This Years Beauty Revolves Around Bold Lips And Glowing Skin

As dark reds and bold eyeliner rest until winter this season’s beauty trends seem to focus on bright colored lips and clear, radiant skin. These trends have created a niche of beauty addicts that branch out from traditional western lines in search of beauty trends hitting Asian countries like Japan and Korea who are known for their vigorous skincare routines. These long standing seven to ten step beauty routines may seem tiresome but the results speak for themselves. A popular item used consistently in Korea are their sheet masks. The fabric is drenched in nutrient rich vitamins that soak into the skint to create a natural healthy glow. Many women swear by these masks and use them once a week to cleanse their skin.

Australia’s number one Asian beauty channel, run by Wendy Huang aka Wengie, is one of the beauty bloggers who have helped integrate Asian beauty products to western countries. Her Youtube channel is filled with tutorials, make-up and skin care hauls, product reviews, and side-by-side comparisons of Asian make-up trends vs. western. Growing up in Australia Wengie was surrounded by many different types of cultures and as a woman of Chinese decent her interest in Asian beauty products started at a young age.

Wengie reviews several different products from CC creams to false eye lashes with astounding honesty and gives detailed descriptions of the products. She tests each product before telling her viewers the pros and cons and then provides links to where all the products can be purchased so her fans can try it themselves. Her beauty hauls include skin care, foundation, lip products, eye shadow, and even off the wall bubbling masks from Japan. Her dedication to her fans, whom she lovingly calls her family, creates an inviting atmosphere where women can seek advice and find a community in which a common interest is shared.