Serge Belamant’s Patents For Blockchain

Serge Belamant was born in France, spent his childhood and schooling in South Africa. He grew with his brilliant ideas in the Financial Industry. Reportedly, he is a Co-Founder of Net1 UEPS Technologies and Zilch Technology Limited.

He was stamped as South Africa’s Steve Jobs and Bill Gates by a financial expert Alec Hogg. Serge Belamant developed quite a few innovative technologies in the financial industry. Numerous cryptocurrencies were backed by Belamant’s technology. The smart cards with micro-controller generate a series of blocks with individual data. His technology shifted the pace of Fintech to a whole new level.

What is Block Chain Technology?

The blockchain is best explained as cryptography that links a series of individual data with each other. Security and accuracy in data maintenance and processing in the financial sector improved significantly with blockchain technology company. Belamant’s Smart cards with Micro-controller is the fundamental element that derived the blockchain technology.

Career Towards Technology:

He started his career in Matrix as a young chap. Later, he worked with IBM on finite element analysis. Further, he joined Cyber Computers and he continued working on the technology of analysis closely. Firstly, he created and developed applications on water level analysis in Dams.

Concurrently, he developed many computing solutions for projects in the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. His statistical technologies, graphic interfaces of the project drastically improved the speed and accuracy of road planning projects in Vereeniging, South Africa.

Serge Belamant worked with the Control data equipment on the Data Bank segment. He created VIB Network there, which was sold to Volkskas. Later on, he joined Bancorp as a consultant to handle analysis and risk management. Appreciably, he implemented his 10-step analysis to identify the risks and sustainability of a business. Followingly, he got himself into RSA’s Saswitch as a head of IT division.

Block Chain:

Serge Belamant successfully created the technology that offered the opportunity to carry out core banking. The technology got developed and improved substantially on subsequent days. Surprisingly, Serge Belamant’s technology made Saswitch as the second largest ATM switch in the world. He further developed the first ever POS system which determined the value proposition to the banks.

In the year 2012, his company got a project that intended to pay grants to about 10million beneficiaries on a monthly cycle. In turn, he invented a new technology called Morphing. Using the technology, all the cards were turned in to smart cards with a chip in it. These cards are enabled to be used world-wide using variable pins.

The inventions of Serge Belamant for financial sector simply connected the whole database of banks. Meaningfully, the technology is known as blockchain.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong and the Success of

The age of technology, the internet and the modern age of development has made our race better and faster. The age of technology has helped a lot of businesses to move forward and expand by exponential values. The internet and the platform of online shopping has helped businesses expand their market and reach more people – anywhere around the world and in any time of the day. Online shopping has been well loved and very frequently used by people who are very technologically savvy. The convenience and the comfort of shopping in the commiseration of your own home and having the products delivered right to your doorstep is well cherished by avid fans around the world.

One of the businesses that have thrived in the use of the internet and its capabilities is Led by Richard Liu Qiangdong, a genius entrepreneur and a well renowned business man, also started his business with physical stores around Beijing, and when disaster struck – his tenacity, resilience and adaptive skills were put to the test. Richard Liu Qiangdong rose up to the challenge and found his way into the online shopping world and there he relaunched his brand – and now the rest is history.

The excellence of the business of Richard Liu Qiangdong has been very present and punctuated in the business industry of China, and has also caught the eye of big businesses internationally. Recently, Tencent (the owner of WeChat) and Walmart have invested valuable assets and money to These investments have helped Richard and to expand and serve more people worldwide.’s excellent performance have produced great sales and numbers for the company and now the company is valued over 50 billion dollars and their owner Richard Liu Qiangdong is now valued at about 11 million dollars, and this was ranked by Forbes.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has also received recognition by certain governing bodies. Recently, he was recognized as one of the Business of Fashion’s Top 500, a recognition that is of prestigious value. Richard Liu Qiangdong’s leadership of is only sure to result into greater success for

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Peter Briger Continues To Find Unique Ways Of Earning Money For Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger serves Fortress Investment Group as its principal and co-chairman of the board of directors. Fortress is one of the largest alternative asset management companies in the world and Briger has been with them since 2002. Before this, he worked with Goldman Sachs for over a decade and a half.

