Seattle Genetics’ Steep Growth Trajectory under CEO Clay Siegal

Seattle Genetics Company established in the year 1998 majors in the study of human antibodies. Since its foundation, the company has been exploring how to manipulate and package drugs. The operations of the company are based on the belief that the power of the company lies in the ability to manipulate them to achieve therapy. As such, antibodies can be utilized to destroy cancerous cell by delivering a toxic payload which kills the cells from inside.

Through employing the strategy of manipulating the antibodies, the company targets to join the big league. The corporation has a market equivalent of about $10 billion which ranks it as one of the most expensive biotech companies in Washington. It has around nine hundred employees to serves the many operations running within the company. With ambitions of emerging as the best biotech company, the company continues to heavily invest in marketing and research. Moreover, it aims to add more than two hundred employees at the end of 2017 as a way of meeting the rising demand for human power.

One of the drugs that make this company reputable within the biotech domain is a drug named Adcetris. The drug was invented for treating Hodgkin lymphoma which is a type of drug that treats cancer of the lymph system. This type of cancer is fatal in that it can spread to other parts of the body. Therefore, the invention of this drug has raised the flagship of the company.

The company has emerged as a global oncology company and is expected to continue with research that will bring more significant inventions within this domain. The future of Seattle Genetics is expected to yield a great company as depicted from the ambitions of the company’s CEO Clay Siegal. The company has a long list of drugs which the biotech firm aims to manufacture in future. This evidence the desire of the company’s CEO to make the company greater than other biotech companies.

Clay Siegal the CEO and chairman of the board of directors of the company has ensured a steep growth trajectory for the company. Under his administration, the company has been involved in various researches regarding antibody based cancer therapies. Before being a leader in this company, Dr. Clay Siegal worked with the National Cancer Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Working in these companies has been one of the attributing factors that has given him the expertise to create such a steep growth trajectory in Seattle Genetics. Moreover, he is an author of more than seventy publications and possesses 15 patents which make him stand out as a leader in a biotech firm.