Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Bottled Water

Waiakea Hawaiian is firm that was launched in 2012 by Ryan Emmons which its uniqueness makes its to be the fastest developing bottled water firm. The name Waiakea originated from Wai akea which means deep waters in the Hawaiian language. The origin of the water is believed to be in Hawai via the two majorly known sources which are rains as well as the snowmelt on the famously known pristine peak of Loa volcano which is active. The Hawaiian volcanic water is amongst the purest water resources on Earth.

During its purification process, it is usually passed through a volcanic rock that is porous and approximately thousandth feet. The method allows the bottled water to be enriched with various essential trace metals that are believed to be of great help in the human body with the scientific basis. Ideally, the volcanic water benefits include boosting the immune system as well as strengthening other body functions due to the availability of sufficient trace elements in the water.

Generally, the agitating element behind the invention of Waiakea water was the involvement of their CEO in NGO’s organizations that were based in Sub-saharan Africa. The Chief Executive Officer main idea and objective was to start a firm providing clean water as well as the education with the sole reason of improving the conservation and access to purified water. Hawaiian volcanic water was therefore meant to address the issues of poverty and unemployment in Hawai that placed the lives of the citizens in jeopardy. The firm centered its business on a vital platform that ensured consumer trends skewed towards friendly environment through packaging, functionality, powerful lifestyle brands as well as addressing social issues.

The composition and the taste of Hawaiian volcanic water have got a visible distinction from the already existing bottled water which of high impact and meaning to the Waiakea Hawaiian company. The product lures so many customers from diverse regions since firm over few years has managed to open 900 operational stores which are currently available in 14 states. The subtle taste of this natural water is believed to originate from pH of 8.8 which gives it a smooth and soft feeling.