Peter Briger studied at Princeton University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree. He went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and received his MBA during that time. Briger has always had a special knack for trading the kinds of assets that others are not interested in. He has made a career out of focusing on distressed debt, and he was able to use his talents, to the fullest, during his time with Goldman’s Special Situations Group in the late 1990s. Read the article at Wikipedia to learn more.

Peter Briger took part in many different trades during his time with Goldman Sachs and is known as the man who carried Goldman Sachs in recent years. One of his specialties during his time with the company was to buy and sale car loans as well as mortgages in Japan. Briger’s strategy has always been to purchase assets that are no longer popular with mainstream capital sources. It doesn’t matter what the reason is for their status as long as there is potential profit to be made. Briger usually waits until the market has come back up, and then he sells the asset for a nice profit.

After moving on from Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger went to work with Fortress Investment Group and worked with his team to raise more than $4 billion for the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV. Today, he continues to find new ways to profit the company and has recently been working to buy up risky illiquid assets that are being sold by governments and other financial institutions who find them too risky. While many other investors are avoiding these kinds of investments, Briger understands the way the market works and knows there is still a lot of money to be made through them. He continues to keep his eyes open, and we’ll probably hear more news about his success soon.

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Edwin Miranda: The Perfect Choice For VP At Cytovance Biologics

Once again, Cytovance Biologics has demonstrated its consummate dedication towards its service to humanity through the appointment of Edwin Miranda as its Vice President of Quality. According to the giant biopharmaceutical company’s Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Dr. Jesse McCool, Edwin is without a doubt the perfect man for the job, that is, if his imposing credentials accrued over the years are anything to go by.

Prior to being shortlisted for the Vice President position at Cytovance Biologics, Mr. Edwin Miranda held the position of quality manager in various pharmaceutical institutions. For instance, he was once the Quality Director at Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging LLC. And needless to say, a lot of good was done during his tenure at Legacy Pharmaceuticals.

The same can also be said when Mr. Miranda held rank at Piramal Critical Care Ink and a few other related biopharmaceutical companies he has been associated with in the past. In total, the biopharmaceutical guru brings well over three decades worth of experience at Cytovance Biologics which, needless to say, will be good for all the parties involved.

Apart from being an astoundingly knowledgeable professional in the field of biomedicine, Edwin also comes off as an exemplary man with a plausible affinity for orthodox business practices. His incredibly impressive work experience aside, Edwin Miranda also holds a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry. This was after successfully attending the prestigious Angelo State University situated located in Angelo, Texas.

He is also an army veteran or a former “company man” as his friends fondly refer to him as. The latter goes a long way to show just how dedicated Edwin Miranda is especially when it comes to protecting human lives by providing nothing but the best quality medication to the public.

His very impressive resume and unmatched dedication also earned him an Establishment Inspection Report, or an EIR, which in itself isn’t a mean feat. And that being said, adding Mr. Miranda to an already skill team at Cytovance Biologics will only boost their efficiency and by extension, their success.

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How Talos Energy Mergers Have Redefined Exploration

For a company to be competitive in any field, growth is inevitable. Talos Energy has made significant changes in their structure in the past 36 months, and they have successfully remodeled their vision on the exploration industry. One of these changes is their merger with another similar company. Acquiring the Stone Energy Corporation, according to pundits was probably one of the best decisions by the Talos Energy in the recent past. It is impressive to note that the merger gave the company the status required for a company to go public. For the past eight months, the company’s stock has competed well against some exploration giants.

It is also in the last 36 months that the company invested in exploration areas. Through a competitive process, the company emerged as the best potential explorer in more than ten spots. The location of these spots according to the company’s management will propel the company to the next level of exploration owing to the fact that oil and gas remains one of the drivers in any economy. Talos Energy as a trendsetter in this specific field believes that the famous Gulf of Mexico is the future of gas and oil production. However, it is important to note that the exploration area until recent was mostly unexploited.

One of the critical aspects that the Talos Energy is banking on in this exploration is their trained workforce. The workforce in exploration industry is essential and if the workforce is qualified like in this case, the better the exploration future. It is important to note that for a company to attract a qualified workforce, the company must have a tradition of treating workforce well and reward them fairly. Talos over the last six years has redefined the concept of a good working environment. It is impressive to note that the company due to its brilliant approach to employees has been a winner of the best workplace. In addition, the company is one of the companies with the best structures in remuneration.

