Ted Bauman: A Master Of Many Trades

Ted Bauman, business extraordinaire, specializes in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, and international migration issues. Most prominently known for his role as a financial counselor, Bauman spreads his notions via the Ted Bauman newsletter. As a distinguished writer, Bauman uses his eloquence to lead otherwise naive individuals in profitable directions. Before becoming a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing, Bauman was trotting the globe. He settled on South Africa, subsequently falling in love with the culture and attending college at the University of Cape Town. Bauman spent the next 25 years assuming roles in fund management, low-cost housing, and nonprofits.

Upon his arrival in the United States, Ted Bauman put his newfound knowledge to use. Above all else, Bauman was excited by the prospect of imparting his wisdom onto others. He does just that via the Ted Bauman newsletter. Bauman’s amassed a large portfolio of readers with an outpouring of success to boot. Bauman finds society’s increasing involvement in financial matters to be very reassuring. What’s more, Bauman claims that individuals are becoming more invested in global economies as well. According to Bauman, our eagerness to learn will undoubtedly bode well for our future.

When he’s not thinking about the future of his career, Ted Bauman is devising new methods for becoming a productive businessman. Bauman maintains that he’s most prolific in the morning, writing many articles while executing the arduous tasks. Bauman’s key to success is time management, and he encourages all aspiring entrepreneurs to develop this skill early on. Bauman’s version of time management includes “setting aside the most productive part of the day to work on what’s in front of you.” No doubt an entrepreneur who’s worth their salt, many opt to avail themselves of Bauman’s sound advice. As his career evolves, Ted Bauman will certainly grow with it.

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Wes Edens: Other Ventures Aside From The Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is known for his role in the transformation of the Fortress Investment Group from a local financial business to one of the country’s largest private equity companies. Aside from his stint with the financial sector, he also invests in other ventures, particularly with sports. He owns a basketball franchise, an e-games team, and a football team, and he is also managing their games and providing them with a chance to prove themselves in the sports they are good at.

Wes Edens studied at the Oregon State University, taking up a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Business Administration. He immediately looked for a job after he finished his studies, with the goal of becoming an experienced individual in handling financial transactions and eventually building his own business. He worked at Lehman Brothers from 1987 to 1993, and then transferred to BlackRock Asset Investors as a managing director. It was in 1998 when he had the idea to establish his own company, and along with his colleagues, they co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998. He is one of the key individuals working for the company, and using his skills and abilities in handling financial businesses, he was able to transform the Fortress Investment Group into a multi-billion business, managing assets that is worth over $70 billion.

He knew that putting all of the eggs in a single basket is not a good idea, so he decided to invest in other business ventures, and he chose sports because of its profitable nature. In 2014, he had the chance to purchasefranchise for the Milwaukee Bucks. The basketball team is a staple to the NBA games and had to pay $550 million to complete the transaction. Wes Edens had also pledged to build their home stadium in Wisconsin. In 2017, he formed a team of computer gamers who will be professionally competing for e-sports and called it FlyQuest. The members of the team are adept at playing League of Legends and other similar computer games. Recently, it was also reported that Wes Edens had paid a huge amount to purchase an entire football team.

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Wes Edens Invests In Other Sports

Wes Edens is already well-known as a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks organization. However, his investment chops now go beyond just that. He has now decided to put some of his money to work in soccer team known as Aston Villa.

This team is a British professional soccer club that is popular with the fans of the game. In fact, former Prime Minister David Cameron has been said to be a fan of the club. Thus, Wes Edens has seen a lot of potential in buying up a stake in the team.

He has joined an Egyptian billionaire in purchasing what is reported to be a fifty-five percent stake in the team for a reported $39 million dollars. It is a big gamble on a team that has not had as much success as they have been hoping for as of late. Wes Edens has not been troubled by that. As a matter of fact, Wes Edens has been known to be exactly the kind of person to buy up a team or any other type of investment right when it is at the point of being contrarian. He feels that this is the best time to buy because the very best prices for that investment are then available.

The ability to diversify into other sports like this gives Wes Edens the ability to take hit here or there on some of his teams while holding out for the big jackpot with others. It may be true that the Bucks do not go very far in the NBA this season, but perhaps Aston Villa will be able to pull off some surprises. It could happen in the reverse of what was just described. Either way, Edens comes out ahead.

