Sheldon Lavin is a financial advisor who has gone on to become OSI Group’s, Chief Executive Officer. OSI Industries is a company that specializes in food manufacturing, processing, and packaging. Sheldon joined the group in the 70s as a financial advisor, a period when McDonald’s Corporation and OSI Group were at the prime of their partnership. Lavin’s experience in the financial industry was vital to the group. His experience came from his firm as well as working in the banking sector.

Lavin’s entrance into the organization was accompanied by an immense growth resulting from financing from financial institutions. Sheldon oversaw the whole process. OSI Group, which at the time was called Otto & Sons even started expanding into markets overseas mostly in Europe. Sheldon Lavin was responsible for this expansion. After Mr. Otto retired, Lavin partnered with the group to help with its growth. He went on to purchase part of the company so he could have more influence on the company’s operations.

In recent years, OSI Group expanded their facility in Spain. Their production of chicken products in the country has since gone from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons a year, accompanied by improvements in the facility’s storage, security, and production. Sheldon Lavin oversaw the expansion whose cost was an estimated 17 million euros. Sheldon together with a team of experts and an employee base of about 20,000 people, identified a 6% growth in demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal and took note of this. The result was an additional 22,600 square feet of facility space and 45,000 tons of meat being processed per year. Sheldon Lavin is also responsible for OSI Group’s acquisition of Baho Food and Flagship Europe.

Other institutions have even recognized Sheldon Lavin for his contributions to OSI Group, such as the Global Visionary Award and the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award from Vision World Academy from India and the North American Meat Institute respectively. Lavin has also helped the OSI Group to garner awards such as the Globe of Honor Award from the British Safety Council.