With the new funding, expansion in the exploration spots and a great workforce, the company’s future is bright. Pundits have termed this company as the defining factor in the exploration future.

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Oren Frank: Initiator and CEO of an Excelling Online Therapy

Oren Frank is the builder of Talkspace, an online Therapy company. Oren was born in Israel and graduated in Leicester University. Oren believed in the potential of change and technology; he spent many years promoting and trading He has previously worked with the marketer, AdAge, HuffPo, MRM Worldwide, McCann Digital.

Talkspace is an online therapy company located in New York City. The company started after a change experience in couples therapy that rescued their marriage. Oren Frank shared his idea of psychotherapy to other people. Talkspace started as group therapy platform but later developed to an online psychotherapy business from authorized therapist. Talkspace presented extensive Messaging Therapy in 2014, that offered users with unlimited text messaging in the company’s website. Find out more about at Oren Frank at Huffpost.

In 2015, Talk space started Social Media Dependency Therapy agenda that deal with mental state issues depicted to social technology use. It allowed clients to use voice and video calls during therapy affair — the video plan powered by HIPAA video business, It was also broadened to involve couples therapy. Talkspace provide services from an authorised therapist through phones, tablets and computers

In a day the therapist answers at least two times to the client. Talkspace uses banking rank code to conserve client trust and secure privacy. All therapist are qualified and examining involves history checks, specialised training and clinical evaluations — customers work with the therapist to entrench goals on changing mental health and life problems.

The platform acknowledged for offering services to people with flexibility issues and those who can’t talk. It gained recommendation for providing care to clients in rural areas and those with mental illness travelling in foreign parts. Oren Frank has made Talkspace available and standard for many people worldwide. He believes that when all people join and work together will make a change, expand more, decline costs and adjust peoples lives.

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Meet Talos Energy

Sarah Palin, former Republican vice presidential candidate and governor of Alaska once famously said, “Drill baby drill!” The candidate gave this response when a reporter asked how she would solve the high gas prices faced by U.S. residents at the time. Talos Energy helped achieve that goal and helped lower the $4 plus gas prices that affected everyone in the country. The company specifically focuses on offshore oil exploration and drilling, and it recently earned the honor of being named one of the Top 50 companies to work for in the United States.

The company earned this honor because of survey response’s from the company’s employees. The best places to work survey is conducted by a third party on a regular basis. Statisticians then collect the stats and calculate weighted averages to figure out which companies come out on top. The last time the company came out as highly regarded in survey.

Talos Energy focuses on the area off of the Gulf of Mexico. It recently reached an agreement with Pemex, a Mexican governmental organization, to expand its resources in areas controlled by the Mexican government. The deal allows Talos Energy, along with Mexican companies, to further explore and develop resources in the region.

The company also recently merged with Pemex, which makes it the second largest offshore oil assess company in the world and the largest one operating in the Gulf. Unlike rigs owned and operated by British Petroleum, Talos Energy has maintained a steady safety record. BP’s safety record has also improved since the disaster on the Deep Water Horizon drill rig. Anyone who wants to work for one of the Top 50 companies in the United Sates can check out the careers section of the company’s web page. There are hundreds of jobs available in STEM fields.

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The Breakthrough And Success Of Sheldon Lavin

How other investors rose to be successful in business is a big deal. It is through their processes that we learn how to navigate through the journey. It gives you hope and a brief idea of how it is like to face challenges and fear and still emerge a winner. Sheldon Lavin, Chief Executive Officer and greatest shareholder of OSI Group has a story like any other investor.

The beauty of his story is that he is living his dream. He has what he dreamt of having when he was starting his business. His objective was to start a business that provided goods that consumers use on a daily basis. This was in line with his studies because he graduated with a finance degree at the University. The first thing he did to accomplish his dream was to start  consultancy business.