This has been the interesting and contrarian approach that the man has used for some time. It is a buy low and sell high kind of strategy that would make Warren Buffet himself smile. Not everyone can have the discipline necessary to pull this off, but those who do are handsomely rewarded for  patience. Edens perhaps will be once again.

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Bringing Ideas To Life At GoBuyside

Ideas are a constant need in the world. Many people start out with a vision they have in life. They have an idea they want to show the world. Someone who knows this process is the founder of GoBuyside. Arjun Kapur has long seen the world in a new way. At GoBuyside, he’s been about starting a company where he and his staffers can spot opportunities of all kinds and find the best way to bring them to life. He has many ideas. The trick has been about bringing them to fruition. Part of being able to create such ideas is knowing how to do the right research. For Arjun Kapur of GoBuyside, research forms the backbone of his business plan. He knows that is important to take the time to do advanced research and narrow down ideas that might work when running his global fiscal talent recruitment firm.


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It’s also important for him to feel comfortable doing the amount of work that needs to be done to create a lasting impact. At GoBuyside, they create a process that is about both sales and development. Getting feedback from many potential customers can offer real world insights that allow him and all those he works with to narrow down ideas and decide which ones have true potential. Learning from feedback is a process that helps drive his development forward and increase the possibility of success. It’s about the process of block and tackle. This process can lead to a product that’s defensible and worth any further investment in the marketplace. This kind of attention to detail and willingness to put in the necessary effort is the process that has led to his own personal success. It’s also helped him find many jobs for the right candidates in the world financial field.

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Matt Badiali – An Expert Adviser In Resource Investment

Matt Badiali – an Expert Adviser in Resource Investment

Matt Badiali is a scientist and an Investments adviser who holds a B.S in earth sciences from the Penn State University and Masters of Science in Geology from the Florida Atlantic University.After spending five years working on his PhD, he hooked up with his friend who had PhD in finance in order to create ways of investments. His experience on science and geology played a key role to his investments advice.

Investing in Platinum

In one of his article Matt Badiali states that the metal Platinum will soon be a sought after metal with great value. He argues that the price of platinum has been low since the year 2004 and this is unrealistic because the supply of this metal is very low and its demand high which should in turn make it more valuable and expensive. In his statement, Matt Badiali argues that In the first three months of 2018, according to the World Platinum Investment Council, the demand for platinum exceeded supply by about 125,000 ounces. This could be attributed to the South Africa’s mines, which produce most of the platinum in the world that hit its lowest point since 2016.However, according to the revision done by the council, It is now expected that platinum demand will rise on global economic growth, particularly in China.

He also argues that platinum is ready to make a great attraction in the mining sector being a key player in petroleum industry. Although its supply from South Africa is gradually going down and is still cheap right now it is expected to change in future thus a good area to invest in.


Having a father who had struggled with successful investing,Matt Badiali realized the importance of blending his knowledge and experience in order to help people. He has always been determined to help investors find the best investments opportunities in natural resources,metals and energy. Real Wealth Strategist, his newsletter with the Banyan Hill was launched in May 2017 and has since had a number of subscribers who are always ready to get his advice on investment on natural resources.

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People Are Cashing In To The Tune Of $34 Billion In A Single Month Thanks To Freedom Checks

Any kind of investment that offers the possibility of paying out a monthly take of $34 billion to the public at large in a single month is enough to grab the attention of anyone. Those kinds of payouts are huge, and it is only with a very unique type of investment that a person is able to see that kind of return. That is exactly what freedom checks are. They are a unique investment that not enough people yet know about. It doesn’t seem like it will be much longer before they hear about them though given how things are going at the moment.

Freedom checks are a way for investors to put money into companies that are not subjected to the tax code in United States. It may seem odd, but there are certain companies that do not have to pay taxes based on certain loopholes that exist in the tax code in the country. As such, the prospect of Freedom Checks are possible in general.

The thing about freedom checks is that they are not just some kind of handout. The reality is that they are something that you have to invest in as an ongoing project over time in order to make sure that you realize the full potential of your investments. You have to invest in these checks in the right ways, and you have to make sure that you continue to make these investments in an ongoing way. In other words, you need to make sure that you continue to push money into your freedom checks on a set schedule if you are going to realize the full potential of these checks.

You cannot find too many investments that have this kind of potential tied into them, but these checks absolutely do. These checks are designed with the investors always in mind, and those investors have seen great returns on them already. It is likely that they will continue to expand in their size and in the number of people who participate in them. Make sure you get in early while this opportunity is still available to you.

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