Throwing A Party? These Professional Party Planners Are Here To Help

Whether you’re throwing a small dinner party or a massive birthday bash, hosting an event can come with loads of stress. It’s easy to get overwhelmed once you start developing a menu, keeping track of your guest count and trying to stick to a budget.


Thankfully, we found some professional event planners in NYC who were happy to share their secret industry tips with us. These party-planning tips will ensure that your next event will be a huge success.



  1. Stick to Simple Appetizers


If you love to cook, you may be tempted to spoil your guests with complicated and elaborate culinary creations. However, it’s best to stick to simple appetizers that can be whipped up on the day of your party. This leaves less room for error and allows you to focus on other party elements like the decor and the drinks.


Decide on some appetizers that don’t require lots of steps like dips, meat and cheese platters and miniature sandwiches.



  1. Create a Self-Serve Bar Area


Instead of spending crazy amounts of cash on a professional bar service, let guests serve themselves. Buy an inexpensive bar cart and stock it with different drinks, mixers, glasses, cocktail napkins and garnishes like fruit wedges and olives.



  1. Create a Special Signature Drink


By developing a signature cocktail for your guests, you’re adding an air of elegance to your party. Get creative and come up with a cocktail recipe that expresses your unique personality.



  1. Pick Thoughtful Party Favors


If you’re going to give out party favors, come up with something that your guests will actually use. Homemade baked goods, artisanal soaps and small candles make great party favors that your guests will enjoy.



  1. Hire a Professional Party Planner


If you want to be a fabulous host without worrying about the details, hire a professional event planning company in NYC. Twenty Three Layers, based in New York City, is a full-service planning company that can take care of everything for you. They can provide the food and photography, help you stay within your budget and handle all the decor.


Lauren Conrad Does Not Like Clutter

Lauren Conrad recently gave advice regarding how she properly prepares for a part. One of things she stressed the most was not allowing clutter to take over the party. If you are going to serve salad first, salad plates should be the only plates at each seat. Some people place the salad, food, and dessert plate at each seat. This causes clutter and makes people irritated. Eventually, the crowd will start to become smaller and smaller.

Having the plates out first for salad and then the food and then the dessert shows class. This shows that you care about the people at the party not being irritated. This also shows that you do things in order. Doing things in order is a sign of richness and royalty. This is also a sign to your guests that you will love to have them back at your next party.

If this is all too much for you, you should strongly look into hiring 23 Layers. 23 Layers is a group of event planners based out of New York City. They specialize in catering and design. They know all the tricks and Lauren Conrad and more. They will make sure your party has no clutter at all. The individuals that work for 23 Layers have worked on thousands of parties, both outside and inside. One thing they know how to do best is keep the party in order and free from stress.

23 Layers is also known for having low rates. Not only will they work with people in regards to flexible payment plans, but they will also include so much stuff too. Things like food, decorations, matching napkins and tablecloths will all be provided by 23 Layers. They like their customers to sit back and relax as much as possible. Don’t wait any longer to start planning your perfect party.

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