His breakthrough came when the Otto & Sons approached him to finance them for expansion. They boosted his confidence in business, and his assumptions on their success turned out to be right. When asked about how he makes money, he says that for you to make money, you must be willing to spend money as well. He says he was only able to make money after his ventures became profitable. Through financial markets, he is able to multiply his income from OSI Group. He also has a series of ETFs and mutual funds.

Sheldon Lavin became profitable after a year. He says that many young businesses take time before they become profitable because they do not invest in large scale. He says that by transforming his businesses into multinational companies, he saved and reduced costs. As a result, the firm attracted multiple shareholders and made profits early. He says that planning helped a lot with the success of the business.

The other way through which Sheldon Lavin has been able to acquire success is through cultivating culture of teamwork. This is by sharing meals with his employees and getting to know each other at a personal level.Sheldon Lavin says that by so doing when the members have a new idea, it is easier for them to approach him without fear.

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Serge Belamant Seeks To Protect The Patent For The Blockchain Technology, Which He Created

Everyone agrees that the next frontier in the world of financial transactions is blockchain technology. The technology is still in its nascent stages and can be compared to the internet in the early ’80s. One of the most popular products of the blockchain technology, bitcoin has become commonplace in financial transactions. All that is known about the cryptocurrency is the mystery man behind its invention. There is so much mystery which surrounds the entire technology that not many people realize that it was first conceived in the late ’80s. The man behind the invention of Block Chain technology, Serge Belamant, has come out to protect his IP and has filed patents for more than six of his block-chain related inventions.

Elsewhere, the growth and development in things that can be achieved using blockchain technology continue to increase. The newest of the inventions is the first block chain debit card. The UEPS debit card is used by more than 3 million people already and is expanding rapidly due to its ability to reduce banking and transaction costs. Data encryption is another feature making the debit card to grow in popularity. Customers are now in a position to make safe transactions, and without compromising their information. The card is compatible with the Europay Master card Visa and can be used as a debit card in all the stores and establishments where Europay is accepted.

It is projected that by 2023, more than 80 percent of the banking transactions will be somehow dependent on blockchain technology. It is an indication that the work which has been done by inventors like Serge Belamant is revolutionizing the manner in which payments are made. His move to patent his inventions comes at the perfect time because with time and increased popularity; the systems are going to become extremely hard to trace back to the origin.

About Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant attended the North High School for Boy’s, which is located in Tulle France. He learned how to speak and write English later in life. He attended the University of Witwatersrand and studied computer engineering, which has formed the backdrop for his programming life.

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Jose Auriemo Neto, The Illustrious JHSF CEO

Brazilian Jose Auriemo Neto is the current chairman and CEO of leading real estate company JHSF Participações. JHSF Participações, located in Brazil, is one of the main real estate holding companies in the country. It deals in commercial and residential and properties. It also focuses on the management and development of upscale hotels, airports and shopping centres.

Jose attended the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University after which he started his career at JHSF in the year 1993. The company was started by his father and uncle in 1972 as a construction company. It grew tremendously and by the year 2001, it had established itself as a leader in the real estate sector.

When Jose Auriemo Neto took over the company, he came in with new strategies that helped the company grow and diversify. Under the guidance of Jose, the JHSF founded Parkbem company in 1997. This was a parking lot management unit which eventually became the service department of JHSF Participações.

In 1998, Jose oversaw the construction of the renowned Metrô Santa Cruz mall situated in São Paulo. This was the first ever mall to be incorporated with a local subway station in Brazil. It triggered a substantial growth in the mall business in Brazil at the time. Jose was also responsible for the management of the Metrô Santa Cruz mall.

During his tenure as one of the executives at JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto has steered the company into having a wide-ranging retail portfolio. These include Bela Vista situated in Salvador, Metro Tucuruv and the Ponta Negra among others. Jose has ensured these assets have been managed properly.

In 2006, JHSF Participações ventured into the high-end luxury market under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto. The company unveiled one of the finest shopping destinations in the country, the Cidade Jardim complex. This high-end establishment was home to huge international brands. JHSF also announced partnerships with various luxury brands in 2009 like Jimmy Cho and Hermes.

Jose Auriemo Neto continues to demonstrate is capacity to steer JHSF in the right direction with his work ethic expertise. JHSF has grown beyond the borders of Brazil by establishing a construction project in New York.

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