon hooked. Lime Crime is where I know I can find products that are always made in accordance with my own personal vegan standards. The founder of the company, Doe Deere, is truly committed to making sure that all of her clients have the kind of products they need on hand for the total vegan experience. She knows that people like me depend on her for help for our makeup. She shares our ethics and wants to provide us with products that are gentle on all living creatures.

Totally Ours

When I buy items from the site, I know that I’m going to get products that are also made from quality ingredients. Thanks to her and her devoted staffers, I know that all of the items that are put on the site are carefully vetted to make sure that they will not irritate the skin. This is why I rely on the company to help me find what I want from my makeup. I want items that I can buy that will always be all about making sure no poor ingredients are used in lipsticks. Quality is the most important thing I look for. Veganism is often the best way to make sure you have such quality. Lime Crime is perfect for me.

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This Years Beauty Revolves Around Bold Lips And Glowing Skin

As dark reds and bold eyeliner rest until winter this season’s beauty trends seem to focus on bright colored lips and clear, radiant skin. These trends have created a niche of beauty addicts that branch out from traditional western lines in search of beauty trends hitting Asian countries like Japan and Korea who are known for their vigorous skincare routines. These long standing seven to ten step beauty routines may seem tiresome but the results speak for themselves. A popular item used consistently in Korea are their sheet masks. The fabric is drenched in nutrient rich vitamins that soak into the skint to create a natural healthy glow. Many women swear by these masks and use them once a week to cleanse their skin.

Australia’s number one Asian beauty channel, run by Wendy Huang aka Wengie, is one of the beauty bloggers who have helped integrate Asian beauty products to western countries. Her Youtube channel is filled with tutorials, make-up and skin care hauls, product reviews, and side-by-side comparisons of Asian make-up trends vs. western. Growing up in Australia Wengie was surrounded by many different types of cultures and as a woman of Chinese decent her interest in Asian beauty products started at a young age.

Wengie reviews several different products from CC creams to false eye lashes with astounding honesty and gives detailed descriptions of the products. She tests each product before telling her viewers the pros and cons and then provides links to where all the products can be purchased so her fans can try it themselves. Her beauty hauls include skin care, foundation, lip products, eye shadow, and even off the wall bubbling masks from Japan. Her dedication to her fans, whom she lovingly calls her family, creates an inviting atmosphere where women can seek advice and find a community in which a common interest is shared.