Securus Technologies: Revolutionizing civil and criminal justice systems through technology

In this 21st century, I find that everything keeps on evolving ranging from mobile phones, banking systems, and parking systems among others. My main point of interest is Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a private company providing telecommunication services to correctional facilities. The company, which was established in 1986 is based in Dallas, Texas. The company initiated a system to control contraband cellphones. This system was approved by more than five Department of Correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is among the top providers of civil and criminal technology situations. In essence, it plays a significant role in safeguarding public safety, investigation, correction, and monitoring.

What fascinated me is their remarkable comments regarding their excellent services. Most of the individuals were quick to commend them for their superb work. A good example is an individual who recommended their LBS Software. According to this person, the company has helped in tracing of millions of dollars involved in illegal activities. All in all, the service should be adopted into the Country’s overall civil and criminal justice technology systems. Although it may pose a challenge, I believe it can help ease some issues such as their thorough investigation in matters.

Most criminals work together with those officers in the correctional facilities. The service can play an instrumental role in changing how correctional facilities work through alleviation of corruption. Corruption is a significant hindrance to our correctional facilities with money changing hands in `dirty’ ways. Also, Securus commits itself to serving citizens, especially in the correctional facilities. This is the provision of emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, etc. They aim to make our world a safer place to live.

Notably, I realized their primary focus is responses made on their various platforms. Prison and jail officials mostly send these comments. Confidentiality plays a significant role in the sampling of these comments. Even though some people may discredit them, they offer an opportunity to learn from them.



Securus Technologies: Creating Invaluable Law Enforcement Tools for An Improved Incarceration Life

Securus Technologies Inc. has an account with CrunchBase from where lots of information about the company can be found. To begin with, the account does not give the actual number of Securus’ employees but instead estimates them to be somewhere between 500 and 1000 employees. CrunchBase also correctly captures that Securus Technologies operates in 45 States within the USA, and also beyond the borders of U.S. countries, such as Mexico and Canada. Cumulatively, the number of correctional facilities to whom Securus supplies with technological products are in excess of 2600. From the data found in the CrunchBase account, Securus serves millions of inmates, and that makes it the leading tech solutions provider in Mexico, USA, and Canada.


More about Securus


The Wikipedia also has detailed information about Securus Technology. It captures that the company has four offices strategically located in Dallas, one of which serves as its headquarters. Other Securus offices can be found in Atalanta, Georgia. Investing in acquisitions and technology is highlighted as the top priority for Securus under the leadership of CEO Richard A. Smith, with more than $600 million spent for the same over a period not exceeding three years. Syscon Justice Systems is among the companies that Securus has acquired in the recent past. The leading tech solutions provider in the corrections market is also described as a top innovator in terms of creating products that meet not only the security standards of such facilities but also their ever evolving needs.


Customer Reviews


Customer reviews stream in on a daily basis with clients expressing their satisfaction and others pledging their loyalty to the company. captured some of the comments Richard Smith receive on behalf of the company, most of which came from sheriffs and other senior officials. Most of them singled out the LBS software as the invaluable law enforcement resource that has revolutionized operations at their work stations.



Video visitation is the easy way to get connected from anywhere for families of relatives who are incarcerated in prison. With only 6 months Securus Technologies have recorded more than 65000 downloads of its new application called video visitation. The application applies to all androids and Apple devices, from the androids it is free to download in the play store and iPhones and iPod it is downloadable in the App store. One has the choice to select the type of visit they will like to schedule and synchronize the application with their calendar after which they receive notifications on the nearing visits.

Roberts, the vice president of marketing and strategy in Securus Technologies, says that the application is a tool that brings mobility to consumers especially because of the tough rules in jail when it comes to communication. That family travel miles to visit their incarcerated loved but at times the visiting time could run out in the long ques. This rigidity is what makes the application convenient especially because of its remote connections. Friends and relatives can now share important moments of life like birthday parties, sporting activities and family union parties with their incarcerated. Securus has considered top most the welfare of prisoners in the prison because face to face visits was a route to destructive substances in jail.

Located in Dallas Texas, Securus Technologies connects inmates with their relatives, with technology and has for more than 30 years been connecting correction agencies with important information about the safety of the incarcerated. Securus has been offering solutions to promote the safety of people all over the world. It has managed to come up with more than 800 technological applications for this noble cause. Other services include criminal investigation, biometric analysis, monitoring of products and services in safety promotion and information management. More than 3,400 public and law enforcement facilities have been under the service of Securus Technologies.

Securus services are through technology and intellectual experts they have in the company. The company has experienced patents, engineers, software developers and experts in the criminal investigation who have greatly contributed to the success. For all the correction agencies Securus Technologies places a field expert who will be in numerous contacts with the near correction agencies to promote its activities. However it is not the role of Securus to ensure one has a remote connection with their devices, according to their terms and conditions video visitation application works very well, but one has to get connected to a Wi-Fi network to communicate well just like any other communication device. Download the Google Play app here or find the iOS version in the App Store.

Disclaimer: Securus Technologies is in no way affiliated with Securus the health supplement or the Securus America website.