Martavis Bryant Hopes For High Fantasy Football


Martavis Bryant proved to be a weapon on the Pittsburgh Steelers after joining the high-powered offense in 2014 which certainly helped his fantasy football rankings. Bryant took to the field in game 6 of his rookie year. He started in three games and had a pivotal role in the later half of his rookie season where he racked up 548 yards, 32 receptions and 8 TDs.

After a 4 game suspension in 2015 for a failed drug test, Bryant had a stellar season where he helped the Steelers to the playoffs. It boosted his fantasy football rankings, but with his fantasy football rankings expectations high, he failed his second drug test in 2016 costing him the season.

Fantasy football rankings are depended on fantasy points which are depended on yards, tds, etc. With that being said, I don’t think Martavis Bryant will get enough targets to reach WR1 in fantasy.