Sightsavers Program are Making a Difference in Africa

Sightsavers is a UK based charitable organization that has traditionally focused its efforts on treating preventable blindness and on helping those with tropical diseases. Sightsavers has made a significant impact in helping to combat trachoma in several African nations.


Right now, Sightsavers is attempting to expand beyond its traditional efforts that are focused on preserving and correcting people’s eyesight. African nations are some of the most hard-hit areas when it comes to people contracting intestinal parasites. When people have a large parasite load, they can become susceptible to a number of tropical diseases that can be fatal.


Sightsavers is currently working in six countries in Africa on developing and implementing deworming programs in conjunction with governmental agencies in these countries. Sightsavers has an effective program operating in the west African country of Nigeria. In Nigeria, Sightsavers concentrates its deworming efforts on children who are between the ages of five and 15. Sightsavers attempts to find children who are infected by seeking the assistance of the local schools. Children can be treated once each year.


Beginning in 2017, Sightsavers started working to eliminate some types of parasites in the adult community as well. Sightsavers is following the guidelines of the World Health Organization in developing its deworming programs in Nigeria and in the other African countries where the deworming program is taking place.


“What is river blindness?” River blindness is a parasitic infection that can, over time, cause irreversible blindness. The disease is spread by the bite of infected black flies that breed near fast-flowing rivers. 120 million people are at risk worldwide. River blindness can lead to severe skin irritation, pain and sight loss. 500,000 people are blind because of it. 37 million are infected by the disease. Medication can stop it spreading. Fly catchers work to eradicate the flies that carry river blindness. Together, we can eliminate the disease. Learn more: (or click link in our bio!) #Sightsavers #riverblindness #ntds #blindness #eyes #eyehealth #vision #sight #sightloss #visionloss #eyecare #eyehealth #beatNTDs #nomoreNTDs #blindnessawareness #endavoidableblindness #avoidableblindness #river #rivers #riversides #didyouknow #dyk #factoftheday #interesting #interestingfacts

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Sightsavers has an outstanding track record of making a difference in helping to treat preventable forms of blindness in Africa. A video on Sightsavers Facebook page entitled, “A Long History of Fighting River Blindness” outlines the ways that Sightsavers has worked to almost eradicate this disease from much of Africa. Sightsavers operates in 16 African countries to combat river blindness. One of the organization’s biggest success stories is in the nation of Uganda. Sightsavers has provided preventative treatments for river blindness to over one million people in Uganda.


With its effective track record of success in Africa, organizations such as GiveWell feel comfortable in recommending Sightsavers as an organization that is worthy of support. With the appropriate funding, Sightsavers can deliver important treatments to the people of Africa and other parts of the world.