Rocketship Education Offers Lessons on Personalized Learning

Learning is not the same as it was ten years ago when Rocketship Education got its start. Now, the charter school has extensive knowledge on why personalized learning is so important. They offer lessons on this type of learning and share their gained information and experience with others so all children around the world can see the benefit.


Learning Starts at Home

Children should not only learn at school, but also require the help of their parents at home. Rocketship educators even perform an annual home visit to see the kids in their regular environment. They offer guidance to the parents and instruction to the students based on the resources available to them.


The Importance of Teacher Integration

Rather than taking students of color from their home town and placing them in a predominately white school district, integration needs to start at a higher level. All students should be able to remain in their home district yet still have an integrated school that teaches about different cultures. Integrating the teachers ensures this happens because students get to learn from various people of different cultures and races.


Including Students With Disabilities

Many schools single out students with disabilities, placing them in different general education classes so they are kept out of the primary classrooms. Rocketship uses an all-inclusive method that keeps students with disabilities in the classroom with all the rest. Every child deserves the opportunity to learn and grow and work alongside their peers. It builds better relationships, compassion, and confidence in everyone.


More About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education got its start in 2007, and has since paved the way in personalized learning. The public charter school, located in California, has a mission to transform low-income communities across the nation into an education mecca for all students in the area. The focus of Rocketship educators is to unleash the potential of all students in the classroom and help them become the best learners they can be.