Freedom From Debt

Unless a person has been living under a rock up until recently, they should have heard the important news regarding the security breach that happened at one of the three major credit monitors, Equifax. The short version of the story is that hackers made it into their database and took off with nearly 143 million peoples financial data. For those who do not understand the magnitude of this breach, that translates into roughly half of the US population. There is a silver lining to all this and that is that people can still do things to safeguard their private financial information. The following are some methods and their Facebook.

Freedom Debt Relief was started by Bradford Stroh and Andrew Housser in 2002. They founded the company with the intention of helping people with debt and other financial hardship issues. The goal is to help those who may be facing bankruptcy, especially Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. They do this by advising clients on ways to reduce debt when consolidation and refinancing is not an option and what Freedom Debt Relief knows.

This is a result of a bill known as the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act that was passed by Congress in 2005. The aim of the bill is to make it impossible for people to file bankruptcy under Chapter 7 rules. So far, the company has managed to help nearly 100,000 customers save nearly $1 billion and contact their.

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Anthony Petrello has Made the Most of His Natural Talents

Anthony Petrello is a well-educated, multitalented individual. He has a B.S. and M.S. in mathematics from Yale. He also has a juris doctor from Harvard Law School and was an attorney for an internationally known law firm. Currently the president, CEO and board chairman of the oil and gas drilling company, Nabors Industries Ltd, Petrello was also America’s highest paid CEO in 2015. On top of all of that, he is also a committed philanthropist who serves as director of Texas Children’s Hospital Incorporated. Plus he is the director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC and

These accomplishments show how far talent, hard work and vision can take a kid from a working-class New Jersey neighborhood. Anthony Petrello has far exceeded what many people expected of him. He long had a talent for math, and many thought his future lay in that field. But through his vision, hard work and good fortune, Petrello has been able to do much more. His willingness to work hard to develop his natural talent for mathematics led to him receiving a scholarship to Yale. His vision made him decide to pursue a law degree from Harvard. His hard work, intelligence and good fortune led to Nabors Industries hiring him away from the New York law firm Brown & McKenzie and more information click here.

Since joining Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello has shown the ability to quickly grasp the concepts necessary to excel in a new field. Nabors Industries is the largest land-based gas and oil drilling company on the planet. Petrello had no experience in the industry when he joined the company as their COO in 1991. Still, he’s been able to enjoy the spectacular success that led them to pay him $68.2 million in 2015 and make him the highest paid CEO in the country and learn more about Anthony.

But it’s Anthony Petrello’s caring nature that has led him to have a major impact in philanthropy. When his daughter Carena was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, he donated $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital and helped the to build the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute which helps countless children each year.

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Lovaganza’s Dream to Make the World a Better Place By 2035 Isn’t a Pipe dream

The central principle in which Lovaganza is built on is unity peace and abundance. If we have a dream for a better world tomorrow, then there is need to prepare for it and celebrate it today. And this dream is what Lovaganza believes in its endeavors. J.F Gagnon and Genevieve the founders of “The Mother Of All Foundations” were not misplaced with the idea of starting up this foundation, as it was intended to give every human being the best quality of life. Their aim is to unite, empower and inspire various organizations throughout the world with the same mindset as theirs. It’s believed that by 2035, their vision of giving a “Universal Quality of Life for EVERY CHILD ON EARTH” will be achieved. It is the Lovaganza Foundation’s first historical milestone.

The Mother of All Foundation is a Non-profit Organization. However, it believes that her endeavors will succeed since it solely depends on profits generated by Lovaganza entertainment Franchise projects. Lovaganza’s exceptional productions e.g. programs, campaigns, and research for its moving documentaries worldwide will rake in substantial amounts to fund guide and empower other foundations.

Some of the renowned Lovaganza epic productions include The Sun Shine Shop, shot in 2013. It is a story about a young man who retired from being a priest, decides to traverse the world. In the midst of his travel, he realizes that he is chosen to fulfill a 500 old prophesy. J.F and Genevieve Gagnon directed the film. The cast includes Hunter McClamrock, the priest, Myles Cranford and Beau Knapp. Another intriguing film is The Screen Test, a short film produced in 2014 and documentary, Take You Place in History.

The Mother of All Foundations Organization is working in different milestones to reach their goals by the year 2035. The first milestone is geared towards implementing an official Universal Quality of Life for Every Child on Earth between the ages of 0 to15 years.

To attain this, Lovaganza are planning to bring together the like-minded organizations and collectively analyze, recognize and suggest common goals that will enable them to achieve their objective.

So far there are already six goals in place to be achieved, which includes
1. Accessing clean, safe water for every child
2. Accessing sufficient food for all children in the word
3. Ensuring that every child has access to proper clothing and shelter
4. Ensuring that every child gets quality education
5. Ensuring all children have access to essential health vaccines included
6. To ensure safety of all children which include taking them our of war zones, free from child labor and early marriage

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The role Sanjay Shah has played in autism awareness

The Brainchild family led by Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife plan to change the perception people have to those with autism. Autism is a condition that affects a person communication with the rest. The condition is not curable thus assisting those who suffer from it is recommended. Supporting the affected individuals and their families will curb the adverse effects it has on their personalities.

The number of people suffering from autism has been rising all over the world. In the UK, at least one out of a hundred people suffers from autism. Creating awareness through educating and interacting with such families is a possible way to spread the message. Various concerts and festivals have been held in different parts of the world by famous artists like Snoop Dogg to raise research funds to this condition. The festival organized in 2014 was successful raising over £600,000.

Sanjay Shah is the founder and C.E.O SOLO CAPITAL LTD and Solo Group Holdings. SOLO CAPTIAL LIMITED located in London, the UK having been incorporated in. He also owns other three companies that are affiliated with SOLO CAPITAL LTD. Sanjay was born in the UK but later relocated to Dubai after loving the city. He has an autistic son, Nikhil. He wants to support this program by raising funds to assist in their treatment. At first, when the son appeared ill, they did not think the condition was that serious.

For Sanjay, donating funds towards this program was easy. He understands the situations which the patients with the condition. Choosing Dubai as the place to host the festival was easier as well since many artists transit there while touring the world. The festival brought friends and families to one big occasion that was well organized to have fun. The raised funds go directly to Autism Research Centre (ARC).

The desire to help in the research of possible treatment of autism encouraged Sanjay Shah to organize more events. Even without the much expertise needed, he managed to set up a concert in a Western London cafe. With only 700 people attending, the show raised Dh12 million. Another show that was hosted in Koko nightclub attracted 1500 people and managed to raise Dh3 millions. Things are going well so far. There is hope that the charities will bring in more funds to the research center. Sanjay is determined to [play more Autism rocks to increase the awareness and raise more money.


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